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Changing the Future through the Past

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Summary: The Dominion war continues to wage across the galaxy and a simple mission for the crew of the Defiant turns into so much more when they are sent into the past

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Chapter One

Changing the Future through the Past

Author: David Mycock
Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek or any of its connected media or characters. They belong to Gene Roddenberry and I also do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of its connected media or characters and I also do not own Highlander or any of its connected media or characters.

Paring: Julian/Jadzia Xander/Cordelia

Summary: The Dominion war continues to wage across the galaxy and a simple mission for the crew of the Defiant turns into so much more when they are sent into the past.

Notes: changes to certain characters can be expected in this, but not by much and I may also change certain events depending on how and where I chose to place this story.

Chapter 1

(USS Defiant)

Julian Bashir stared at the computer console in boredom. He tried to concentrate on what he was doing, but as was normal recently his mind was elsewhere. His mind was once again playing the ‘what if' game on him about Jadzia.

He had missed his chance of ever gaining her affections now that Worf had come into the picture. Ever since that damn Klingon had turned up he had been forced to watch Jadzia fall for the supposed great warrior. In truth it made his heart ache just thinking about it. He should have confessed his feelings for Jadzia a long time ago, but he had been too hesitant.

He sighed as he stood up and paced a little. He tried to distract himself, but it wasn't working very well. The ship suddenly shook violently, which made him reach out for the bulkhead to steady himself, as the tremors finally abated and he wondered what was going on.

The mission they were on was a simply scouting of the Cardassian border to see what the Dominion was up to lately. The war was currently in a stale mate, but he was sure it would reignite soon enough.

Turning back to his thoughts he ran a hand through his hair and wished that he had done or said anything to Jadzia before Worf had entered the picture. He finally shook the depressing thoughts off and went back to reading the medial text he had been going trough before. In the end it was Jadzia's choice with whom she went and it seemed she had chosen Worf. As her friend he guessed he would have to do his best to be happy for her, as she seemed to be pleased with her choice. Yet part of him disagreed greatly with this. Maybe if he admitted his true feelings for her she might change her mind. If she knew just how deeply he loved her then maybe she might choose him instead, but again he was too hesitant to take the risk.


On the bridge Benjamin Sisko sat in the command chair and watched the stars pass by the view screen. He wondered if they were close to any Cardassian and Dominion ships, as they were now very close to the border.

So far the mission had been quiet and he took a small look around the bridge. O'Brien was busy talking with Kira on one side, although he noted Kira was keeping an eye on the scanner every now and then. On the other side, Worf was trying to talk to Jadzia who concentrated on keeping the ship in Federation space and not crossing the border and was noncommittal in their conversation.

Worf seemed a little put out at this, but soon turned his attention back to his station. He didn't know quite what to think of the developing relationship between the Trill and Klingon.

It had come out of nowhere as far as he was concerned, even with Jadzia's love for the Klingon culture, it just seemed a little rushed to him and he just hoped Jadzia was not letting her love for that culture plus Curzon's personality influence her choice. His thoughts were soon cut off by a powerful tremor that made the ship shake violently and he quickly refocused on the mission at hand. He quickly checked the view screen but saw nothing visible and defiantly no ship.

"Report?" he ordered.

"We ran into another subspace fluctuation Benjamin," Jadzia reported, but when she turned to face him he noticed her confused and yet worried look.

"Problem?" he inquired and leaned forward.

"That is the second fluctuation we have hit during this mission and both times we did not pick them up on the sensors before we hit them, which is unusual," Jadzia replied, as she moved from the controls to the science console and began to input commands.

Sisko let her work. He knew Jadzia would work out whatever the problem was quicker without him constantly asking her questions. He leaned back in his chair and waited. The second the third tremor hit the ship he began to suspect there was indeed a problem and he quickly jumped to his feet and joined Jadzia who continued to check her readings.

"This is strange Benjamin I can find no readings at all, nothing that indicates any subspace fluctuations in the area at all, which should not be possible" Jadzia finally said. "I have never seen a fluctuation form without something to indicate it is forming, something else is going on, I just can't think what," she added.

"Could there be a danger to the ship?" Sisko inquired, as he watched her return to the console again and try to reconfigure the sensors.

"It's possible, but I can't say for sure," Jadzia responded with a frustrated shake of her head, just as another tremor shook the ship. "These tremors seem to be coming faster and faster," she advised him.

Sisko nodded in agreement. So far he had felt four to five tremors hit his ship and the more of them they were the more often they would come he bet.

"Prepare to alter course," he ordered. He decided that being careful was the best thing for now, until they could understand what was going on in this area of space.

He quickly retook his seat and watched as Jadzia returned to the controls and prepared to move them away from the area. He waited, but nothing happened and he hoped nothing had gone wrong.

"I can't move us, it's like we're stuck," Jadzia reported, as she input commands, but failed to move the ship.

"Captain, sensors are picking up approaching ships," Kira reported from one side.

"Damn it," Sisko growled as the mission began to fall apart. "Red alert, raise shields and ready all weapons," he ordered. "Can we cloak?" he inquired.

"The cloak's not working, the fluctuations are somehow interfering with it," O'Brien reported and added in a curse as he tried another command.

"The ships are Dominion and their weapons are powered up," Kira reported. "We might have just walked into a trap," she suggested.

"Anything is possible Major," Sisko said, but privately he wondered if she just may be right. This could have been a trap laid to catch any Starfleet vessel coming near the border.

If they got out of here with their skin intact, then he would have to make sure all further ships sent here were warned. He watched as the approaching ships got bigger and bigger on the view screen. Before he could give the order to open fire the Dominion ships fired their own weapons. They scored direct hits five times, which knocked most of the bridge crew out of their seats.

"Shields down to 70% and they knocked out our photon torpedoes," Kira told him.

"Fire all phasers and do whatever you can to get our torpedoes back on line," Sisko ordered. "Dax, is there any way to escape these damn fluctuations?" he asked, as the ship shook again as they were hit.

"I'm working on it Benjamin," Jadzia replied before going back to her science station, whilst an ensign took over the con.


Back below in sickbay Julian already tended to wounded crew members and cursed the Dominion for attacking them. He cursed them for starting the damn war in the first place. He had seen too much death lately and what he truly feared was that one day he could lose Jadzia or any of his close friends to this war. He had already suffered some losses from old friends and former classmates from the academy, but he was sure if he lost any of his current close friends it would hurt all the more, especially if Jadzia ended up dying. He shook that thought off and concentrated on saving the life of Ensign Taylor.


The Defiant buckled a little as it continued to be pounded by the Dominion's weapons, but its armor and shields held, back on the bridge Sisko continued to give orders, but he began to worry that they would not be getting out of this.

"Benjamin, I have an idea on how to break the subspace fluctuations, but you are not going to like it," Jadzia said, as she looked up from the science console.

"I'll take any plan right now old man," Sisko replied as he glanced at her. "What is it?" he asked.

"We fire a confined plasma beam into the fluctuations as well as detonate two photon torpedoes at the same time right below us," Jadzia answered.

"Combined it might be enough to either shake us loose or break the area around us of the fluctuations themselves, either way it's the only thing I've got right now," she explained.

"It could also destroy us if the torpedoes are close enough to the hull," Worf objected, not liking the idea at all.

"We don't have a choice Worf. We are stuck, fighting against the odds and getting hammered," Jadzia argued. "We have to take the risk," she stressed.

Sisko looked at the two before looking across at Kira and O'Brien, who both nodded in agreement with Dax. "Do it. Launch two torpedoes for remote detonation and configure the confined plasma beam and fire when ready," he ordered, hoping against hope this would work.

Worf grumbled, but did as he was ordered and launched the two torpedoes whilst Dax and O'Brien readied the plasma beam. They continued to fire at the enemy destroying two of the attacking ships, but leaving three still in the fight.

"We're ready Benjamin," Jadzia reported and glanced at her captain.

"Then fire the beam old man. Worf detonate the torpedoes a moment later," Sisko ordered, as he said a silent prayer and watched.

On the view screen they watched the plasma beam came into being, strangely as soon as the beam was on, they could almost make out a gas cloud all around them. Jadzia quickly took scans, but could see nothing was picked up. Worf counted down and then pressed the control that would explode the torpedo.

A huge shock-wave shook the ship like never before, whilst the gas cloud seemed to expand and explode around them. It turned bright white, so much that they had to shield their eyes. Suddenly warning sensors began to go off all over the bridge. Jadzia pulled herself back up and checked the readings and was shocked and horrified by what she saw.

"Benjamin, somehow we've triggered a temporal event. The cloud whatever it is has transformed into a large collection of temporal particles," she reported. "We're caught right in the middle of it," she added.

"Damn it. Is there anything you can do?" Sisko asked, really not wanting to get pulled back in time again and he especially did not want another visit from temporal investigations when he got back.

"Sorry Benjamin, I don't think there is," Jadzia replied, as the readings built up. "Temporal event in five, four, three, two, one," she countered down.

All they could do was watch, as a large flash of white, yellow and gold engulfed the view screen as the ship was flung back in time. They had no idea how they had triggered such an event, but the only conclusion Jadzia had was that the cloud and the fluctuations had been more than they seemed.

Time slowed and the crew held onto their seats as they seemed to travel through space, as well as time.

In sickbay Julian pressed against the bulkhead as the ship shook. His patients had all been locked into stasis fields to keep them on the bio beds. Thankfully Jadzia had time to warn him that things might get bumpy. Some of the wounded were in serious condition, but so far no one had died and he was determined not to lose anyone now.

Finally the shaking stopped as did the movement of the ship and the view of the stars returned to the view screen. Jadzia quickly began to take readings and sensor sweeps. What she found was not only impossible, but disturbing as well, she had no clue how it could be.

"Benjamin, you are not going to believe this, but not only have we traveled backwards in time, somehow we have also moved halfway across the galaxy," she reported. "We are at this moment in time, in orbit of the moon Luna," she informed him.

"What?" Sisko said. He got out of his chair and moved to the science console and checked the readings himself. "How is that even possible?" he asked.

"I don't have a clue Benjamin," Jadzia replied, somewhat frustrated by her lack of understanding of what had just happened. "At the moment all I have is speculation that the cloud we saw was not what it appeared to be," she continued.

"Bashir to bridge," Julian's voice came over the comm. system.

"Go ahead Doctor," Sisko answered.

"What just happened?" the doctor asked.

"We somehow triggered a temporal effect and have been slung backwards in time and somehow moved to the sol system. Before you ask, we do not know how just yet," Sisko informed him. "Did we suffer any casualties, doctor?" he asked.

"None so far, however we do still have two seriously wounded crewmen, but I am hopeful they will recover in time," Bashir reported. "The other wounded from the attack should be able to return to duty in a few hours," he added.

"That is good news doctor, Sisko out," Sisko replied, before he switched the com off. "Chief, how is the ship?" he asked while he turned to O'Brien.

"She took some bad hits Captain. The cloak is back up, however phasers and torpedoes are both off line at the moment and our warp drive is also currently down," O'Brien replied. "Blasted Dominion dregs," he cursed.

"I suggest we cloak, sir," Worf spoke up finally. "If we have truly gone back in time, then it would not do any good if this ship was picked up by any past sensors or seen on computers who can detect us," he cautioned.

"Good idea Mr. Worf," Sisko agreed. "Major, engage the cloak. Jadzia do we know where in time we are yet?" he ordered the Major and asked Dax.

"I think somewhere in the twentieth century, if my readings are anything to go by," Jadzia replied. "I also picked up news broadcasts and detected satellites in orbit around Earth, which seems to be from that area," she informed him.

"Not good," Sisko said with a sigh. "Why is it that whenever a Starfleet vessel ends up displaced in time, we always end up in the twentieth century?" he asked no one in particular.

"What do we do Captain?" Kira asked, not liking the situation she found herself in, as the last time they were stuck in the wrong period of time they almost ended up seeing all of the future changed.

"First we need to find out exactly when and where we are, so I'll lead a landing party to Earth to find that out. Second we need to find out how we got here and what triggered the temporal effect and if it can be reversed," Sisko answered, after he thought it over for a few minutes. "Third if it can't be reversed we will need to find a new way home. We have to be very careful not to change anything or we could end up wiping out our own future and that is not something I intend to be responsible for," he continued, as he looked around at his crew. "Ok let's get to it. Jadzia set course for a low orbit around Earth and then you, me and the Doctor will beam down and see what we can find out," he added.

"Understood Benjamin," Jadzia nodded. She knew that she could easily pass for human and that if anyone asked about her spots she can just say it is a tattoo, as she did the last time they were stranded in this timeframe.

"Chief, I want you to work on repairing the weapons and warp drive, as best as you can," Sisko continued.

The Chief just nodded and knew that would be an uphill struggle, if it was a serious problem.

"Major I want you to lead the science teams in finding out if we can reverse whatever brought us here," he added and glanced at the Major, who also nodded. "Worf you are in command until we get back. Under no circumstances are you to do anything that compromises this ship or reveals it to the people on that planet is that understood?" he asked, as he turned to the Klingon.

Worf felt slightly insulted that the Captain could even think he might do either of these things, but managed to stop himself from saying anything. "Yes Sir. I understand," was all he said, as he moved over to take the captain's chair.

"Sisko to Bashir," Sisko said. "Doctor I want you to meet myself and Jadzia in the transporter room and have the computer replicate some twentieth century clothes to wear. We have to blend in," he ordered.

"Understood captain, I'll be there," Bashir responded.

Sisko nodded to Worf before he left the bridge with Dax behind him. They both headed to their own quarters and replicated twentieth century clothes for themselves, before they headed for the transporter room.

Jadzia had to keep a smile off her face as she noted the almost gobsmacked look Julian had on his face for a moment, when she appeared. She was dressed in a tight fitting white blouse and a knee length skirt.

It seemed that Julian liked what he saw and a small part of her enjoyed knowing she could still catch his attention and then she had to remind herself she was supposed to be starting up a relationship with Worf.

She had decided that Julian did not have any real feelings for her and so she had pushed aside any attachments she felt for him and turned to Worf, who as a Klingon intrigued her very much. Since the joining, she had always had a strong fascination for Klingons and their culture, driven on by her previous host Curzon. She had already skirted the edges when she had fulfilled the blood oath Curzon had taken with Kang, Koloth and Kor.

She sometimes wondered if she was allowing Curzon to influence her more than was healthy, glancing at Julian she noted he was trying to regain his composure and only gave her a small smile before he looked away.

"Ok we keep together and do not do anything that makes us stick out," Sisko told them, as he grabbed three tricorders and phasers from the supply cupboard next to the transporter and handed them out. "We keep a low profile and look for evidence of what the exact date is and especially what year. We should also look for any clue to what is going on at the moment on Earth," he continued.

"Do you believe we may find any clues as to how we got dragged here on Earth?" Julian inquired, as he accepted the tricorder and phaser.

Sisko considered the idea for a few minutes, but he doubted it, unless it was possible some unknown alien species was behind their journey through time and space. If aliens were behind this then they could have some kind of presence on Earth. The question that rose was what was their plan? He was disturbed that anyone may be attempting to change Earth's future. It would make getting back home very hard.

"I don't think so, but I guess it couldn't hurt to look, just in case there is more going on here than a simple accident," Sisko conceded. "It is possible an alien race is behind this and has plans for Earth," he continued. "So keep your eyes open," he ordered, before he took his place on the transporter pad.

"Energize," he said to Ensign Williams, who stood waiting at the transporter controls.

The ensign nodded and quickly activated the controls and then engaged the transporter and watched as the Captain, Doctor and Science officers vanished. She did a quick check to ensure they had made it to the planet surface, before locking the transporter down and moving on to her other duties.


(Sunnydale, California)

Xander Harris ran through the park with his girlfriend Cordelia Chase as fast as they could. They had encountered a damn vampire during their date, which had started off well with a trip to the cinema to watch the latest blockbuster ‘The Bourne Ultimatum'. They had engaged in a few deep kisses during the film, but as before he had never pushed for more than she was willing to give. He did not want to risk his relationship with Cordelia by letting his hormones rule him.

After watching the movie they had gone and had something to eat at the nearby café. Once they had finished they had decided to head home and he had insisted on walking her back to her house first. It was on their way there that they had encountered the vampire only to realize they had no stakes on them. A very simple error, but also a very dangerous one, that could lead to their deaths, if they did not somehow shake the vampire of their trail as they ran. They were just reaching the middle of the park when the most shocking thing they had ever seen happened. Three people seemed to appear out of thin air. They came to a complete stop and just stared at the newcomers, who quickly noticed their presence and both Xander and Cordelia noted the look of shock and then dismay that crossed the three people's faces. A growl behind them made them quickly spin around to see the vampire charging them.

Xander quickly pushed Cordelia out of the way and took the charge dead on, sending him sprawling onto the ground where he began to grapple with the undead corpse trying to kill him. Cordelia looked on in worry as Xander struggled to get away.

Likewise Sisko, Julian and Jadzia all watched the fight progress, however when Xander finally managed to heave the vampire away they all noted the ridged forehead, fangs and yellow eyes and quickly pulled their phasers.

The vampire growled and charged again only this time at Cordelia, but Julian quickly discharged his phaser and was shocked when the stun setting only made the vampire stumble. He quickly raised the setting and fired again. The vampire was vaporized inches from Cordelia's throat. They watched as the two teens comforted each other for a few moments.

Sisko was already trying to work out how to ensure that no change to the timeline occurred, as these two people had seen them beam in. On the heels of that he was trying to work out exactly what the thing attacking them had been, as it was unlike anything he had seen before.

Julian was trying to get a reading off his tricorder on the two humans they had encountered without it being seen, whilst Jadzia was keeping an eye out for anymore trouble. She too was thinking on what the attacker might have been.

Xander finally let go of Cordelia relieved the threat had been dealt with, but now they had to deal with the three newcomers who had appeared out of nowhere. He turned to face them and noted they were now watching them warily.
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