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Not so Heartless Anymore

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Summary: BTVSxGWxHPxNarutoxLOTR crossover. Chapt 1 Revised. Betrayed by those they considered their greatest friends, Arda offers our boys a chance to heal, and to discover true family. Some OOC Bashing

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Chapter One: Broken Hearts

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS, Naruto, Lord of the Rings, Gundam Wing or Harry Potter. I make no money from this story.

Chapter One: Broken Hearts


A brown eye darted wildly, searching for potential exits. There weren’t any. The basement was surprisingly bare for a building that housed 40 teenaged girls, many of whom were permanent residents there. And because the storage area had been designed so that nothing could get in, that also meant that there was no way out.

Well, there was one door, but it was blocked by a redhead with hate-filled eyes.

His Willow-girl.

How did this happen? He wasn’t entirely sure. He’d seen the signs of her addiction returning, but he didn’t think that confronting her about it would cause such a reaction. Ever since he had returned from Africa, she’d been dabbling, though it seemed to be just in the smaller magics, harmless stuff. A quick locator spell here, a repair charm there – nothing worrying.

Still, Xander had spoken quietly to Giles, and the Englishman had assured him that Willow was working with her coven’s blessing, and knew better than to stray into the high magics. So the twenty-six-year-old had breathed a sigh of relief, and tried to forget the niggling little voice in his head that told him to look deeper.

Then he’d found the list of ingredients she’d scrawled down, and realised with startling clarity just what she needed them for. He’d confronted her there and then, and had been mojo’d down to the basement. To Buffy.

The blonde who had him pinned against the wall was smirking at him, and looked to be enjoying his fear as the grip around his neck tightened and his face turned a rather spectacular shade of blue.

Buffy. A slayer. Not The Slayer anymore and that was probably what irked her the most. When she was The Slayer, she’d made the decisions, given the orders. And now there were hundreds of Slayers, and she wasn’t The chosen one anymore, rather A chosen one.

But she’d still been chosen the longest. So she’d given her orders, rallied her troops and made it clear that she was calling the shots. She’d enjoyed being in command. She was good at it.

Then Xander had returned. It had galled her to realise how many of the Slayers had only deferred to her out of respect for the carpenter. Now when she gave an order, she had to watch the girls look to Xander for his OK. Had to watch as they reported to him first, and it stung her pride to realise that they saw him as their leader.

Giles hadn’t been any help. Neither, surprisingly, had Angel. They’d both given her long, flat-eyed stares, and each had told her in their own unique way to ‘grow up’. At least, that’s what she thought Giles’ “Cease acting like a petulant child!” had meant.

So she’d gone to Willow.

Xander struggled, but the redheaded witch’s magic bound him tighter than any rope or chain ever could. He still couldn’t believe that he was in this position. Pinned against the wall by his neck and trussed up with voodoo.

“Buffy,” he croaked.

The glob of saliva hit him in his good eye and his vision blurred. But that didn’t stop him from hearing the snap of his own neck breaking, or the laughter that accompanied it. But at least it meant he didn’t have to see the faces of those he had considered his best friends and greatest allies. And the blackness took him before he could consider the betrayal any longer.

The two young women watched with glee as the body on their friend slid to the ground.

Buffy turned to her second-in-command and said conversationally “Did you want me to get his heart now, or do you need it cut out neatly?”

“Oh. Um. Gosh, the spell said…hmm…torn out should be fine. I have the spell almost finished – the heart of a loyal knight was all I had left to go.”

The slayer nodded, and then bent down. Alexander’s heart was torn from his body with a sickening squelch, and then placed in a plastic bag before it was handed to Willow.

“Thanks Buffy! I forgot to bring a bag down, and you know how hard blood is to get out of…”

Her voice faded away as the two of them left the basement, neither of them worried about the corpse in the corner. They’d get some of the potentials to clean it up in the morning. After all, they had loyalty potion to prepare.


Green eyes widened.

“I’m not dark! How can you even think that?”

The petit raven backed away from his so-called friends, and away from the malicious smiles and the glowing green wands.

“I fought for the light!”

The teenager bumped into something warm and solid. Whirling around, he looked up into familiar twinkling blue eyes.

“Sir, tell them that they’re wrong! I’m not …”

The eyes twinkled “I’m sorry my boy,”

He was beginning to hate that twinkle. It no longer seemed to indicate the concern and friendliness of a grandfather.

“This must be done. I’m sure you understand. This is for the greater good.”

A green light flared. A body fell gently to the ground. A purple light, and the heart of one Harry James Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived was safe inside an airtight jar.

After all, couldn’t have him surviving the curse again, could they?


Red eyes bled to a brilliant blue, and spilled over into tears.


The eyes were glazing over, but they didn’t leave the red and black eyes of the one who had torn his heart from his body. The one he called his best friend.

His brother.

Naruto realised with the clarity and desperation of one who had mere moments left that he needed this explained. He didn’t understand, couldn’t understand why his most precious person would do this.

It was too much.

The small blond collapsed, dead, never hearing the reply.

“Because your heart was too trusting, Naruto, and that made you weak.”


Purple eyes stared ahead, already glassy from death.

The young man had returned early from a solo mission for the preventers, planning on surprising his lover. Instead, Duo had been the one to receive a surprise. His lover had been with another, a woman.

The two had taken a perverse delight in reciting where when and how their affair had began, and how the sneaking around had added to the thrill. They’d grinned when he’d started to cry, and laughed as they killed him, carving him up.

Heero and Relena had planned this well. The relationship between the two pilots was common knowledge, and it was important that nobody connected the crude and brutal crime with the ruthlessly efficient ‘perfect soldier’ and the delicate politician. Heero would be in need of consolation, and Relena would step up. The public would watch their fairytale romance unfold, and no one would be any wiser.

They’d enjoyed themselves. Relena had carried out her task with a true delight at destroying the man who’d cost her several years with the man of her dreams, while Heero had gotten revenge on the Baka who had tricked him into a relationship when he could have, should have, been with Relena, by making him fall in love.

The perfect soldier wasn’t supposed to be gay. So he crushed the little voice inside him that was crying, screaming, and pleading with him to stop.

The two of them had the most fun butchering his heart though. It just seemed to be fitting, Relena and Heero mused, that they got to destroy Duo’s heart twice over.


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