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This story is No. 9 in the series "Cooperation 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Booth is getting used to the idea he used to be a vampire, Buffy is in town, and a serial killer is on the loose.

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(Past Donor)HenryFR181934042,99024 Aug 1024 Aug 10No
Author's Note: Part of the Cooperration 'verse. May make more sense if you've read Recognized.
Disclaimer: Neither the Jossverse, Criminal Minds, nor Bones belong to me.

Zach is trying hard to keep his mind on work and not stare at Dr. Brennan’s office. Booth has brought Connor with him today, and they’re both in there with Dr. Brennan, even though there is a corpse on the table in the lab.

Connor Reilly is the subject of much gossip between the squints of the Jeffersonian. Booth had brought the young man into the lab and introduced him as his son less than a week ago. A son even Booth hadn’t known about until he’d shown up out of the blue and introduced himself. The kid had been looking for his father ever since he’d learned he was adopted.

Zack assumes that is why Booth has been acting so strangely lately. Even he would be thrown out of his normal routine, if he found out that he had a son he’d never met, not that there was much chance of that happening. Zack’s not really planning on ever being a parent. He’s not sure he has any parenting instincts and besides, becoming one with Spencer would require more than simple biology.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Spencer says from his perch on the lab bench. Spencer Reid and his team at the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit are on leave, and Spencer thinks hanging out at the Jeffersonian is the best use of his vacation time. He has the clearance and both Dr. Brennan and Booth approve of his presences as long as he isn’t too distracting. Zack always finds Spencer distracting.

“This just doesn’t make sense,” Zack says, instead. Spencer probably can tell he wasn’t thinking about the case, because Spencer is really good at reading people when he wants to be, but Zack’s not sure where his wandering train of thought was going anyway, and the case is always a safe topic. “The modeling on the skull is inconsistent with time of death.” They finally have a new case, which is good, since the last case, the death of Andrew Hawley, they’d had to rule human error even though they never did figure out how the man had run out of air. Zack hates not being able to solve a puzzle, and the best way to move on is with a new one.

Spencer looks over his shoulder to the computer screen where Zack has images of Cassiday Nemeth’s skull enlarged.

“See,” Zack says, pointing to the healed fracture, “you can tell the bone was healing for at least three weeks before death. There was no reported head injury previous to the time the victim was abducted, and all other indicators point to the unsub only holding her for twenty-four hours before killing her.”

“So, how did she have enough time to start healing?” Spencer asked.



London is dreary this time of year, and Bath is worse. Giles has perhaps gotten used to the California sun, either that, or the bad news he is anticipating is making everything seem grayer.

“So, Angel is alive?” Giles asks, trying to keep the sigh out of his voice. The two women standing before him nod. He’d almost been hoping for Andrew’s clone theory, because at least then the similarities would just be down to DNA.

“Angel is human. One hundred percent, grade A, mortal,” Willow replies. “Seeley Booth is Angel’s reward: a human life. Of course, until we meddled, he didn’t remember being Angel.”

“It wasn’t exactly meddling, more like detective work with an unexpected side effect,” Dawn says with a shrug.

“He remembers now?”

“Bits and pieces, and the memories are pretty fuzzy. He described it like remembering a movie he watched a long time ago,” Willow explains.

“And Connor?” Giles asks.

“Angel’s son. From what I gather, there was a whole mystical thing, and voila, Connor. Faith swears he’s on the up and up.”

“So basically, you sent us out to answer one simple question, and we’ve brought you back a whole can of worms,” Dawn says with a smile.

This time Giles actually does sigh. “What are we going to tell Buffy?”


Seeley Booth, now a mortal human, but once a centuries old vampire called Angelus, sighs. Bones and Connor are discussing something technical, which he’d stopped paying attention to ten minutes ago to concentrate on his shrimp fried rice.

“Well, what do you think Booth?” Bones asks.

“The fried rice is good?” he hazards, but from the look he gets from both Connor and Bones, he knows that it wasn’t that right answer.

“About the DNA sequencing program,” Connor supplies.

Connor and Bones get along like a house on fire. They’re both so smart, and they seem to understand each other on a level he doesn’t understand either of them. After all the history he and Connor have, Booth wonders if bonding with Bones was just easier for Connor than trying to figure out what they should do about their shattered past.

“Anything that catches criminals is good in my book,” Booth says, since they both seem to be expecting a response.


The red and blue swirl of police lights didn’t seem out of place at all in the warehouse district. Yellow tape is strung about, making the whole sight look just like a television perfect crime scene.

Andi Callahan is a well respected detective and has one of the best solve rates in the department. Every cop on the scene is staring at her, but she’s only got eyes for the corpse. Thirteen, maybe fourteen years old. Female. White.

Andi sighs. “We need to call the FBI.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Remembered" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Aug 10.

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