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Fiery Passion

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Summary: Pyro gains the love of Magneto and the Phoenix while gaining tremodous power as evil threatens to take all from him.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesXanderLuvsAllFR1557,219011,06323 Aug 102 Dec 13Yes


Belated Happy Holidays and a happy new year

Laying in between Jean and Scott on their bed should have made him feel happy but all he felt was dead inside. Being separate from Eric was devastating for him. He loved Jean so much and was happy for with her, the past few months had been good but there was something missing. The need to be with Erik was strong, consuming even. Scott was actually a pretty good lover for having never been with anyone but Jean. He was trying to be what John needed but he was failing for no fault of his own. He just wasn't Erik. A fact that Jean was realizing and was not happy about at all.

Still, John was still in the same position as before, unwilling to leave Jean but unhappy without Erik. Jean came up with a way to distract her mate. By getting pregnant. john was ecstatic at the fact he was about to become a father, Jean never allowed Scott into her vagina, so there was no doubt. He was going TO BE A FATHER. Those thoughts were enough to send him into fits of pure bliss and absolute panic. As he had never even contemplated being a father, having always been more drawn to males than
females. Upon meeting Erik, children went completely out the window.

Now though, fatherhood was a certainty and Erik was..gone so John had no idea what to do about it. How would he know how to be a father. His own had died when he was just six, leaving nothing behind but an inheritance. Which he couldn't touch until he was twenty-five. So he was no help to John. After his father's death, his mother having died birthing him, so John spent until his tenth birthday when his powers manifested attending Le Rosey which was my favorite school going to. Its in Switzerland and had amazing classes, teachers and views. No parenting though and as neither Jean or Scott have any children either, not in this reality anyway they didn't know either. So they were all screwed.

Still, though John couldn't help but to touch Jean's stomach sometimes and feel the connection the child had already created from the womb. Jean and John were amazed by the power of their unborn child while Scott was worried. Not that either of them really cared about his worries about uncontrolled power. Their child would be amazing and no one would try to control him or her as they had them. No one. Both of them would kill any who tried. Their child would be powerful beyond comprehension and nothing would stand in his or her way. How cool was that. Way cool.

It was still yet another reason for John being parted from Erik and that part he didn't like though. He may already love his child but he loved Erik just as much and truly wanted to be with him. The thought of Erik helping raise his child was intoxicating in blissful happiness. Added to the fact was that Erik had children. Sure he hadn't raised the twins but he had his daughter so he would know what to do. Something that would be helpful. Not to mention having Erik and Jean at his side would be hot... and Scott. As despite not being Erik, John was sorta attached to him. Jean would never allow him to though, not as long as he loved Erik. Hell, the fact that he was attached to Scott was making her unhappy as she truly had no desire to share him. His body yes but not his emotions.

Raising quietly from the bed, John went outside and looked up. Sometimes, Jean and him would fly up into the sky until air became an issue. It was breath takingly beautiful. Erik had taken him flying to but he couldn't go as high. Soon John would be able to fly himself, like the Human Torch. Or at least he had Seen it and was looking forward to it. Being in the air was the greatest thing next to sex and he wanted to experience it under his own power. Here was hoping that it happened before the baby was born as he didn't think he'd have time to be in the air after. As he'd heard babies take a lot of time.

He 'felt' Jean waking and knew she would be joining him soon as neither of them enjoyed being apart long. As predicted, Jean was at his side within minute of waking up and he wrapped himself around her contently. No matter what else was going on, with her in his arms, he was happy. His love for her was truly overwhelming and all consuming. It was the only true reason why he was still her instead of going to find Erik. If not for that love, he would heave left before any child could have been conceived and tracked him down. Human or not, in the end John loved Erik enough to over look it. Not to say he wouldn't search for a cure for the Cure but still. Jean was even helping him look for a cure as long as he didn't go anywhere near Erik.

"Tell me."Jean spoke softly but firmly. The two of them could know what was going on instanously but since the pregnancy has progressed to the seventh month she had preferred to talk. The connection to the baby was so strong to the three of us that nothing else could or should interfere with it.

"I..It doesn't matter."John kissed her passionately, not stopping until not a single coherent thought existed between them. He reached under her robe and began to thrust a finger into her, the only thing she could stand anymore as there was no comfortable position she could find so he could shag her without discomfort of some kind. So he thrust one finger than two than three into her until she began to scream her release. After she had calmed down, she carefully went to her knees and took him into her mouth. Causing him to groan. Swiftly after there was a lovely feeling inside him. She was using TK to fuck him and it was by far more perfect than any cock could be. So much fullness without any of the stretching, pain issues. He climaxed under a second and fell to the ground. They kissed and fell asleep curled together under the stars.

The next months flew by and then Jean was giving birth. To twins. The connection had been so strong because it was created by two. Neither Jean or John had realized because the twins didn't really see themselves as two, only as one in two bodies. They were named Nathaniel Erik Christopher and Rachel Elizabeth. For the first time since leaving Erik, John actually felt content as he held his children in his arms with Jean laying beside him, in his mind once again and Scott holding them. It was almost..perfect.

SO of course things had to go wrong. Months after their birth, Nate was kidnapped and Rachel wouldn't stop screaming at being separated from her twin for the first time. While John, Jean and Scott were simply panicing.
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