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Summary: Sometimes publishers can't think beyond cliches... NCIS / True Blood Drabble, now with added Gibbs.

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Literature > Southern Vampire Mysteries
(Current Donor)MarcusRowlandFR1334101104,44721 Aug 107 Mar 11Yes

The Trouble With Faeirie

See chapter 1 for disclaimers etc.

The Trouble With Faeirie

Marcus L. Rowland

"Doing anything exciting this weekend, elf-lord?" asked Tony.

"Not so loud, you moron," whispered McGee, looking around the bull-pen nervously. "The whole elf thing... really not something I want put about."

"You are right," said Ziva. "Supernatural creatures react ...oddly to faerie."

"Especially vampires..." McGee leaped to his feet as Abby spoke behind him. "...because you smell so good." She bared her teeth to show a hint of fangs.

"DiNozzo, Abby, stop teasing him." Gibbs appeared, with a coffee in one hand and bottle in the other, and gave the Caff-Blood to Abby. "Dead marine in Shreveport. Let's go."


The End

You have reached the end of "Typecasting". This story is complete.

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