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Fiery Passion

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Summary: Pyro gains the love of Magneto and the Phoenix while gaining tremodous power as evil threatens to take all from him.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesXanderLuvsAllFR1557,219011,06323 Aug 102 Dec 13Yes


This is regular conversation" and this is telepathic '

Once they were away from everyone who could be a threat to them, they landed in a field and just kissed. They were ONE and could finally be together. A small part of St.John thought about Erik and mourned but the rest was ecstatic to be with Her. Jean burned away their clothes then they made love. Becoming complete, whole for the first time in their lives.

Afterward they layed together, curled tightly around each other as their minds connected to each other. Exploring each of their minds until they knew everything about each other. Which they was a truly amazing feeling for St.John as he had never felt it before. With Erik he had felt like he knew everything about him but not like this. Never like this. Jean was HIS.

As the sun rose so did they and with Jean having burned their clothes away, St.John got to feel what it was like to fly naked. It was fascinating.

Since Jean didn't care where they went, St.John took them to one of Erik's safe houses in Montana, where no one would look for them. There they stay for weeks, perfectly safe and happy. They spent most of that time making love or mind looking. Creating a link between them. St.John also discovered by accident that he could now start fires. Jean told him that the moment they touched, he was changed. All his genes were activated. Just like hers were when she first came into her powers. He would soon get more powers.

It made him happy too get more powerful and he showed it to her by causing her to scream for hours. They were interrupted in their seventh orgasm. By Logan bursting into the room. He tried to dive at St.John but both Jean and St.John stopped him. Jean by telekinesis and St.John by using fire to grab him. His skin was burning, healing then burning again. Painful which caused St.John to smile. Jean looked at him, reading him.

"How dare you think St.John would hurt me. That you could save me. My powers are beyond your comprehension and you thought you could rescue ME." She laughed. St.John shivered, incredibly turned out by her power and her laugh. He leaned in and kiss her, caressing her naked body. Logan growled in anger.

"Stop touching her, you piece of shit...Jean, please. This isn't you. You wouldn't sleep with a boy, with your student. You need to stop letting the..Phoenix control you." His voice was full of pain but he still managed to sound pleading. Impressive. Of course, it also caused St.John to cause his fire to get hotter. Not liking the fact he could sound so not in pain. He
wanted him in pain. He kept letting it get hotter until Logan screamed then he was distracted by Jean suddenly reacting to 'something'. Their telepathic connection reacted and he heard what was happening.

'Jean, its Scott. Please help me.' St.John looked at Jean, unsure what to do about any of it. Jean looked at Logan then turned away from him. Grabbed St.John's hand and they took to the sky in a phoenix shaped fire ball. They flew to where Jean could sense Scott. AS they flew Jean 'showed' St.John that she had locked Scott in one of the tunnels at Alkali Lake.

When they arrived, St.John blasted the rubble away and Scott came out. Needless to say Scott was startled to see St.John, as the last thing Scott knew he was with Magneto. Then Scott saw Jean and he simply didn't care, though he was happy St.John was 'rescued'. Scott went to Jean's side and moved to kiss her, thinking she had come to be with him again. Despite having locked him up. Jean pulled away before they touched but couldn't bring herself to use her powers on him. Something was preventing her from hurting him.

Unhappy with herself and with Scott, she moved to St.John's side and held his hand. 'St.John, I am confused. Help me.' St.John wrapped himself around her. Scott realized then that they were lovers, that Jean had been with one of their students. Unlike Logan, though, he knew that Jean wasn't being controlled by St.John. Scott stepped forward.

"Jean. what are you doing? Is......Is this how you got him away from Magneto?" St.John snorted, as if he would leave....Erik. He had left Erik and not even realized it. He had left him laying on the ground, stripped of his powers, Vulnerable. Powerless. Erik could be in prison again, this time with no way out. St.John started to pull away from Jean, to go to Erik but Jean stopped him and held onto him. Wrapping her arms and her powers around him and spoke both physically and telepathically.

"NO!!You will not leave. You are mine, you know that. You felt that the moment I rose from the water with all of me unbound. We are meant to be. You are My equal, my One and I am yours. We are the only equal We have, no other can match Us. Not even your Erik." Then she 'pulled' him to her and kissed him possessively. Claiming him in all ways. Scott looked on and didn't know what to do. Jean was the one keeping St.John there, preventing him from returning to Magneto.

Which was a good thing, of course, but not the way she was doing it. Not to mention how did he feel about Jean touching someone else. Ignoring the whole student issue, his fiance was kissing another man-boy and he wasn't jealous. Jean hadn't even touched Logan and he had been jealous but she was kissing St.John. Had obviously been with him and Scott wasn't jealous. Was actually a little turned on. Which did frighten him.

St.John leaned into Jean and kissed her back as he needed her even as he yearned to be reunited with Erik. As he loved them both, wanted them both, needed them both. He wasn't sure what to do about it though. He couldn't have them both. No matter how much he may wish it.
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