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Nightwing Book II

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Nightwing". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A Nightwing in Sunnydale: Sunnydale Knights.

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Dick Grayson belongs to DC and Buffy and the gang belong to Joss Whedon.

I would like to thank my Betas Rune and nemogbr.

A Nightwing in Sunnydale
Nightwing Book II: Sunnydale Knights.
Chase Beach House, near Sunnydale, CA.

Nightwing II chapter -6

The wedding was over and the reception was in full swing. Giles had taken Dick aside for a bit of fatherly advice. After a lot of humming and awkward ahs Dick took pity on him.

"Rupert my friend I may look like a seventeen year old, but I haven't been seventeen in over a decade. Besides, this isn't my first shot at matrimony. Me and Cory, or I guess I should say, Xander and Cory, are now the consorts."

"I see. I thought that you and Jenny, as Barbara were engaged...", at Dick's amused smile let the subject drop. He left the sentence open as an invitation for Dick to continue.

"That was Barbara, and while Jenny is a wonderful woman in her own right, she's not Barbara. So as Xander might put it "Chill G-man. Your woman is safe." Dick explained.

Giles let out a small breath. He had been worried. He shouldn't have been given the character and caliber of the man, but the heart is an animal driven by emotion and will not listen to logic. "You-you mentioned Cory, that would be princess Koriand'r, the princess of the planet Tamaran in the Vegan system... " he asked, but again he realized that Dick was uncomfortable with this subject as well.

"You've been reading up." Dick replied. "In your place I would do the same. All knowledge, no matter the source should be evaluated. Hm?"

"Yes..." Rupert changed the topic again. "...It was certainly generous of your new in-laws to gift you with your first domicile. The view is spectacular, and the privacy gives it a certain charm." Giles waved his hand to point out the nearest neighbor was much further down the beach on either side.

"You're not kidding Rupert. Especially when you consider the beach on either side of the house comes with the house. It's not on the same scale, as say a Wayne beach house, it's certainly adequate for our needs." Dick smiled and led Rupert back to the party.

Dr. Henderson approached the two men. "Mr. Grayson, your wife just went into labor. Did you want to join her?" he asked the newlywed.

"Lead the way doctor. Rupert I'll see you after..."

"Yes, yes, go on. You have more important things to worry about." Giles said, as he took of his glasses and started to polish the clear lenses.

Jenny joined him when she saw that Rupert was alone. "So. Did you get that monkey off your shoulder?" she asked teasingly.

Rupert put his glasses back on, "I, I, well you see... yes." he decided to come clean. He knew that she knew, about his insecurity. It wasn't logical, but there you have it.

"Good. Come on. Everyone's heading to the beach until Cordelia's done." she said taking him by the elbow. She slowly started to remove his clothes.

"J-Jenny..." he said trying to stop her.

"Rupert. It's a beach party. You'll get sand all over your nice tux, so chill. You have nothing to be ashamed off." she continued with her efforts to take his clothes off.

"...But I don't have a bathing suit. Jenny took his hand in hers and led him to beach. She didn't care what he said anymore, she just liked to hear him talk.

Cordelia and Dick's Bedroom

"They're beautiful, just like their mother." Dick remarked as he picked-up his daughter.

"Their father's not so bad himself." replied Cordelia. She was feeling pretty good, considering she just gave birth to twins. "So... Names. I know we haven't decided on any yet, what with the time warp delivery and all..."

"I know what you mean. Between Giles, Jenny and me, we figure that the Mohra blood acted as a catalyst and sped up the development. Instead of months. We are the proud parents of a very healthy boy and girl in less than a day." he said, as he looked into his daughter's very responsive eyes. "She can see me already. I wonder what other surprises you have in store for me young lady... I hope they're not going to grow-up in one day either."

"I don't know. There could be a good side... Just think; no diapers to change, no midnight feedings..."Dick snorted.

"Hey! What are you laughing at buster?" she demanded.

"It's nothing really, it's just that somehow I don't see you doing the changing or the midnight feedings." he stopped when he saw that his new bride was about to erupt and quickly back-peddled, "Not that you wouldn't be any good at it. I'm sure you'll be great. It's just that..."

"That's what the nannies are for dear." cut in Constance Chase.

"To tell you the truth, I was mostly raised by the butler. Best mom I've ever had, after my own was passed away." Dick informed his mother-in-law.

Cordelia nodded her head in agreement. After all she shared the first two years with Alfred. She knew how important that man was to the bat clan. "I know what you mean. Alfred would have made a great mother." she joked. Dick laughed with her.
He knew she meant it affectionately. She may as well have been raised by Alfred when she lived with him during the first few years as Robin.

"I take it then that you come from a well to do family?" asked Constance.

"Mommm. Lay off. And yes his family is way beyond well to do. Hell they're beyond our to-do. Too bad he can't access any of it. Just drop it. Okay mom?" Cordelia begged her mother with her eyes.

'She's really taken with this young man. Totally heads over heels. Still not bad for her first. Looks, manners and intelligence. And the added hidden bounce, breeding. That's a lot better than I could have hoped for. But then our lady must have chosen him to be the father. She obviously knows his real worth. I'd better tell John to lay-off.' she considered her words carefully before she answered her daughter. "You win Cordelia, but my price is to pick the name for my grand-daughter."

"Deal." Cordelia replied quickly.

"Hold on..." began Dick.

Cordelia interrupted him "Take the deal. At least we get to name the other twin. Take it for the peace offering it is. I'm sure that from now on she'll run interference for us when daddy gets his second wind."

"Okay. How do you feel about Jessie for our bouncing, baby boy?" he asked.

"It sounds great." she replied. Tears slowly made their way down her cheeks. She still remembered the now deceased teen and what he meant to Xander. She also knew that a great deal of Xander was still kicking around inside Dick. "C'mon mother don't keep us in suspense. What name do you have in mind?" she asked her mother.

"Jasmine." she said simply. She left the new family alone. She had arraignments to make. A new Nannie and a maid to hire. Maria would stay with Cordelia, she'll need to hire new staff. 'It's the least I can do for our Lady.' she thought. 'I recognize her essence in my granddaughter. I'm not her high priestess for nothing.' she thought.

"Get some rest Cordy. In a few hours you'll be good as new. You'll be the bell of the ball at the beach cook-out." he put Jessie next to his sister on the the huge bed. He kissed Cordy and held her until she fell asleep.

On the bed Jasmine gave Jessie the evil eye. *I will never forgive you for this you meddler.* she told her 'Twin.' *You have only managed to delay my plans. You have despoiled my pure vessel this time. When this avatar of mine grows up no one will be able to interfere when I reach my full potential. You have made an enemy this day. I will never forgive you.* declared baby Jasmine the avatar of the Power Jasmine.

Baby Jessie also an avatar of the Powers sighed. He knew what he was getting into when he accepted this mission. 'Great. Just freakin' great. Most people at least have time for a childhood before they have to worry about growing-up, but not me. Oh no. I'm not even an hour old yet and already I have an evil 'Twin' who's a pissed off goddess to boot.Oh. Freakin'. Joy.' thought Jessie Mc-Nally, nae Grayson. 'At least there was breast feeding to look forward to. Mmmm Cordelia' he thought before he too went to sleep with a huge smile plastered to his tiny face.

Sunnydale City Hall. Mayor's Office.

Anthony Harris stood in front of Mayor Wilkins in his best suit. He had even shaved and everything.

"Let me get this straight Anthony. You want to leave Sunnydale, because your wife divorced you and because the son you kicked out, is not returning your calls. Correct?" asked Richard Wilkins.

"Yes your honor. I know we have a deal and all, but there's nothing left for me in Sunnydale. My own brother won't even return my calls ever since that no good son of mine left." explained Anthony Harris.

"I don't think you realize what's at stake here Anthony. Your position as the town's drunk is a family tradition. Your father was the town drunk and so was his father before him. All the way to the founding of this great town of ours. The Harris clan has always supplied the town drunk. More importantly, you, yourself came to me personally. We have a deal Anthony. I helped you get your ex-wife, and in exchange you eagerly agreed to take on the duties and the privileges that go with the position. Why do you realize that in this day and age, you are the only one in this whole town, who can drive legally while under the influence. It's one of our oldest laws." explained the mayor.

"That great and all your honor, but it don't help me much without a drivers license." complained Tony Harris.

"Allan, do you know why Anthony lost his license?" Wilkins asked his deputy.

Allan quickly went through the Harris file and supplied the answer. "It says here, that he lost it do to speeding in a school zone, while he was sober."

Wilkins tisked. "Is that so? Well there you have it. Now you know better. If your going to speed, make sure it's while you're on duty, otherwise you'll have to pay the piper just like everyone else." advised the mayor.

"But your honor. That's not gonna help me much with the empty house." whined Tony.

"Come, come Anthony. Whining never did anyone any good. We'll have you hitched in no time. Why at one time you were the High School quarterback. I'm positively sure that there's more than a few cheerleaders from your time who are without someone. You're a catch. A man with your position in the community. Allan, please call Estelle. If I remember correctly you used to go out before you met Jessica." said the mayor, while Allan called the secretary into the office.

Estelle walked into the office hesitantly. It was never a good thing when something out of the normal routine drops on you. "You called for me your honor?" she asked politely.

"I certainly did Estelle. Do you remember Anthony Harris? I recall that you two used to go out, way back in the day..." asked Wilkins.

"Back all the way to high school, but yes. How are Tony?" she asked.

"I good Estelle. Thanks for askin'" he shook her hand and held it just a little bit longer than he should have.

Estelle didn't complain. She still had an unfulfilled crush ever since that slut Jessica stole him from her.

The mayor's face was set in it's normal smiley face a bit too hard. He was trying to put peg 'A' in slot 'B' and slot 'B' needed a bit of a nudge to play along.

"Estelle I need someone I can depend on to escort Anthony to a place I have in the Caribbean. He needs a place, a retreat if you will to continue in an important position he agreed to fulfil. Could you be a dear and help us out?" he asked.

"I would be glad to Richard. I've always done my all for the team." she beamed.

Tony could remeber what she used to do for the team back then. But once a Kendall, always a Kendall. If it wasn't for Jessica he would have probably wound up with her. He wasn't sure which woman would have been better, but it was looking like he was about to find out.

"Thank you Estelle. I knew I could always count on you. You'd better pack something light." he told her with his unchanging smile.

Estelle knew a dismissal when she heard it. Her brother did the samething when ever her visit went on too long.

"Any other details you want to bring up Anthony?" Wilkins asked, as he dropped the smile.

Tony felt an icy shiver go down his spine, "No Sir!" he replied.

"In that case I won't keep you any longer. You should get going. You have some packing to do?"

Anthony Harris wasn't a total idiot. He was sober and he recognized a dismissal when he heard it. He said his goodbyes and high tailed it out of the office, but he gently closed the door behind him. Allan gathered his courage and asked mayor Wilkins, "Sir. May I ask why you are going to all this trouble for the town drunk?"

"Certainly Allan. Every one of the families that helped in the creation of Sunnydale is important. Take your family for example; you like your father and grandfather, have always held the position of deputy mayor. The Chases provide us with the economic growth. The Harris family always supplied us with the town drunk, and in this case, for this generation it's Anthony Harris. He'll be the last, as his son has changed his name, he's no longer a candidate for the position. Unless he and Estelle , as the kid say 'get busy with it.' While the other Harrises might partake of the occasional drink, no one does it better. He's even better than the original town drunk Bart Harris. Even Estelle's family have a roll to play. The conditions for the ascension have to be exact from the day of founding to the day I take my proper place as the ruler of this entire dimension." explained Richard Wilkins the I, II and III.

Sunnydale Docks.

In a well lit warehouse by the docks, a very important poker game was taking place. "I will see your tabby and raise you a persian." bet Spike.

"That's a bit rich for my taste boss. I fold." said Jeff, a new addition to the Spike gang. Jeff was attending UC Sunnydale during the day and working at the local comic book shop at night to make ends meet. He picked up the latest copy of the Fantastic Four and waited for Spike to clean up. After all what minion would be stupid enough to antagonize his sire over a game of Kitty Poker. He had better survival instincts than that.

He saw that the new addition to the gang weren't about to roll-over. The big green hulk and the cat something guy.

"What does it mean if you have four pretty girls again?" asked K'ury't.

"Soddin' hell." Spike threw away his hand in disgust.

"It means if have them, you've just won this hand. Do you?" asked Jilen.

K'ury't dropped his cards on the table and sure enough. Four of a kind.

Jilen followed Spike's example and got rid of his hand as well. "I'm going out. Anyone need anything?" he asked.

"I could use a hot blond." Jeff spoke from behind his beloved comic book.

"I'm not a take out service." replied Jilen.

"That's cool. It wasn't food I was thinking off." Jeff told him.

"We could drop by one of the college pubs..." Jilen offered.

"I'm so there. Let's go." he said putting away his comic book back in it's protective sleeve.

"That's cool. It wasn't food I was thinking of." Jeff told him.

"We could drop by one of the college pubs..." Jilen offered.

"I'm so there. Let's go." he said putting away his comic book, back in it's protective sleeve.

The mismatched pair got up from the table together.

"You lot keep it light on the hellraisin' and such. I don't want the white hats all riled up. Not when we're close to getting in the last shipment." he ordered his minions. He left them and went to check on his Dru. She was feeling a little off lately. Something about the bad flowers and wot not.

"Can I come as well?" asked K'ury't.

Jeff looked at Jilen, who just shrugged. "Sure. We'll be like the three Musketeers."

"Who?" asked Jilen, as he opened the door stepped out into the fresh sea air.

"Who? You're not from around here, are you?" asked Jeff. "C'mon. I'll tell you all about it on the way."

Jilen listened as the vampire spun a tale of intrigue, intermixed with daring and a bit of do. 'He has the gift of the bard. Too bad it's wrapped up in a blood sucking demon.' he shrugged internally and wondered one more time why he was still hanging around.

Much, later Jeff finished his tale. Jilen was impressed. It was a good tale and Jeff had the master bard's touch. "That was a tale well told Jeff. Were you trained as a bard?" he asked.

"Yeah, sorta. I guess. I was an English Lit. major. I was about to start my last semester before I crossed over to the dark side. He he he. If you get my meaning." he giggled.

"I am not certain. What precisely is an English Lit Major? Is it a position in your armed forces?" asked Jilen. His translation charm missed a lot of the nuance sometimes.

Before Jeff could correct Jilen's misconceptions. They were interrupted. "Hey, who ordered take out." he blurted.

"Didn't you say earlier that you wanted a hot blonde?" asked Jilen.

"I was thinking more of a girl, but hey free meal." he said brightly.

"Excuse me, but did you just call me a free meal?" asked Slade, as his eyes narrowed dangerously.

Jilen felt the small hairs at the back of his neck stand up. Jeff rushed in before his meal escaped. "Jeff! Stop!" warned the cat eyed teen.

The charging vampire didn't hear him as the call of the blood overwhelmed his reason.

Jilen summoned his sword and flung it at the blond headed stranger.

Slade sighed. Even walking in this town was dangerous. He side stepped the pest and and snatched the glowing sword in mid air. "Thank you. I was in the market for a sword very much like this. I think I'll keep it." he said examining the blade. "Nice. Very nice indeed."

Jilen was incensed. 'How dare he?' he thought. He summoned his throwing daggers and threw them with all his might.

The stranger saw the missiles coming and took action.

He dodged and parried the glowing knives with ease.

“My, but the gifts do keep coming. Not that I'm not flattered with all this attention, but it's getting a bit tiresome. I think it's time to end this diversion.” he said casually.

K'ury't had enough of the other playing without him. He pried a park bench out of the ground and flung it like a missile at Slade.

Slade wasn't paying attention to the green behemoth, and as a result he payed the price.

The park bench hit him hard, but his body adjusted it self instinctively and rode the with the shock. He did notice when the blue blade flickered in and out and disappeared in a flash. He rolled and flipped trying to avoid the knives and the boulders the two were sending his way.

As he made his way out of the park he noticed a faint blue glow on his right arm. It looked like an exact copy of the sword that was in his hand. He noticed that it tingled slightly when he concentrated at it. 'How very intersting. I really should thank that trio for this gift and rewarding diverision.' he thought as he kept running out of the park at his best speed.

Chapter in progress...

The End?

You have reached the end of "Nightwing Book II" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Feb 11.

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