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Cult of addiction

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Summary: Doppelgangers hit Cleveland and the adventure goes from there. ABANDONED

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredJmariaFR1831,425011,3161 Dec 0321 Jan 04Yes

Cult of addiction: Prolouge


Author: Jmaria

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the idea for this story

Summary: Crossing of HP/BtVS/A/ and Original characters. Spoilers for OotP, Season 7, and partial Season 5 of A. Pairings aren’t set yet. Doppelgangers hit Cleveland and the adventure goes from there.



Prologue . . . In the Club

Deacon Mathers took a long drag on his cigarette. His eyes shone in the darkness. A smile played on his lips. Zhandra was waiting, and he couldn’t keep her waiting. Her golden hair was streaked with burgundy. She grabbed his arm and led him to the dance floor.

Fast paced rock blared as she moved her body with the flow, dragging him into her embrace as a spider draws a fly into her web. He always fell for her tricks, and that was the problem. She drew Marz and Dugray in as well. Her green eyes shown in the darkness. The other two watched bitterly as she let his body grind against his.

Her play. They were hers to control, to play with, to do as she wished. She would have more as soon as she dealt with her.


The Slayer had just entered her turf. And she wasn’t giving up on it.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking