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Vengeful Heartbreak

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Love Knows No Bounds". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A young woman loses everything and seeks vengance on the demon that took her love from her. Along the way she finds new love and a new purpose,

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Multiple Crossings > Non-BtVS CrossoversXanderLuvsAllFR1354,776022,97319 Aug 1031 Dec 13Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Lustful Connections Intensified

Waking up in the morning to the fact of who she had slept with did not make Nicole happy at all, in fact it was like a cold shower. It woke her instantly as she had slept with John's son. There was nothing worse she could think of that she could do to John. Hell, Nicole couldn't think of a worse thing she could do to anybody. Very carefully she slipped out of bed and grabbed her clothes and got dressed in the rather disgusting bathroom and planned on sneaking out without having to face Dean again. The perfect if cowardly solution to this situation.

Of course things did not work out that way as the moment Nicole's hand touched the doorknob to the outside, arms came around her. Dean nuzzled into her neck and said into it,"Normally I'd be the one doing this but this time I cannot seem to let you leave." His hands slid down her body, lingering over certain parts. Managing to find ever pleasure spot on her. Those hands seemed to be godly as they brought pleasure to her without even having to try. Seemingly knowing her body better than she did and
she was very close to coming just by his hands alone. He cupped her breasts.

Nicole sighed at the sensation and the confession as she felt the same, every inch of her had been screaming as she left. As if Dean was somehow another part of her that she was cutting away by leaving. "I know, I feel the same way...Its like I can't leave you...Do you think we've been cursed?" It didn't feel like magic, it reminded her of what she had felt with John and if that wasn't disturbing then she didn't know what was. Could it be some genetic trait, if she met Sam would the same thing happen. She really didn't think so as from what John had told her she really didn't like him. Abandoning his family and not a word in two years. No matter what John had told him, Sam should have contacted them.

Distracted from her thoughts by Dean starting to kiss her neck, Nicole moaned and tilted her neck to give him better access. This was wrong and immoral yet she just couldn't stop it. Dean didn't know better but she did, she knew that John was both her lover and Dean's father. To sleep with him was in no way right and Nicole should really stop it but she couldn't. In fact she was pressing her body against him and wrapping her arms around his body and holding tight. She also allowed him to guide her back
to the bed and to lay her down on it.

Dean pressed down onto her and Nicole opened her legs so he came to rest between them. They kissed once more before he moved down, nuzzling at her breasts then moving further down before he was at the apex of her legs.He rubbed his face into her juices and she moaned at the sheer hotness of the move. Of the fact that he was now covered in her scent, in her wetness was just to sexy and kinky for words. Nicole grabbed his head and pressed it into her, needing him to get to work as she was so very close after that. She could feel him smirking as his moved his mouth and suckled on her clitoris. Which caused her to throw her head back to scream.

Dean laughed and the vibrations caused her to come with another scream. Thanks to his tongue, mouth and fingers she came three more times before she had enough. Or rather they were no longer enough and she pulled him up and wrapped her legs around his hips, reached between them and guided his cock into her. They both groaned at that and began to move as one. The need to mate was strong and overpowering. They didn't stop for hours, orgasm after orgasm was pulled from them until they both collapsed in exhaustion. Once they woke up again though they had to go back at it.

It took two days before Nicole was able to pull herself together enough to call for help. By then though she wasn't thinking to clearly and thus John arrived thirteen hours later. To discover the woman he loved in bed with his eldest son. To say he was hurt and angry would be an understatement. He was about to start shouting when he felt it, the need to be with her..with Dean. John tried to fight it but when Nicole saw him the connection that flared between them was to much to fight. He hastily stripped and joined them in the bed.

The addition of a third body was not enough to stop Dean from thrusting into Nicole,so John had to slip around them so he could reach her. The first kiss was one of pure want, the lust coursing through them already at the boiling point. The rest that followed was just as fueled. The positions that followed were intense and inventive. Half of the time the two of them were both in her and Nicole felt complete. Separate they had made her happy, together they made her whole in a way that not even Jason had managed.

There was a part of her that was screaming about something being wrong and that she should stop it but the days went on and that wasn't happening.As the three of their lusts were rolling threw them all and intensifying it so much so that nothing else but their passion, their desire is all that matters. It was a full week after John's arrival before they were able to pull apart long enough to gather their wits about them. John called Bobby and told him what was going on while Nicole called her children then Sydney. Assured her that while something had happened, she was alright now. Sydney was not content with that.

"We've had people searching for you since the third day that you didn't check in. We couldn't find any clue of your whereabouts. Where have you been? And don't tell me your okay, your not. You wouldn't disappear for almost two weeks of your own free will. So tell me." Her tone was very insistent but Nicole couldn't. Not now, not in front of them and not when even she didn't know exactly what was happening.

"I can't, Syd. I promise that I will...I will be home soon and I will explain as much as possible when I get there. For now, just call everyone off. Bye." Turning the phone off then removing the battery so it couldn't be traced, Nicole just stared at it. What the hell was she going to do now. John got her attention by slamming his cell down and swearing a lot. Dean was in the shower, probably trying to scrub off his skin. "What? What did Bobby say?"

"He'll be here soon. He suspects something but he won't say over the phone, said he needed proof before announcing the worse. Even when I demanded it, he refused. Stubborn bastard." Under any other circumstance she would point out the hypocrisy's in that but not now, not after what was happening.
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