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Getting a Choice

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Summary: Dawn discusses dietary habits and options with Todd.

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Theme: HumorBerserkerNWFR714861192,37016 Aug 1016 Aug 10Yes
Disclaimer: Not mine. Dawn belongs to Joss Whedon. Todd is the property of MGM.


Dawn stared at the creature. He stared back, hissing now and then in frustration.

“So…” she finally said, breaking the two-hour silence. “You’re like a space-vampire.”


“Yep. Soulless, generally evil creature that feeds on human beings. That’s you and your kind, right?”

“As if you and your kind are so different. Do you not eat cattle?”

“Sure, but our cattle are dead before they’re eaten. We even do our best to make sure it’s a painless death. Plus, we have a more varied diet than just cattle. I mean, there’s pig, sheep, goat, chicken, fish; squirrel, snake, and alligator for the more southern-style cuisine; dogs, cats, monkeys, and eels in some parts of the world, too. Plus, we eat pastas, breads, vegetables, fruits, yogurt and other dairy stuff, beans. None of those things have a heartbeat. You guys are like a one-song wonder of diets. Doesn’t that ever get boring?”

Todd stared at the brown-haired girl in shock. Every other human who had that question posed to them got offended and outraged, saying that it was not the same. He considered what she had said.

“You have so many food sources?”

“Sure! And there’s an endless list of ways you can combine them. Most people stick with certain themes, but you would be amazed at what different types of spices will do to banana quesadillas.”

Todd pondered her words. In truth, sucking a human’s life force was – while filling – not entirely satisfying, which is why so many Wraith continued long after two or three humans. He looked around the holding cell that had been his home since the Atlanteans captured him. He overheard them speaking of a treatment, apparently a similar but changed strain of the drug given to the one called ‘Michael’. He had remained in captivity for decades with the Genii, and was already considered an outsider by his people. The idea of so many different food sources… Besides, if it wasn’t worth it, he could always consume the base full of humans if he reverted.

One year later, Dawn rolled her eyes and told Todd it was time to go on a diet. “Honestly, Dear, you’ve gained thirty pounds since becoming human. Plus, you’ve eaten all of the cumin and rosemary again.” Todd shrugged, uncaring about his weight and willing to buy more spices. That combination on popcorn was exquisite, especially if there was chocolate syrup handy. His in-laws shuddered in revulsion during their movie marathons, but Dawn – the only one who mattered – would only laugh at them and steal a handful of his concoction.


A/N: Okay, I wasn’t actually planning to go that route with this pairing, but then the idea popped in that these guys have been basically feeding off of life-forces for centuries. I got an image of Ax from Animorphs going nuts in the food court, and there you go.

The End

You have reached the end of "Getting a Choice". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking