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Vengeful Heartbreak

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Love Knows No Bounds". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A young woman loses everything and seeks vengance on the demon that took her love from her. Along the way she finds new love and a new purpose,

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Multiple Crossings > Non-BtVS CrossoversXanderLuvsAllFR1354,776022,98819 Aug 1031 Dec 13Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Meetings, Sex and ?

Once Nicole was able to leave the hospital she began to fulfill her plan. Starting with the safety of her children. She asked Auggie to find a secluded and safe place to live and he did. Deep in the mountains of Colorado. An hour from any town and the house itself was surrounded by mountains on three sides, only way to it being south. Perfect. Safe. She bought it and moved everyone there. Then she began to look into the supernatural. It took a year before she had the right amount of knowledge, thanks in large part to Bobby Singer.

Nicole began to hunt the creatures of the night, from vampires to demons but not the one that had taken Jason from her. That one she had yet to find though she searched and couldn't find a clue as to who it was. So she just began to go after anything not human and destroying them. Then one day, two years after Jason's death , Nicole's life changed forever.Again. For she met John Winchester in the most intense manner possible. A wendigo was about to kill her when he appeared and killed it, saving her life. He gave her a hand up then took her to get dinner.

They spent the night talking, something that was out of character for both of them, to give their life story to complete strangers was beyond not normal. Still it felt for them to do it and it felt even more right for them to go to a hotel. There they looked at each other and moved as one. They brought their mouths together in a gentle and tender kiss. Their first and it was perfect. Their next kiss though was filled with passion as John ripped off their clothes and lowered Nicole to the bed then climbed slowly on top of her. She moaned as their naked flesh touched.

"John." As she gazed up at the second man to ever see her naked, Nicole felt consumed by desire. Burning with lust to consume him, to become one with him in a way she had only ever had with Jason. So she pulled his mouth to her and just made love to his mouth, exploring every inch of it. He broke away only when they were about to pass out for need of oxygen. The next nine hours showed much the a same as each of them touched every inch of the others bodies. Kissing, licking, biting and simply devouring.

For hours and hours they came together. The feelings between them was unlike anything they had ever felt before even with both of their spouses.

It took a lot of work on both of their parts to stop but eventually they did manage to Stop having sex and actually sleep. Wrapped tightly around each other with John wrapped around her tightly enough to be a second skin. In the light of a new day they faced each other and had no idea what to say. Nicole looked at the man she had just had sex with and had absolutely no idea what to do now. With Jason they had dated for a month before they slept together and he had been her only lover. So she had no idea how to react to someone she had met then immediately slept with. No matter how right it felt then and still feels. The two of them
felt oddly whole in each other presence.

Faced with what to do they decided without talking the same thing. They should go for breakfast and so they did, at the restaurant in the hotel. As they ate they finally relaxed and just talked. After a while they admitted to the fact that neither had any desire to be separated. Which gave them some issues as both had other commitments, their kid, and both didn't understand how they could feel such an instant connection to another. That they were in essence betraying their spouses. John had taken others
to his bed since Mary's death, even had a son with one, but never had he felt anything for any of them. Mary was the one for him. Yet here he was, feeling intense emotions for someone he had just meet.

Nicole really didn't understand how this had happened as this wasn't like her to sleep with a complete stranger. Hell, Jason was her only lover. The only one she had ever seen herself with. Her thoughts were interrupted by John cupping her face and without thought she leaned into his hands and sighed.

"I don't understand what has happened but I..don't care. This feels right." John leaned forward and kissed him, happy for once and not willing to look any further into it. The two of them made the necessary phone calls then spent the next week together. Just being together. Until they had to finally separate but made plans to meet again as soon as possible.Both unwilling to be apart for long.

Nicole returned to Colorado to discover Sydney waiting for her, having been alerted by Auggie that Nicole had not returned as planned and was worried. Everyone feared that Jason and her child's deaths would drive her to insanity. Sydney couldn't imagine losing Danny and he was only her boyfriend. Nicole had lost her husband and child in one moment so Sydney understood her grief but wasn't about to allow her to do anything drastic. She was her friend and second of all, Jason wouldn't have wanted that. Now if only she could figure out what Nicole was doing when she 'disappeared'. Jason had taught her to good, none of them could
find her when she left and Nicole refused to tell them where she went. Only telling them how long she'd be gone.This time she was late.

Which caused everyone to panic. The plan was to yell at her when she got home but upon seeing her, Sydney knew something monumental
had happened so she just took her into her arms and held her. Alison, the nanny-ex CIA agent, brought the children in and they had a group hug.
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