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Vengeful Heartbreak

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Love Knows No Bounds". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A young woman loses everything and seeks vengance on the demon that took her love from her. Along the way she finds new love and a new purpose,

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Multiple Crossings > Non-BtVS CrossoversXanderLuvsAllFR1354,776022,97319 Aug 1031 Dec 13Yes

Losing One's Heart

Disclaimer:Don't own Supernatural, Covert Affairs or Alias

Warning: Will be incest in this story,sorta

Growing up in Wisconsin wasn't what you'd call exciting, as the Diary State was by far the most boring of all the states. And little did Nicole Andra know that one day she would look back at how boring the first eighteen years of her life had been.

She didn't know, so once she hit teen, she complained and sought to fill her days with hobbies. Like gymnastics, martial arts, music, art, archery, horseback riding, swimming, skating and verses other things.

It kept her active until she reached eighteen and went to the Art Institute of Chicago. It was there that her life changed forever when she met Jason Hughes-Hepburn, the son of Howard Hughes and Katharine Hepburn. Sole heir to the Hughes empire and a CIA agent, which was how they met.

Jason had been hurt in Iraq during a mission and was given leave until he healed. He had decided to be in Chicago for his leave.

A chance meeting at Navy Pier caused both their lives to change forever in both monumentally great way and agonizingly tragic ways. The moment they met they were in love, an all consuming love that altered them beyond call.

They were ONE and nothing could tear them apart or so thy thought.They had no way of knowing how wrong they were, of course. No one did.

Within two months Jason asked Nicole to marry him and she said," Yes, yes beyond yes, to the very heavens yes. I will love you as long as there are stars in the skies." She would keep that promise.

They were married in the spring, in May and were deliriously happy for two three years. Nicole went to college, getting her art degree and giving birth to twins. Alexander Julian and Julianna Alexandria. Jason protected his country and loved his wife.

Jason introduced Nicole to his friends Michael Vaughan, August Anderson, Jack and Sydney Bristow. They all loved her, Auggie more than the others. They talked about what it was like to be CIA and Nicole decided to become one after college. Langley told her that a place would be waiting for her at the Farm.

Their paradise ended on the very day they had met, Valentine's Day. Jason had been preparing a big surprise for Nicole, a dinner on Navy Pier and then a plane ride to Paris was planned. But as they were driving to the airport, 'something' hit the car. Sending it sliding on the ice and crashing into the Hancock Building.

On the verge of collapse due to all her injuries, Nicole was still able to see Jason being ripped out of the car by some unseen force. The last thing she saw before she finally succumbed to her wounds was a black-eyed man killing Jason and her last action was to fire at him.

Nicole woke up a month later to see Auggie sitting at her side and she knew what had happened and by touching her stomach she knew her baby was dead.

Auggie tried to confront her but she went into hysterics and had to be sedated. She lapsed into another coma and didn't awaken for another two months. And when she did she was calm, she had a plan and she would hunt the bastard that had murdered her husband and unborn child.

The hunt had begun.
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