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Dawn's First Light Redo

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This story is No. 1 in the series "In the Life of Buffy Summers and Edward Cullen". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy thought life couldn't get much worse...that was until she met Edward Cullen.

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Chapter 13: Turn of the Tide

Chapter 13: Turn of the Tide

I was awoken from what seemed to be a dreamless sleep, when I heard the sound of a window breaking. A little disoriented from the lack of sleep, I looked up to see three vampires inside my broken window. Jumping up out of bed I grabbed my trusty stake in my right hand and landed my first punch with my left.

“WHAT THE HELL...DO YOU THINK....YOU ARE DOING?” I screamed, landing a punch with each three words.

Running as fast as he could, Edward ran up to the Evan's manor. He stopped for a second to see if the front door was locked. Thankfully it wasn't. Opening the door, He ran through the house, finding the stairs and taking two at a time.

He opened the door just in time to see Buffy land on the ground, with the chair leg in her chest. He took the stake out of her hand in time to stake brunet headed vampire in the heart, while the others jumped back out the window.

Outside there was a cry of pain, then shortly after a roar of anger. It was in that moment that Edward knew that they would be back, and the vampires would be looking for him and his mate.

Beside him there was a gurgling noise, looking down to see Buffy choking on her own blood. In this moment he knew that he had to make a choice. One was to let her die. That in of it self was too painful to think about. Another was to call Carlisle and have her go into surgery, which she might not live through. And last was to bite her and make her a vampire like himself. He knew that he could not live with out her any longer, and with her pulse fading, he made a quick decision.

Pulling out the leg of the chair, Edward bit Buffy over and over. Until she started to scream in agony. Then he picked her up into his arms and ran back to his house.

Pain. Just the pain was all I could feel. Was I in hell? Was this hell? For what felt like months I thought I knew what pain was, but this, this was worse. Much worse. It was a burning pain that ran throughout my body. Like fire, but it was worse.

I couldn't understand, couldn't make since of what was happening. My body was rejecting the pain, when all that time before I welcomed it. It was better than feeling nothing. So again I tried to embrace it. Thrive in it. But then I tried to remember what had happened to cause this pain in the first place.

****FLASH BACK****

“Buffy, I don't think that we should be together anymore.” He whispered, looking down at his feet.

“W-What? W-Why? Why would you say that?” I stumbled over my words, shocked. I could not believe that this was happening. He was my soul mate. He knew it as well as I did, why was he doing this? “Is it because of what happened? If it is...”

“It's not only that Buffy.” Still looking down at his feet.

“Then what?”

“You were destined to die in that class room, Buffy. I fought the urge to kill you then and I couldn't let that car crush you because it could have exposed all of us. I had to save you because I had to save what Carlisle had built for us.” He took a deep unneeded breath and looked at me, all expression was gone. Sighing he said something that made my heart shatter into millions of pieces, before making me promise something to him. “Buffy it is too dangerous for us to be together. When I leave it will be as if I never existed. Just promise me one thing.”

“What?” It came out as more of a bite than anything else, but at that point I didn't care.

“Just promise me that you be careful.”

My eyes had begun to sting but I held back my tears. I would not let HIM see me cry. I nodded in understanding and Edward left without looking back. As soon as the door closed and his footsteps died away, I started to cry.


My heart started to break again as I remembered that dreadful day. But this was not the pain that I was feeling now. I tried to remember what else I could, but I didn't remember, couldn't remember this kind of pain. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. The last thing I could remember was fighting three vampires. They had broken it into my house, into my room to fight me. They were quicker than me because I had not been practicing my training with Giles. I remember falling and something stabbing into my chest. My vision began to fade after that, but for some reason Edward was there.

Then it was like a light bulb went on in my head. Edward saved me. This is what it must feel like to change into a vampire like them.

Couldn't he just let me die in peace. Ever since I was sixteen I knew that I would die early. Like the night I had drowned in The Master's cave. But fate knew that it was not time for me to go.

In a sick twisted sense I guess that fate was not done with me yet. The question now was, when?

At the Cullen's house everything was put back into place by the time Edward arrived. Rushing up the flight of stairs, Carlisle met him at the top, and was brought into a make shift hospital room. Laying his mate down on the bed, Edward sat in a chair beside her and decided to wait. Hopefully when Buffy wakes up, he will find a way to get her to forgive him.

When I came out of unconsciousness, all I could see was black. A vast blackness that threatened to swallow me whole. I could not feel nor see anything. All I knew was that I wanted to open my eyes. That's if they were closed. I wanted to see Willow's smile, hear Xander's jokes, and feel Edward's arms around me. I don't know what I did to deserve this but I know that I don't want it. At least the pain is gone, but at this point I would have welcomed the the pain back, just as long as I got to feel something.

It was then that I heard HIS voice. It was soothing to know that at least I got my hearing back.

“Carlisle, it's been two and half days, why isn't she awake yet?”

“Give it another half a day, Edward. She will be awake soon. You can already see the change in her. It wont be long.”

After hearing that, my mind could not take anymore and I was soon swallowed by the blackness.

When I awoke after that I could see light behind my eyelids. I opened my eyes only to shut them again, for the light burned my eyes. I knew that the change had run it's coarse. The only thing I didn't know, was what was going to happen next.

The End

You have reached the end of "Dawn's First Light Redo". This story is complete.

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