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Nightwing Book II

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Nightwing". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A Nightwing in Sunnydale: Sunnydale Knights.

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Nightwing Book II: Sunnydale Knights.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Dick Grayson belongs to DC and Buffy and the gang belong to Joss Whedon.

I would like to thank my Beta Rune.


I've edited the first four chapters and put them into one chapter.

A Nightwing in Sunnydale
Nightwing Book II: Sunnydale Knights.
Willie's Bar

"Aw come on fellas. Give ole Willie a break. You know I'm good for it." Willie begged the seven foot red demon holding him by the throat.

"That was then Willie. This is now. His honor isn't going to be happy that you're short for the third time in a row."

"Gimme a break Freddie. We've been friends for a long time." replied the bartender.

"Whatever gave you the idea that we've ever been friends Willie? You're scum. Your entire species is scum, and you... You are what the scum leaves behind... Don't ever let me hear you say that again Willie..." Freddie told Willie with an extra shake for emphasis.

"Please Fred... I mean sir... Sir..." he said quickly to forestall the beating he saw in Freddie's eyes.

Freddie let the quivering scum shake and plead for his life for a minute before he was satisfied. He let Willie continue to plead his case. He knew why Willie couldn't pay up as well as Willie himself.

On the roof of Willie's Bar Dick Grayson continued to listen to Willie plead for his life. If the situation required it, he would step in to save the rat-like bartender, but so far he was doing alright on his own. It looked like 'Freddie' was throwing a scare into ole Willie. He was hopping that they would drop the name of his honor so he could finally find out who was sitting at the top Sunnydale food chain.

"Willie the Mayor is aware of the reason for your shortfall for the last few month is due to the increased Slayer activity..."

"... Yeah! That's what I'm talking about. The dust buster's clogged from all them times that crazy girl and her friends have payed the bar a visit, like... Like they owned the joint or something..."

'... And there it is. Thank you Willie. I certainly appreciate the input. I'd better tell the others to lay off Willie for a while before we get our golden rat killed by his honor the Mayor. Looks like that'll be my next point of call for the night.' thought Dick as he took off into the dark Sunnydale night.

Sunnydale Skies.

Buffy Summers was having the time of her life. She was flying, or more likely gliding under her own powers. After almost nine weeks of constant training under Xander-Dick, she finally got her own superhero flying suit. The Batgirl cape had enough material to make two superhero suits. She got one and so did that tramp Cordelia.

'I bet she got that suit only because she's preggies with Xander's baby.' she thought as she caught one of the desert thermals. At first she had to use the advanced night optics that came with the mask, but over time her Slayer senses filled in for the mask. 'And a good thing too, that tramp said that it was hers and she needed it more her. That's just so bogus. She has Dickhead's memories, she so doesn't need it. I'm the Slayer. I should so have kept it, but no Giles just had to agree with her and Ms. Calendar-Giles. I really think Giles should man-up and tell his wife to stay out of it. 'Sides, it's almost my birthday... I so better get an awesome present or me and Dick are having words. With Xander acting all mature and stuff Willow is the only one who really understands what I'm going through these days.'

She was an invisible speck. Anyone looking up wouldn't have seen anything. The suit blended with the night seamlessly. As she flew over the deserted streets of SunnyD, She saw movement over the roof of her moms' gallery.

She dropped lower to see what was going on.

Three figures were crowded around the skylight. One of them just climbed out and passed a bag to the dark figure on the right. The one on the left gave him a hand and pulled him all the way out.

'Curiouser and curiouser. I wonder what they're up to? I'm no good at this cat and mouse game, but I just so happen to know who is.' she thought.

Sunnydale City Hall.

"Goldilocks to birdbrain... Come on birdbrain pickup already." Buffy sub-vocalized into the throat mike.

Dick sighed silently, but didn't reply immediately to Buffy's petulant call. He made his way out of the air ducts of city hall and climbed out silently after leaving a few gifts outside the mayor's office. The magic buzz he got was pretty intense the closer he got the man inner office. The outer reception area would have to do for now.

He took off from the roof before answering Buffy call.

"I'm here Buffy, I was a little busy. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Do you need backup?" he asked.

"No I don't need backup, after all... Slayer here..." she replied. "...But that's not the reason I called. There's something weird going on at the roof of my mom's gallery. Get your feathered butt here as fast as you can." she ordered.

"Why? What's going on?" he asked.

"You'll be here faster than it would take to explain... So just get over here already."

Dick sighed, as he made his way to Mrs. Summers gallery.

In less than a minute as the crow flies Dick reached Buffy. The signal from her suit's beacon gave away her position. He landed silently behind her.

"What's up?" he asked softly.

Buffy almost jumped out of her skin, but she didn't say anything to give away her surprise. 'How the he'll does he keep doing this. A Slayer shouldn't be taken by surprise like this every-time.' she thought.

She kept her silence and used the battle sign language he taught her. 'If only this wasn't so damn useful. Why does everything he does have to be so perfect. God I wish I had the old Xander back, and not this perfect fake that pretends to be him.'

Dick could feel the tension and lingering hostility roll off Buffy's small tight body. 'Only time will fix this problem, that or she'll blow up over something and we'll beat the crap out of each other to resolve all this angst and tension.' Dick looked to where her finger pointed out the three dark figures trying to lower a bag from the roof into the alley behind the gallery.

"Let's see what they're up to..." said Dick, but Buffy wasn't having any of that waiting bunk. That's her mother's stuff those creeps were stealing. She jumped from the roof and flew after them, before they could get away.

'Once again Hurricane Buffy acts before she thinks. I don't care if this is a different universe entirely, that girl is related to Roy Harper in some way... I. Just. Know. It!' he thought as he jumped after her.

Part II
Alley behind the Summers Gallery.

'Oh this is not good. Not good at all.' thought Dick as he saw one of the cat burglars break away from the rest. He also saw the cat, or bat eared burglar draw a sword out of nowhere in a lightning fast draw.

"Buffy Duck!" he yelled. 'I wonder where he got that sword from? I've also got to get that girl some weapons training. Fighting all these vampires is making her too dependable on that little pointy stick of hers.' he thought.

For once Buffy listened. She ducked and rolled and came up with a stake, which was cut in two by her assailant.

"Um, Do over...?" she quipped. She was a little concerned, at how easily she was disarmed. Maybe she could talk Giles into updating her arsenal a bit.' she thought.

The burglar laughed as he attacked again.

Again Buffy ducked, rolled and jumped out of the sword wielder's range.

Dick got there in time to block the next strike on his unbreakable battle staff. "Go after the other two. Leave this one to me." he ordered as he and the burglar locked eyes in a battle of wills.

Dick saw his opponent`s mouth twitch in a silent smile under the mask.

They broke apart and met in a flurry of blows too fast to be seen by anyone watching... And there were eyes watching the action unseen from the shadows. Those eyes may not have been able to follow the action, but they could see what happened when they broke apart.

Dick raised his eyebrow underneath the mask. He took deep even breath trying to desperately to oxygenate his body. After a few month he had managed to get twice as strong as he ever was. With the new chi techniques he was learning from Xander, he was able to use his life force almost thirty percent more energy, but unlike Xander he had to fight the She Bitch for every erg.

The cat eared burglar grew tired of waiting to see what his new playmate would do. He launched a swarm of razor edged missiles with an oily coating at Dick.

Dick countered with a swarm of wing-dings. The missiles clashed but a few from each fighter found their target. Dick rushed in after the wing-dings and managed to catch the burglar by surprise. He landed a blow with the charged end of his battle staff.

The electric charged blew the cat eared burglar back into the shadows. Before Dick could follow to make sure his opponent wasn't getting up, the poison from the missiles made him stumble, and fall down to one knee before he caught himself with the staff.

`SHIT!`he thought. `What the hell did he put on these things. I thought I was almost immune to just about everything...`

Buffy came back dragging a large bag behind her. She looked like she was out for stroll around the park.

`Man... talk about grab-y. I had to break a few bones before I convinced those guys to drop the bag... Hey what`s with you?' she asked as Dick fell to the ground. She dropped the bag and rushed to his side.

"Check the alley..." he said before he passed out.

"Man talk about your skewed and obsessive priorities..." she said, but she went to check the alley just in case. There was that third guy after all.

Buffy gave the alley a quick look, after she didn't find anything she went back to Dick.

When she couldn't wake him up she called Giles.

"Giles are you there come on pick up. I've got a bird on the ground." she called.

"Yes... uh, we, we're well aware of the situation Buffy. We d... do have you under observation after all. Cordelia should be at your location momentarily." Giles informed her.

Before Buffy could reply the screeching and braking tires of Cordelia's car derailed her thought.

"Alright Blondy... take two steps back and keep away from my man." demanded Cordelia. She too was dressed like Buffy and Dick. Cordelia liked how the suit emphasized her good points, and the added protection was well worth it.

Buffy humphed and ignored the ice queen. "He's my friend too ya' know." she said in a huff.

"Ha! As If. You've made your opinion of this situation quite clear. And since you don't want anything to do with him, keep your hands to yourself missy. I've seen the looks you throw his way when you think no ones looking. Well news flash... Not only does the camera add ten pounds, it's also always on. And if you payed any attention, you'd have known that." she told her.

"Cordelia! Now is so not the time. Lets get Xander back to Giles' place, and out of the hearing of the mice..." she said waving at their surroundings. Buffy continued to police the alley. She picked up Dick's Wing-Dings and sword guy's sword and glow-y knives. She threw the gear on the floor and got in. She kept the knives. After all... "Glow-y. I wonder if Giles will let me keep 'em?" she said

"It's Dick, and a little Xander thrown in... thank god it's just a little bit of Xander. I so don't want to know what going out with that loser would be like... And I don't think he'll let you keep the knives, after all glow-y." replied Cordelia.

"Cordelia zip it, at the very least until we're out of here." commands Buffy.

Cordelia looked at the alley and conceded that Buffy might have a point. She didn't let her know that, but she did help in getting Dick into the back seat of her car.

The trio drove off with a squeal of tires.

In the shadows a figure pulled the cat eared burglar deeper into the dark alley and into sewers below the streets of Sunnydale.

Part III
The Giles Household.

Giles poured a fresh cup of tea from the pot. He took a sip as he walked into the living room / H.Q. The Scooby gang had relocated most of its important activity to Giles' new place.

He had bought the new place because there were more of them living together. First it was Dick in the bachelor pad in the basement, then Jenny moved in when she married Rupert.

The place came cheap after they took care of the android Ted Buchanan. After a visit to Joyce's Gallery Dick detected the android's true nature.

Jenny and Willow were still re-writing his new A.I. protocols. Until then Mr. Buchanan was in storage so to speak.

"What's their status luv?" he asked Jenny as he took another sip from the steaming cup of tea.

"Why Giles you romantic rouge... In front of Jenny and..." before Willow could finish teasing Giles he spit his tea all over the monitors.

Giles stuttered for a minute trying to deny any improper thoughts he had about Willow, and after a minute his wife stopped laughing and came to his rescue. "Relax English... I'm sure that Willow was only teasing." she said between giggles.

Willow hid behind an innocent smile and turned back to watching the progress of Cordelia's sports car down the empty Sunnydale streets.

"I say Willow..." protested Giles.

"Oh let her be." Jenny told her husband giving him an affectionate hug. "Besides I'm sure Oz would be more than willing to keep me entertained if you and Willow decide to..."

Again Giles spit his tea. He gave his wife an enraged glare that melted under her amused and dazzling smile. "You my dear are, a, are... a very wicked woman." he told her.

This rejoinder only sent Jenny into further gales of laughter.

Meanwhile on the deserted streets of SunnyD Cordelia gunned her sports car.

"OhGodohgodohgod. I hope he's okay.' was the thought that kept running through her head. "How's he doing now?" she asked Buffy.

"The same as he was doing when you asked me less than a minute ago." replied Buffy. "Ewww..." she said.

"What? What... Ewww?" asked Cordelia.

"Does he drool when he's asleep?" asked Buffy.

"Drool... Drool!" she almost shrieked. "My boyfriend doesn't drool!" shouted the outraged cheerleader. "You take that back!" she demanded.

"Hey! Don't blame me." said Buffy pointing at Dick. "I recognize drool when I see it, and that's drool." she declared.

Cordelia looked at Dick in the rear-view mirror. 'Yeah... I guess that does look like drool.' she conceded, but only to herself.

She checked to make sure no one was in her way as she made a screeching ninety degrees turn at the green light of Maple and Thorpe.

'Gotta hand it to the nerdette twins. Not a red light in sight.' thought Cordelia as she made the tight turn. 'Not that Jenny isn't drool worthy herself, but I'm not sure if the feeling's mine or coming from the Dick in me.' she mentally giggled at the unintended pun. 'HEY! What the hell is that bleached blond doing... Oh no she's not...' she observed Buffy in mid grope. "You 'faux blond girl' get your hands off my property. That boy is branded and I so don't share." she demanded.

Buffy removed her hand as if it was caught in the cookie jar, so to speak. "What are you talking about?" she asked trying to out-brazen the cheerleader.

"Uh uh. Don't you try that Miss innocent act with me sister. I saw where you had your paws all over the cookies. You paw prints are all over the evidence. Not that I blame you for wantin' some of that fine stuff, but stick to undead joy-toy and leave mine alone." she demanded, as she pulled in to the driveway, and parked her sports car inside the former Buchanan home. Behind her the garage door closed automatically.

She got out of the driver seat in a flash and helped Buffy drag Dick's unconscious body out of the back seat. "You just watch those wandering hands missy." she threatened, as they carried Dick the door Willow opened for them.

"Hurry! Get him to the couch." commanded the concerned redhead.

Cordelia obeyed. It was the father of her children that the pushy redhead was trying to save.

Buffy felt the same way.

Both girls put aside their argument and pulled together for the sake of the man that was the center of this argument.

Jenny did a quick aura scan of Dick while the girls clustered all around her.

"Well?" asked Cordelia anxiously.

"Well what?" asked Jenny. She was a little distracted by the examination and didn't notice Mont St. Cordelia about to erupt.

"How. Is. He?" she said, each word sharper than a knife's edge.

"He's fine. Whatever he was hit with, took a lot out of him. He's out of danger. He's sleeping because he exhausted his body, again. If he keeps going past his limits like this all the time every time he goes out, he's going to break something. Right now he's sleeping, he should be up by morning, and you ladies should call it a night as well. You all have school tomorrow." Jenny reassured them, as she hustled them out of the living room. "Come on. Rupert will put him in his own bed. Buffy stay until Rupert's done. He'll want to go over tonight's action filled adventure."

"'Kay." said Buffy giving Jenny her best air-headed smile.

"I'm going with Dick. I'm not leaving until he's up on his own... and when he does... I going to give him a piece of my mind for scaring like that." declared Cordelia.

"You sure you can spare that much?" sniped Buffy.

But before Cordelia could jump Buffy with her clawed hands aiming for her hair. Jenny stepped in and asked "You sure you want to wake him up for this?"

Both girls said no and backed off.

Buffy put away the glow-y knives that were used on Dick and Cordelia stepped back giving Buffy a look that said that this little argument of there was far from settled.

Cordelia slid the wing-ding back into her utility belt.

"Please wait here Buffy. I won't be but a moment or two." said Giles as he took one end and Cordelia carried the other.

"Okay. I'll just be here playing with my new toys." she said twirling the throwing knives around her fingers until they disappeared in a blue flash of light. "Hey that tingled... but where did they go?" she asked.

"B-Buffy... wha, what did I tell you about playing with unknown and dangerous magical items?" he asked with a deep aggravated sigh.

"Um, was it... Don't..." she replied.

"Yes. Don't. Stay where you are. Don't even move it at all possible. I'll be back shortly... Ah Cordelia, could, could you help me with, with..." Giles asked Cordelia.

"With taking my honey down to his bed? Why certainly Giles. I would be glad to." she said giving him another one of her dazzling smiles. She even turned that smile towards Buffy saying that she was in so much trouble..."

Part IV
The Giles Household. Buffy's Tingly sensation.

Giles left Cordelia with Dick. He looked to be recovering nicely, so he wasn't too worried about the lad. He knew Dick was tough. Giles himself was very tough these days, but Dick was tough on a whole other level. He rivaled a master vampire in his ability to take damage and to recover from whatever damage he took. Right now he had to make sure that his slayer wasn't affected by those disappearing magical knives.

He sighed when he walked back to where he left Buffy. She of course wasn't where he left her. He took off the clear glasses and cleaned them. Since he no longer needed glasses in the first place after the possession, he replaced them with the current pair, because it gave him the time to gather his thoughts when 'IT' hit the fan. And it helped tremendously when dealing with these bloody American teenagers.

Buffy watched as Giles left Xander-Dick's bedroom. She had ignored Giles' order and followed the group to the apartment below. She was impressed with what Xander-Dick had done with the place. She could recognize Cordelia's touch here and there. It was all very tasteful and not what Xander would have picked before he merged with Dick Grayson. She sighed, at the loss of a friend. She knew that deep down both Dick and Xander were beneath the same hood. But as Dick liked to remind everyone, he was Dick and his brother Xander was someplace else.

She couldn't just move on. Xander was her first real male friend. Sure he hit on her and ogled at every opportunity, but he was a guy, and what teenage guy could resist. She sighed again, because obviously Dick can resist. Too bad he was someone she would not have minded going out with, if he was the first male friend she made in Sunnydale. That boat however as they say has sailed a long time ago on the good ship Cordelia. She wasn't jealous of their relationship. She really wasn't. She had Angel... Who'd been keeping his distance lately...

"Oh B-Buffy... There you are... very, well, let's get to it then. Wh-what happened when you were playing with the magical daggers?" he asked.

"... I didn't know they were that magical..." she tried to defend herself.

"They were glowing... faintly, but glowing none the less." he reminded her.

"Okay-Okay. But this never happened before..." she said lamely.

"Buffy..." he said, but she stopped him before could go on.

"Giles, Giles, Giles. That is so not the issue. Let's concentrate on what's important here... The disappearing glowing throwing knives, and so not daggers. I mean I can tell the difference between a throwing knife and a dagger by now..."

"All right then throwing knives. I recollect that you said that you felt a tingle when they disappeared, correct?" he asked.

"Yeah, you said it. A, a tingle, like first when they went poof and, and..." she started to explain.

"Poof?" he asked.

"Hey. Who's telling this story?" she said with a peeved look on her face.

"S-sorry. You are obviously. Please, uh please go on..." he gestured for her to continue.

She nodded her head to indicate that she accepted his apology. "'Kay. First there was the tingle in my hands and the poof..." she waited to see if he would interrupt her again, when he didn't she continued. " and, then... " she concentrated trying to remember what she felt when it happened. "... It sorta tingled again..."

"Uh, could-could you be a bit more precise, where else did it tingle..." he asked and his face turned red right after he asked that question.

Buffy saw him turn red, and smiled, but she graciously let him off the hook, but she let him know that she was letting him of the hook. "The tingle-y feeling came from, um, you know, down there..." she said with a wicked smile.

"Uh, uh, oh... I say..." he took off his glasses and started to clean them.

"Yeah. Like... from around this area." she said, turning around and showing him her backside.

"Oh! Have, have you taken a look... that is to say, have you attempted to examine the area in question..." he asked while furiously cleaning his glasses.

"No. Not yet. Do you want to help? Look at it I mean?" she asked pointing to her ass.

"That's quite alright. I think Jenny will be, better able to assist at this juncture." he replied beating a hasty retreat up the stairs while calling for Jenny.

Buffy laughed as she watched her watcher beating a hasty retreat.

Jenny came down the stairs a few minutes later, with an amused smile on her lips. She saw that Buffy was still smiling after what she did to poor Rupert. "That was cruel Buffy. Amusing, but cruel. Try not to brake him. As a favor... please." she said clearly still trying to hold in her laughter.

"Okay, but I make no promises. You know how delicate English librarians can be." replied Buffy with a giggle.

"All right drop your pants." Jenny told her deadpan.

"What? Just like that... What about dinner and-and a movie?" asked Buffy.

"That's between you and Angel." answered Jenny. "I just want to see what prompted this tingling sensation in your rear end. Drop 'em." she ordered.

With a reluctant sigh, Buffy dropped her pants.

Jenny moved closer for a better look. "When did you get a Tattoo?" she asked.

"What are you talking about? I've never gotten one my entire life, and I don't plan on getting any... Ever!" she said forcefully.

"It's right there on your lower back... Hold on... I'll see if there something more..." said Jenny as she began to examine the Tattoo with her mind's eye. "It's definitely magical, and I think it looks a lot like that throwing knife you were playing with."

"How did it get there? Get it off..." Buffy pleaded almost panicking.

"I need to know what it is first, before we do anything so drastic as to tamper with a magical construct this powerful... Are you in pain? Can you feel it? Is it still tingling?" Jenny asked question after question not giving Buffy a chance to reply. She wanted to keep her mind occupied on coming up with answers, and to stop her panic before it took hold.

"... No pain, yet. Can I feel it? I'm not sure, and yeah it still tingles, but it's kinda faint... like it's not there, but is." Buffy tried to answer the rapid fire questions.

"Alright, come this way." said Jenny leading Buffy next to a mirror. When she had positioned Buffy where she wanted her to stand she told her to, "Look at it. I want you to be able to see this image when you close your eyes. Take all the time you need, but make sure that you don't miss any detail, it's very important that you don't miss any detail. Got it?" she told Buffy.

"Got it. Got it. Don't miss any detail." she replied.

While Buffy was looking at the Tattoo in the mirror, Jenny got a digital camera and started to take pictures.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! You're not Heff and I'm not a Playboy Bunny, so cut it out." Buffy yelled.

"Oh please! These are for you. I'm going to load them on one of the offline computers and have you study the image as it looks, and not the way it's reversed in a mirror." Jenny explained.

"Well... Okay, but promise... No one ever sees those..." replied Buffy a little mollified.

"'Cross my heart and hope to..." said Jenny going through the motions.

"Hey! Keep it down! My boyfriend is trying to recoup over here. Do you mind?.. Nice Tattoo by the way, where did you get? It kind a looks like Edwardo's work. Any who, keep it down." Cordelia demanded as she went back to Dick's bedroom.

During the intermission Jenny uploaded the images to her laptop and turned it around to show Buffy. "Here. Study this image, and nothing else. I'll be back in a few minutes." she said getting up from her seat and going back up the stairs. "Rupert!" she yelled on her way up.

Buffy sat in Jenny's seat and studied the image. She could hear Jenny and Giles arguing above, but she got the impression from Jenny that memorizing the image was important. So she blocked off the distractions and got to work.

Fifteen minutes or so later Jenny along with Giles this time came back down.

"How are we doing? Do you have the image memorized?" she asked Buffy.

"Yeah. I got it. I also got a headache from all the effort. I really wanted to get it right. I don't want any mistakes in removing this Tattoo from my body." she replied.

"I, I, I'm glad you're approaching this with the proper seriousness that, that..." begun Giles, but Jenny interrupted him.

"Do you mind English? This is kinda important. All right. Buffy I want you to hold that image in your head, and when you have it as clear as it can get, and yes you can use the image on the computer to help you... I want you to try and feel it on your back with your mind alone. Got it?" instructed Jenny.

"I think so. See it in my mind and try to feel it..." replied Buffy.

"Yes that's exactly it. Good girl." said Jenny encouragingly.

Buffy concentrated on the image on the screen until it almost was burned into her retina. When she had it, she moved on to trying to feel for it with her mind, and was surprised to find out that she was able to feel it right away. "I can feel it. It's-it's like right there..." she said excitedly.

"Good girl. Now listen carefully. See if there's some kind of trigger, or something, try to feel the whole pattern and see if there's something else that's not part of the image." Jenny told her.

"Okay. Here goes..." replied Buffy following Jenny's instructions. After a few minutes, her face lit up. "There is something else here, and like I'm surprised I missed it. It's like a handle or something." she said. She gave the trigger a tug and the magical knives appeared in her hand in the shape of a fan of gleaming metal with a slight blue shimmer.

"Oh dear." said Giles.

"I wish you didn't do that." said Jenny, putting her face in her hand.

"What? Why? Didn't you like want me to-to see if I could tug it, They're kinda cool... Hey! Is the Tattoo gone?" demanded Buffy.

"Turn around." replied Jenny with a sigh. She tugged Buffy's pants down and took a quick look.

"Hey. No peaking." Buffy accused Giles.

"I most certainly am not." replied Giles, but he turned around anyway to make sure he didn't accidentally see anything.

"Yeah it's gone, but try to dismiss the knives." Jenny instructed Buffy on how to do that as well and when the knives were gone...

"They tingle." said Buffy.

"...And they're backkkk." confirmed Jenny. "You know if you hadn't activated the Tattoo, we might have been able to remove it, but not, you're stuck with them forever I'm afraid."

"So what you're saying is that the worst that can happen I'll always have a weapon on me?" asked Buffy.

"Uh yeah. There's always a slayer silver lining if you look for it. I like your attitude Buffy. Come on. I'll even help you get it under control without having to look at your ass every time you try to activate it." replied Jenny.

"Why did you say it that way? Is there something wrong with my ass? Giles, could you please check out my ass? Does it look normal to you? It's not swollen or anything? Is it?" asked Buffy.

"Uh, uh... Jenny?" replied Giles.

End Chapter One.
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