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Fiery Passion

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Summary: Pyro gains the love of Magneto and the Phoenix while gaining tremodous power as evil threatens to take all from him.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesXanderLuvsAllFR1557,219011,06323 Aug 102 Dec 13Yes


Disclaimor: Don't own X-Men in any way what so ever.

Once St.John-Pyro left the X-men for the Brotherhood, he expected his entire life to get better immediately. As he was free of Xavier and pathetic fear of true power. Always saying:Don't use your power, It's to dangerous, Your not being responsible, You have to respect those without power. Yeah, right to all of it. He was FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Of course, he wasn't as free as he'd hoped. Erik,as he was allowed to call Magneto, insisted on teaching him. Saying that just because he was leaving school didn't mean he could become uneducated. Still his way of teaching was by far more fun then at the Institute.

Especially where his powers were concerned. And the most...the best thing of all was that within a month of joining Erik, he became his lover. Bobby and St.John may have experimented but nothing more. Erik became his first lover in all ways and it was great.

Mystique really didn't like it but she left them alone, her loyalty to Erik and the 'Cause' by far mattering more. As the months past, St.John began to be more smarter, better with his powers and thanks to several mutants able to do martial arts. He was also falling in love with Erik, who was returning the favor. Everything was going well until the Cure came out and his life changed forever.

At a mutant rally, Erik gains recruits and a way to find Mystique. Who had been captured by the government. They went to rescue her, only for her to get hit by the Cure. Which had been turned into a weapon. Despite all of this, St. John is...distracted by ..something that was coming that meant something to him. Which caused him to both cling to Erik and to push him away. Which caused Erik to be distracted during a time where he needs all of his concentration but he simply can't help it as something
was wrong with the first person he's truly loved since his wife. He had loved Charles but not loved as a lover. For some reason, he had never fallen in love with him.

So St.John's issues were his issues and he wouldn't allow him to go threw them alone and he's about to confront St.John when Callisto tells him about a Level Five mutant. Who can only be one person. Jean. He has suspicions about St.John's level of power but he couldn't prove it.

To ensure St.John's safety and that his Cause wouldn't be lost, he convinced St.John to stay behind. As St.John was his lover and the one he planned on following him when he died. It wasn't easy but he managed it. It would be the first time they'd been separated since they met and it was unnerving for them both. Especially for St.John as he still felt

The moment Erik was back, St.John 'felt' it and knew Erik had brought what he was feeling. So he went to meet them in a daze until he was in front of them. Her. Jean Grey. She resonated in him, threw him. She was Him. As one they moved toward each other and were about to touch when Erik grabbed St.John and pulled him to Erik, holding him tightly he guided him away while Jean just stood there, watching. St.John allowed himself to be led but longed to go back to Her.

Erik though realized that St.John had started to act differently when Jean rose from the water. It was her doing, Jean was trying to take St.John from him. So as he prepared for the attack on Alcatraz, he kept St.John with him at all times. Of course as Jean stayed at his side it didn't keep them apart but it did prevent them from doing anything. St.John was able to go 'bug' Bobby though. Then Wolverine showed up and Erik had fun with him. When he turned around they were gone.

Once Erik was distracted, Jean guided St.John away into the woods, leading him on a merry chase until they were some distance from everyone else. Before they could touch though Callisto was there. They sighed as one but returned. Erik griped St.John's arm as he walked away to their tent. Once in there, Erik pulled him to him and kissed him with everything he had. Trying to keep him.

"I love you, St.John." St.John was startled by that, they hadn't actually declared their feelings yet. Though they both knew what each other felt and he was startled because he had forgotten. He loved Erik but being in Jean's prencse made him forget all else. She was made for him as he was her. Still, Erik was..his to.

"I love you, too, Erik...I....just."He kissed him again and then pulled him to their bedding. They made love to each other for what could be the last time. They went into battle tonight and they both knew they might not come back. Just as they both knew their love wasn;t the solution to Jean. The love making was soft and gentle the first time then wild and fierce the second. Erik claiming St.John. The third was a mixture of the two but with St.John claiming Erik. Then it was over and it was time to go.

Everything was going well for the Brotherhood until the X-Men showed up and ever for a while after that. Erik and St.John used their powers as ONE and destroyed alot of them. Then St.John left Erik's side and went to fight Bobby. After that everything was lost. Together they were an unbeatable force, separate not so much as first Bobby then Logan/Beast proved.

Erik unleashed Jean on all and St.John moved to her, she stopped her destruction once he was in front of her. They looked at each other then they raised their hands and touched. Fire blossomed around them, surrounding them, being one with them. St.John felt himself change on an entirely different level then he'd ever felt before. They connected with their other hand as their bodies touched and as they kissed they were gone, shooting off into the air.

As Erik and Logan watched, Erik feeling his heartbreak as he had lost his powers and his love. While Logan once again lost Jean to another, though how she could be with a boy was...It wasn't Jean, it was the Phoenix and that punk traitor kid was going to rape her. Logan took off after them, vowing to kill St.John and save Jean.
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