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His Only Son

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Summary: Xander Harris was tossed out of his home dimension fifteen years ago and just when he think's he's got his life together his adopted son is going off to magic school.

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Jesse, Son of Harris.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Buffy. I don't own Harry. The only thing lining my pockets is lint. Not gobs and gobs of cash.

Xander Harris had never expected to be a father. He had figured he was going to be killed in the line of duty long before he could ever father children. Of course he had started fighting vampires and demons when he was fifteen so of course he thought he'd be dead by eighteen, not exactly a lot of time to father a brood of squalling infants. Here he was now sitting pretty at thirty five seeing his son off to his first year of school.

And he wasn't exactly happy about it either. There were many things he didn't like about this universe he'd ended up exiled in(Thanks ever so much powers that be!) and the British magical culture was a big part of it. Still it gave him a job working as a mystical trouble shooter for the Queen, license to kill and all. It seems she didn't trust the wand wavers any more than she could shot put the whole lot of them.

It was like living in the south back before the civil war as a black man on a good day or being a Jew in a concentration camp during world war two Germany on a bad day. Not that he had anything to worry about from these magic Nazi douche bags whatever kind of mojo they were flinging about he was immune to. Even their so called killing curse. When it hit him he just sucked it up. Their magic wasn't any match against the kind of juju Willow had been capable of flinging around and he survived her at her worst. Some big magic muckety-muck back in America had called him a Magical Sponge. It wasn't the worst name he'd ever been saddled with but he wasn't exactly introducing himself as Xander Harris: Magical Sponge.

The best thing that had happened to him in the thirteen years he'd been here was his son. He loved his son even though he wasn't of his own blood. Jesse had turned out to be one hell of a kid. He was already well on his way to breaking all the Scooby records and he wasn't even fifteen yet.

Xander blinked away a tear from his eye as he remembered the night he'd come across Jesse, screaming his head off in the middle of a English November night in a basket on someone's door step. Xander had abandoned his stake out of the satanist cult at number ten Privet Drive and went out and saved the kid from frostbite. After meeting the kids intended adopted family(echoes of his mother and father, ugh) Xander had spirited Jesse away and gotten in touch with his contacts allowing him to adopt young Harry Potter as his own. Of course Harry Harris was just too cruel of a name, so Jesse Harris had come into being.

And Xander wasn't alone anymore, after two years of being alone. The clan Scooby was reborn. Reforged. Remade. Reborn.

For the most part it had been smooth sailing raising the boy. Well... once he'd gotten rid of the thing that had been living inside Jesse's head. And hadn't that been fun when the damned ghost had exploded out of Jesse's head, tearing open his face and killing the shaman who had been doing the removal. Xander looked down at his son and the lightning bolt scar that ran from his jaw line up to his hair line where a shock of white hair now grew. He really wished the boy would let him fix that. But Jesse was quick to reply that scars told the story of man's life, a line Xander had used to explain away his own scars, and Jesse would get his own cosmetically corrected just as soon as Xander got his own done.

The little bastard was already turning his words back on him, had been doing it since he was five. The kid was a smarter than Willow.

"Dad, your zoning." Jesse informed his father.

Xander blinked and smiled, "Caught me, I did the same thing on your first day of preschool and school-school."

Jesse rolled his eyes, "Yeesh, your gettin' sentimental in your old age."

Xander shrugged, "Enh, it happens, just wait one day it'll be you getting weepy as you ship off your ungrateful spawn to school."

Jesse shuddered, "Ugh, no. I'm not having kids. You've already hit me with the parental curse. I don't want kids just like me."

Xander smirked. "Smart kid."


Xander rocked back on his heels, "Um, do you want me to hug you and make a big scene or are we going for the manly man thing where I give you a punch on the shoulder while fighting back the lump in my throat?"

"Manly man without the violence, please." Jesse answered. "C'mon people are already looking at us, let's not make it worse."

"Of course their looking at us, we are too unbearably good looking not to." Xander smiled his best model smile and then pulled a Zoolander. "I mean really, really good looking."

"Um, Dad, your hideous, I am however practically perfect." Jesse posed.

"As if. I'm much more better looking than you." Xander sniffed.

"Nu-uh!" Jesse challenged.

Xander held up his hands, "Wait, wait, not it public, we shouldn't let the normal people see us fight."

"Your right, Dad, we must maintain a unified front before the enemy." Jesse nodded.

Xander smiled and ruffled his son's hair. "Little monster."

"And damned proud of it!" Jesse crowed.

Xander sighed, "Okay, I have to do this, it's in the parents manual. I have to bug you now unnecessarily. You packed everything in your bag of ever holding? Right?"

"Yes Dad. And they don't call it that."

"I call it that and that's all that matters in my house." Xander replied.

Jesse shook his head, "This is why I got a C on my second grade astronomy quiz. Just because you say so doesn't mean the rest of the world agrees."

"I still think Uranus is a dirty name for a planet, what's wrong with a planet named Bob, I ask you? What?" Xander asked the people on the platform around him who just looked at him like he had lost his mind. "Moving on..."

"Yes please." Jesse chirped.

"You got all your regulation school stuff in the trunk I know that... but you did pack your emergency Scooby survival kit in the big bag of holding, right?"




"Short sword?"


“You packed your Diasho right?”

“Katanna and Wakizashi.”

"Long sword?"

"Yes Dad."

"The claymore?"

"It's bigger than me and I can't use it, but yeah."

"Did you pack your Heckler and Koch?"

"Sniper rifle, check."



"Double barrel, pump action, breach load?"

"Yep, yep, yep."

“The colts?”

“The Punisher special is packed.”

"Plastic explosives?"


"Rocket Launcher?"

"Ten four good buddy."


"Does it bother you I have enough ordnance on me to start a small ground war?"

"Body armor?" Xander continued paying his son's question no mind.

"Yes, I packed the standard Scooby survival kit." Jesse shook his head. Every time they went somewhere his Dad did this to him.

"Extra ammo? Did you remember to pack extra ammo?"

Jesse stopped before he spoke and thought then gave a sheepish grin.

"See, this is why I ask, you only have the standard hundred shells and two hundred rounds and if you get invaded by demons you'll go through that in half an hour. Tops." Xander crossed his arms over his chest and gave his best stern father look to his boy.

"My bad." Jesse said softly.

Xander turned his attention to the white owl perched on Jesse's shoulder, "Khan, keep an eye on him would you? He'd forget his head if it wasn't attached."

"Prek." Khan barked. Which Xander took to mean: I will protect him with my very life.

Jesse stroked his familiars chest plumage. Khan had been the best thing about the English wizarding world for him so far. Outside of seeing his father kick that half giant’s ass when he'd barged into their home late one night with his invitation to Hogwarts. That had been pretty kick ass. Khan was a pretty good I'm sorry for breaking and entering gift. And it turned out Hagrid was an o.k. type of guy when they'd gotten it all sorted out. Not the brightest bulb in the bunch but a good dude all the same.

Xander unfolded his arms and kneeling down to be eye level with his son put his hands on the boy's shoulders, "Look, Jess, you don't have to go if you don't want to. I was showing you the juju just fine on my own. You don't have to go to Hogwarts if you don't want to."

Jesse sucked on his lower lip, "Yeah, but the Queen did kinda ask me to go, you know."

"She's not your father, I am."

Jesse bobbed his head from left to right, "I know, I know, I don't like the situation anymore than you do... that Dumbledore guy creeps me out."

Xander grunted and nodded his head, "Reminds me too much of Maggie Walsh."

"Daaaaad. C'mon what are the odds that you'd end up dealing with two homicidal mad scientist type teachers?"

Xander squeezed his son's shoulders, "We're Harriseses, it's pretty much cosmically ordained that we'll find psycho nut cases where ever they are."

Jesse rolled his eyes, "Gee, that's comforting."

"Hence the you not going."

"I'm going."

"I don't like it." Xander pouted.

"Still going."

"Just remember: When in doubt reach for explosives." Xander said solemnly, "They've never failed me."

Jesse put his hands over his father's. "I'm going to be fine."

Xander closed his eyes, one last thing to talk about, the one he'd been putting off. "You know they are going to try and force you to be Harry Potter, boy who lived, right?"

"I, uh, yeah, I guess."

"You are Jesse Harris. You don't owe them a damned thing. If anything they owe you. So if they give you any shit, don't take it. You be you and you'll be fine." Xander waited a second and thought over his sentence structure. "That make any sense to you?"

"Yup." Jesse nodded.

"Cool." Xander lightly punched his son's shoulder and stood back up, "Well, old bean, this is it.... You're off to see the wizard."

Jesse rolled his eyes, "How long were you saving that one?"

"Two weeks."

"It stinks."

"I'll work on new material for Christmas." Xander swore solemnly.

"You do that." Jesse shouldered his messenger bag, checked that his wand was secured in his wrist holster, made sure the big bag of holding was secure on his homemade utility belt (best Christmas present ever) and bent down and grabbed his trunk. "Okay... so... smoke me a kipper, I'll see you come Christmas."

Xander smiled down at his son, fought back the lump in his throat and blinked the tear from his remaining eye. "Hawaii this time."

"Hang ten dude." Jesse nodded and with a grin turned and began walking towards the train.

Xander watched him go and felt his heart wrench in his chest as he now knew he was sending his boy to beard the lion's den. All those magic Nazi douche bag's kids were at this fraking school. It was practically enemy territory. There was so much Jesse still needed to learn. He'd only mastered Judo, Akido and Jet Kune Do if they got him unawares and unarmed he'd be practically defenseless. Xander cursed himself he knew he should have signed Jesse up for some other martial arts. Karate maybe, Muay Thai perhaps... all those missed opportunities.

As he neared the train Jesse collided with a little girl with bushy brown hair and she went sprawling to the ground as Jesse regained his footing immediately. He quickly reached down took the girl by the hand and helped her back onto her feet. The girl began talking and from the way Jesse's eyes widened she was really talking. Then Jesse reached into his utility belt as he replied to her questions and followed a Harris family tradition. He gave her a yellow crayon.

Xander smiled wide, things we're looking up, it seemed Jesse had found his own Willow.

Maybe this wasn't going to be as bad as he thought.
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