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Vengeful Heartbreak

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Love Knows No Bounds". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A young woman loses everything and seeks vengance on the demon that took her love from her. Along the way she finds new love and a new purpose,

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Multiple Crossings > Non-BtVS CrossoversXanderLuvsAllFR1354,776022,97319 Aug 1031 Dec 13Yes


Waiting for Bobby wasn't easy nor was staying away from each other but Nicole, Dean and John were managing it with some difficulty. Nicole did it by focusing on her children, not willing to risk something going on and taking her from them as Jason had been. How Dean and John were doing it was beyond her and she did not ask how. The three of them were basically ignoring each other to prevent anything from happening as none of them were sure what was happening to them and what would happen if it was left to continue its course.

Thankfully Bobby managed to get there within a day and looked the three of them over carefully, trying to determine exactly what was going on and was pleased to discover that he had been right.

"The three of you are under a lust spell. Used to cause the ones under it to care nothing about anything but sex, even food or water. Normally the person under it will die within days due to detration and hunger..How the three of you managed to last so long i beyond me."

All three of them instantly had visions of all the ways they had used food and them they made sure not to look at the others.

"Can you undo th spell, Mr. Singer?"

"Its just Bobby and yes I can...It ain't easy but it can be undone." Nicole sighed in relief, while ignoring the small part of her that was actually disappointed by it. As a part of her had been...content to be between Dean and John. To be filled with the heat that drove her to them.

What followed was a rather odd and long spell and a very disgusting tasting potion that did kill the heat that resided within her, along with her tastebuds but not the desire. Nicole still wanted John and Dean and that surprised her but a bad way. The two of them drew her and not just because of a spell. And from the way they were looking at her Nicole knew that they still felt it as well, which pleased her. Bobby looked at the tree of them then scoffed.

"Come on you idjiots. We have a witch to find and gank."

It was actually relativly easy to find the witch in the end and kill her. What wasn't easy was after Bobby left and the three of them stood in awkward silence and they looked everywhere but at each other. Trying to figure out what to say to each other. Nicole knew what she wanted, even if it was rather unconventional and while she was feeling rather awkward about the whole thing, she knew what she wanted and after losing Jason, she wasn't going to let anything stand in her way. Even modern thinking. So Nicole just grabbed her courage and went for it.

"This entire thing is messed up but....I want you both still." Thankfully the two of them looked at her with desire and not disgust and thus Nicole knew that they both felt the same way, even if they had been leery of speaking it.

It wasn't easy for them but eventually the three of them came to an understanding that worked for them and everything went well for years. Until John had disappeared and the demon that had taken Jason from her appeared. Nicole tried to be there for Dean while searching for John but she was also far to focused on getting vengeance finally. And once the demon that killed Jason was dead so to was John as Nicole learned when she tracked Dean down. And without John...Well, Nicole left Dean and returned to her children's side and it was there Nicole stayed. Hunting was done and Nicole lived out the remainder of her days with her children,including the child that John had left her after their last 'visit'.

Nicole never saw Dean again but she lived happily within the confines of her children and friends, unwilling to risk losing another lover again, while Dean lived out the remainder of his life fighting. Demons, angels, devils, leviation and so much more. All the while yearning for what he had one had with Nicole and his father.

Happy New Year's Eve. everyone.

The End

You have reached the end of "Vengeful Heartbreak". This story is complete.

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