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Five months

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Explains Everything". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy, Dawn's and the Cullens' lives through the five months that everyone took for themselves.

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Twilight > GeneralShulikFR1512,0151122,15821 Aug 1021 Aug 10No
Because I'm not ready for the sequel yet, but I miss this universe, I decided to do a little look at the five months that everyone spent on their own.

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns everything Twilight and Whedon/Mutant Enemy own BtVs/AtS characters. The Leverage characters are owned by John Rogers and Chris Downey

Remember: "Explains Everything" has been nominated for Best Twilight Crossover, Best portrayal of Buffy and Best portrayal of Dawn.

A/N: This is for Skyefather who gave me the plot bunny and a fab song from Christian Kane:

The hot air blasted him as soon as he stepped off the plane, a familiar mix of the smell of burnt grass and the special kind of sun that only Texas had assaulted his senses. Lindsey kept his head down as he began walking down the steps.

As much as Forks had become his second home, this was truly the place that haunted his dreams, that called to him, that was his.

He shouldered his bag and began walking towards the shuttle bus that would take them to the terminal. As he waited for them to move, he felt a pang as he thought of Buffy. She would have loved to be here with him, to giggle softly at the older men with their cowboy hats and the women with their sky high teased hair. She would have leaned over and whispered conspiratorially to him, her cinnamon smell would have washed over him and Lindsey wouldn’t have been coming home alone.

How are you sugar?

I got home yesterday, the flight was fine, they had that unicorn movie that you told me about and I actually laughed at some bits. You were right, it’s not the corniest thing that one can watch, but it’s pretty damn close.

The old homestead’s still the same, ‘cept my brother’s installed one of our uncles to watch over it. The old bastard’s been offering me some special coffee that he keeps around for visitors, says that I’ve turned into a city boy.

I’m going to stay here for a little while, see if I can help out. And then I’ll probably have to head back to LA.

Elliot’s working there. I have to see him.

I miss you,

Buffy whooped as she skied down the hill, her slayer-ness taking up the slack for the fact that this was probably one the second time she had gone skiing. The frozen wind felt exhilarating, biting into her cheeks and making her eyes water as she weaved through the pine trees. She felt free and so happy that it made something within her squeeze. It had been for too long that she felt closed in, for too long she held the responsibilities of a forty year old while still being only twenty six.

She trudged back to the chalet for some hot chocolate. The Belgians were pretty awesome with their amazing chocolate, the things they could do to something that was pretty much already perfect (in Buffy’s estimation at least), it was flabbergasting.

She made her order at the desk and flopped near one of the windows, preferring to keep her eyes on the scenery rather than sit near the fire. Her slayer metabolism was already working overtime to warm her up and she didn’t want to miss anything about Antwerp.

God, it was beautiful here. Buffy still woke up thinking that it was a dream, that she was still living in California and working a dead end job to make ends meet. And then she would go out onto the streets and the reality of it all was sometimes a little too overwhelming for her to deal with.

Her family had given her the greatest gift that anybody had ever given her, they had given Buffy her freedom back.

She was startled out of her reverie by a male voice in her ear. A tall, dark haired man with tousled hair had leaned down to murmur “an American, yes?”

Buffy flushed and gave him an amused smile “It’s so obvious?”

The man had by this time walked around her and situated his tall, lean frame in the chair opposite hers. He was quite good looking, he had dark soulful eyes and his hair just longed for a touch- once upon a time he might have been her ideal.

He shrugged and grinned rakishly “Somewhat.”

He signaled the discrete, black clad waiter over, he gave Buffy’s drink an amused glance “a double of whatever the mademoiselle is having.”

The waiter nodded and scurried back to wherever it was that Belgian waiters had come from.

The man leaned back and regarded Buffy with a frankly accessing stare, she felt warm just from the force of his gaze. “I am Anton, and you are too beautiful to be sitting by yourself” he purred and reached to take her hand. His skin felt hot to the touch and Buffy narrowed her gaze as she tried to figure out whether this was someone supernatural trying to figure her out. But alas no, Anton was human, just the super skeezy variety of human.

Buffy cleared her throat and tugged her hand out of his grip. She smiled apologetically and blew on her cup of hot chocolate, “Uh, I’m sort of taken.”

She panicked a little as she tried to decipher whether she was taken. Did it count as taken when the one who should have been doing the taking had galloped off across the country to find his roots again? But then, he kept in constant touch with her, and he always followed his missives with the words ‘I miss you.’ Didn’t that mean something?

Anton in the meantime had scowled a little “Of course.” Abruptly the scowl fell into a most pleasant smile.

Buffy felt kind of dirty at just how fast the man could switch between his reaction and she all of a sudden felt such a deep longing for Lindsey’s easy grin and his inability to hide his emotions that it made her pang. Damn it all, and damn the uncertainty, but she certainly missed the man. And she wasn’t about to do something stupid while the both of them were across the world from each other, trying to find themselves in such vastly differing countries.

“Sorry,” she shrugged, “but I’m definitely taken.” A warmth spread out within her, a sort of definite contentment.

Anton left in a huff and Buffy had to fight to keep the grin off her face. Her hand felt warm all of a sudden, like electrical sparks were dancing on her skin and she swore that if she closed her eyes, she would have seen Lindsey sitting next to her, stroking her palm with his calloused thumb and grinning wickedly after the huffy Belgian’s retreating back.

Hi cowboy,

I’m glad that everything’s going so well for you. Family is the most important thing there is, and trust me, the girl with the family full of sparklevamps to say it, but they’re your rock, they’re your truth. Your family is your background, your history.

Antwerp is beautiful. I still can’t believe that Wolfram and Hart took all of you evil lawyers here on a ‘corporate retreat’. Tell the truth now, did you roast puppies over the beautiful fireplaces that the Belgians seem to have in almostever place?

I’m just kidding of course. Mostly.

I miss you a lot,

Lindsey glanced up at the Leverage building with a sinking feeling in his stomach. It was time to see his brother, time to make amends for the wrongs he had done to his closest living relative. Hell, how much closer than ‘identical’ could you get?

He moved in, walking slowly so as to make every step count. It had been way too goddamn long since he had seen Elliot. Too long since he had cared to see Elliot. But now, after spending the year with the Cullens and after seeing how close they were, Lindsey longed for his own flesh and blood.

As he moved to the elevators, a blonde woman, taller than Buffy though with the same elfin bone structure, looked startled as he walked past her. The tall brunette with her looked equally shocked as they stopped and watch him enter the elevators.

Lindsey wracked his brain, did they know him? Had they ever met him during his tenure with Wolfram and Hart? Was that why they were staring so closely at him?

He rode upstairs with his head down and the elevators pinged open on the floor where Leverage Inc was located.

A very familiar voice, so close to his own, called out “Parker, I was just about to call you! You forgot your bag again!”

Elliot, hair longer than Lindsey had ever worn it, stepped out from an office. He wore a black button down over some dark jeans, an ensemble designed to stay inconspicuous.

Lindsey stood frozen to the spot, watching as his twin brother’s eyes widened as they fell upon his frame. Elliot moved closer, “Jesus, Lindsey?”

Lindsey had to swallow down the lump in his throat but he nodded, “Yeah El, it’s me. I’m back.”

And then Elliot swung his fist at him, going a bit wide as Lindsey jumped back to avoid the punch. Elliot’s right hook was still as deadly as ever, and Lindsey gave as good as he got, punching and jabbing whenever he got an opening. They circled each other, lashing out from time to time, and drawing blood.

“Fuck you, you bastard,” Elliot snarled, “you think you can come traipsing back here after everything that you done?” He lashed out and caught Lindsey’s chin in a powerful uppercut.

Lindsey had to shake his head to clear off the darkness verging in on his vision. It wouldn’t do to have Elliot win so easily. He was still the older brother.

“Come on,” he cajoled, “you can’t hold the shit I pulled when I was seventeen against me forever.”

Elliot straightened up and looked incredulously at him, he glowered “damn right I can!”

And then they were back to the fight, a brother’s quarrel turned into pure violence.

Lindsey felt tired, exhausted from holding on to thirteen years worth of anger. And he knew that Elliot, who had gotten the brunt of the fallout from his actions, had to deal with it every single day. So he eased up on his own attack and let Elliot attack him. He owed his brother that much.

Damn, apparently his brother had gotten a lot better over the years, Lindsey realized as he was toppled backwards and Elliot landed on top of him, raining punches all over Lindsey’s face, breaking skin, cartilage and bone as he unleashed the fury he had never before shown.

And that’s when the elevator pinged again. Elliot stopped punching him and Lindsey took a deep breath as both brothers looked at the newcomers. It was the blonde and brunette from the lobby and the two of them looked deeply shocked as they took in the sight of Elliot sitting astride a bleeding Lindsey who promptly spit up a couple of loose teeth and grinned a bloody smile “Hi ladies.”

The blonde wiggled her fingers even as she began edging closer “Hi Elliot’s lookalike.” She crouched down beside the two of them and gave Elliot a tremulous smile, “how about you get off him,” she licked her lips and winced as she chanced a glance down at Lindsey who could feel his eye swelling shut, “and we get your brother off to the hospital.”

Elliot snarled something unintelligible but looked down at Lindsey and frowned, “shit.” He grimaced, “Why didn’t you stop me Linds?”

Lindsey chuckled and hocked up some more teeth, he began rolling to his side and was promptly helped up by the blonde who didn’t look that disgusted at the amount of blood he had gotten on her outfit. “Eh,” he shrugged and woozed in place, “I fucked up and I owed you.”

He glanced at Elliot who was looking deeply worried as he took Lindsey from the blonde. His brother’s face was fading as Lindsey felt his consciousness leave him.

The last thing Lindsey saw was long blonde hair over an elfin face as darkness edged in on his vision.

“Buffy?” he smiled and fell.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Five months" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Aug 10.

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