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Family Secrets

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Summary: Gibbs recieves a visit from a lawyer and he finds out he has another child out in the world

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Chapter One

Spoilers: Post Chosen for BTVS, Post NFA for Angel, Post Season 5 for NCIS
Genre: crossover, slash
Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS, BTVS, or Angel (I wish I did but I don't) and I am not connected with any show.
Author's Note: I put a rating of Fr18 to be on the safe side. Might not need it but figure better safe then sorry :)

This story has won some some awards from Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards:



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TouchoftheWind along with a few others which can be viewed here.


Leon Vance left the conference room and headed for the area most called the bull pen, the center of activity amongst his best team. He reached the one desk and looked at the man sitting there. "Gibbs, conference room," he stated.

Gibbs had seen the man come into the office earlier and then go into the conference room with Vance but he had no idea why he was being called into there. He stood up and moved to follow him. "What's going on?" he asked while they walked up the stairs.

"Lawyer from a firm out in California wants to talk with you. It's not about any cases. The man said it was personal," Vance told him. He walked with him to the door and then nodded to him. "Good luck."

This confused Gibbs a bit. He couldn't think of why a lawyer from California would be coming to see him at his work. None of his ex-wives were in California to his knowledge and nothing else came to mind as to why he'd be visited since it wasn't involving a case. He opened the door and walked into the room shutting the door behind him.

The man stood up as Gibbs came into the room. "Agent Gibbs?" He asked and saw the man nod. "I'm Arlen Daniels with Daniels and Lawrence," He said holding his hand out for the man to shake. "I'm sorry to be contacting you at work but I thought it was best to talk with you in person and your personal phone seems to be unlisted."

Gibbs shook the hand even as he looked over the man. He seemed a bit nervous but other than that nothing odd seemed to scream out at him. "What's this about Mr. Daniels?"

Daniels motioned for him to take a seat and then he sat down himself. "Well let me first state that I do want to apologize for not contacting you sooner. We have two offices, one of which was in Sunnydale. I don't know if you are aware but Sunnydale collapsed just over two years ago and was totally destroyed. We had some warning before hand and our client information and cases were transferred to our main office but unfortunately some boxes were misplaced in transit. They were eventually found and we have been working on this case since. It did take us some time to find you."

"Get to the point," Gibbs said. He understood what the man was saying but he still wasn't sure what this had to do with him. "I understand that for whatever reason you are here for it should have happened sooner. Why are you here?"

"Yes of course," Daniels stated as he took out a file. "I'm here about the last will and testament of a Jessica Harris. She was one of the casualities in the destruction of Sunnydale. Some didn't heed the warnings and refused to evacuate." He took out a business envelope and handed it to him. "Our client didn't have anything material but she did ask that upon her death you be notified and this letter given to you."

Gibbs sat there his mind going over the name. He didn't recognize it at all and he had to wonder if they had the right man but then he reasoned how many Leroy Jethro Gibbs could there be in the world. Taking the envelope he opened it up and took out the letter. Reading it he sat there stunned.

Dear Jethro,

I doubt that you remember me or if you do I doubt you ever expected me to contact you after all these years. I still remember how dashing you looked when I first saw you in that bar in San Francisco. Back then my name was Jessica Normandy. I had taken a weekend off from my studies and met you. It was a wonderful weekend that I knew had no strings attached. You were on leave and I just wanted to blow off steam. It wasn't until a month later that I found out I was pregnant. I'd been engaged with a man at the time and to be honest I told him a bald face lie about what happened, that I'd been attacked. I knew if I hadn't he would have abandoned me. Perhaps that would have been better but at the time I was young and scared....

Gibbs scanned the rest and then set the letter on the table. "When did she...I mean when was the will made?" He asked feeling stunned by this information.

"Ten years ago," Daniels stated. "Are you all right Agent Gibbs?" He noticed the man was a bit pale. He had no idea what was in the letter. Mrs. Harris had never revealed that to him. He just hoped that what ever it was that the delay hadn't caused too many problems.

Gibbs nodded not sure he could speak right then. He was still coming to terms with what he'd learned. He had a child, a son and he'd never known about it. "Thank you for bringing this to me. Was there anything else?"

"No that is it. I hope that whatever it was she thought she needed to tell you wasn't unpleasant news. In the mean time if I can be of any assistance please feel free to call me," Daniels stated; taking one of his cards out and sliding it across the table. He waited a few minutes and then gathered his stuff up to leave. "Good day Agent Gibbs." He quietly left wondering about this situation and what all it meant but his job was done at this point. He still had other cases to handle.

Tony saw the man leave the conference room that Gibbs had gone in before. "What do you make of that probie?" He'd heard Vance say it was a personal call but his curiosity was getting the best of him.

"You heard the Director. It's not about a case so I don't think it concerns us," McGee stated. He had to admit at least to himself he was curious as well but he knew better than to speculate. He also knew better than to ask Gibbs about it when he returned. He looked at the conference door as it opened and Gibbs came walking out.

Folding the letter Gibbs slipped it into his pocket. Walking down the stairs he saw Tony, McGee and Ziva watching him. He reached the bull pen and snapped at them. "Find me everything you can on one Alexander Levelle Harris."

"Is this about a case.." Tony started to ask but stopped as Gibbs gave him his infamous glare.

"Just do it DiNizzo," Gibbs snapped before turning and heading out again. He headed for the morgue. He needed to talk to someone and he knew none of his team were the right ones to do so.

"Jethro. I wasn't expecting you today," Ducky stated as he saw the younger man come into the morgue.

"I just had a visit from a lawyer," Gibbs stated as he came closer glad that Palmer, Ducky's assistant, seemed to be absent.

"Don't tell me. One of your ex-wives wanting more alimony," Ducky stated. He realized though that Jethro wouldn't be this flustered by such a visit. "My dear boy what is going on?"

"It appears I have a son I never knew about," he told him. He took out the letter and handed it to him so he could read it for himself.

"Dear lord," Ducky said as he finished reading the letter. There were no dates on it so he wasn't sure how long ago this weekend happened so he had no indications as to how old the boy would be.

"My thoughts exactly. I certainly wasn't expecting this," Jethro stated as he took the letter back and refolded it.

"How old is the boy? Are you his guardian? Did the lawyer give you any other information?" Ducky asked. He could think of a several other questions but thought now wasn't the time for it.

"He's around twenty-six if I'm remembering my years right," he stated. "The lawyer didn't give any other information. I have the team looking for him now although to be honest I have no clue as to what I'm going to do next. Ducky I have a son and I don't even know if he would want anything to do with me. He's an adult, should I bother him....would he want to know?"

"I'm sure he would Jethro. I think you should find him and tell him. What happens after that who knows but you should at least make the overture. That is if you want to have a relationship with him. You do want one don't you?" He asked giving him a look. He knew Jethro well enough to know family was important to him. He wasn't about to turn his back on this information.

"You know me better than to ask that." Gibbs sighed and thought about it all. "Once I find him and talk to him I should probably arrange for us to get tested. I don't want to doubt what is in that letter but since she admits to lying in it before how can I be sure she isn't now?"

"I think that is a wise decision. I'm sure he will understand such precautions. Do you think he will be difficult to find?" He asked.

"With a name like Alexander Lavelle? I doubt it. It's like Leroy Jethro...sort of unique," he added with a chuckle. "Thanks Ducky and please don't mention this to anyone else yet. I want to find him first before springing it on them."

"Of course my boy. I wish you luck in finding him. When you do you better introduce him. I can share some stories with him," Ducky told him with a grin.

Gibbs shook his head but didn't make a comment as he left the morgue. He was feeling less stressed now after having discussed the issue with Ducky. It had been such a shock at finding out the news. He thought about Kelly and how he had lost one child now to find out he had another. He couldn't help but smile at the thought that he had a son. Life had thrown him a curve ball but it was one he was more than ready to accept. Reaching his team he looked at them hard at work. "What did you find out?"

"Not too many out there with that name," Tony stated. "But also not too much information either. Found a record of birth. Parents Jessica and Anthony Harris; he was born in Sunnydale California. Now records from there are sketchy at best. So much was lost when it was swallowed up in that sink hole. School records are gone."

"Don't tell me what you couldn't find, tell me what you found," Gibbs said to him.

"Right boss. There are some police records that mention him as a witness to a few crimes. Actually several incidents over the years but nothing to indicate he was involved. I found work records from Social Security that shows he had varied jobs until he settled on construction. I also found in the paper an announcement of his engagement to one Anya Jenkins but no actual marriage certificate was ever recorded. He's listed as one of the survivors of Sunnydale and I did find this picture," Tony stated popping it up on the board. It was one from a newspaper that showed some people outside a hospital as a young girl on a gurney was being taken in. There was a side view of a young man there, the only man present that wasn't a hospital personnel. The caption stated "Last Survivors of Sunnydale".

Gibbs looked at the picture. He couldn't really tell much about the young man in it. The picture was grainy and not that close up. "What about after Sunnydale?"

"Well that's were it gets even weirder..." Tony stated.

"Boss.." McGee tried to interrupt but stopped as Tony and Gibbs both glared at him.

"I was able to find a record that shows he works for the IWC out of England. I can't even find out though what the IWC stands for but I did find that they have an office in Cleveland. Why Cleveland I have no clue," Tony told him. "He's been in Africa off and on for them the last couple of years."


"What is it McGee," Gibbs said looking at him.

"Well sir, it appears he's coming into Washington this afternoon," McGee stated. "His flight arrives in an hour. He has a three hour delay and then he is scheduled to take a connecting flight to Cleveland."

Hearing that Gibbs had to make a quick decision. "Pick him up," he stated. He'd figure out the rest after he was there. He saw the questioning looks from his agents but he ignored them. "Now," He added and they started moving.
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