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Generation X: Xander Style

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This story is No. 2 in the series "In Every Generation...". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Crossover with Evo. Xander is back from Africa and put in charge of a new Slayer school. After the fall of Sunnydale there is much work to be done, Slayers must be trained alongside a new generation of Watchers. Bayville will never be the same.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredcalikocatFR1837,97233611,25825 Aug 1030 Nov 10No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter Two

Generation X: Xander Style
Chapter Two
word count: 3248

Warnings: Established Kurt/Todd, Lance being an ass.

A/N: See bottom of fic.


Xander stared at the boarding house in disbelief. “You actually live in this dump?”

“It ain't so bad yo.”

He pointed at the shamble posing as a building. “I know I lack depth perception...but there is no way it's not as bad as it looks.”

Todd sighed. “It's a roof over my head yo. I ain't gonna turn it down.”

Xander nodded. “I get that. I mean, after I graduated high school I was stuck in my parents basement for a little over a was a dump and my old man charged me rent, but I had nowhere else to go. But looks like a death trap.”

“You should see it during the day yo.”

“I don't think I want to.”

Todd rolled his eyes. “You comin' inside or what?”

With a shudder, Xander followed Todd inside the door, and stopped as he looked around the trashed interior. There were holes in the walls, the wood floor was scuffed beyond recognition, and the only furniture in the living room was a warped threadbare couch, a rickety coffee table, and a broken box that used to be a television.

He followed Todd into the kitchen and grimaced at the faint odor of god knows what that slightly reminded him of ripe roadkill. The linoleum was cracked and peeling, and completely gone in some places. The wallpaper was ripped and tattered and the windows were boarded up.

Xander sighed. “So...grand tour?”

“Sure, follow me.”

By the time Xander had seen the entire house he was near furious. Scratch that, he was ready to kill something, preferably with lots of violence involved. He thought evil thoughts at the absent Landlady. “You and the other kids live like this? And no one has done anything about it?”

“No one cares yo. Landlady gives us money for food, pays the bills and we do what she says.” Todd wouldn't meet his eyes again.

“What are you kids into?”

“I can't tell you.”

They heard the front door open with a slam and headed back downstairs.

“Hey Toad! Who's here?”

Xander followed Todd into the room and looked at the new arrival. This boy was taller than Todd, his hair a darker brown. He shuddered at the almost mullet hairstyle. His jeans were dirty and ripped and he wore a black t-shirt under an ugly brown vest.

“Hey Lance. How'd it go?”

“How do you think it went?” He snarled at the younger boy. “No one's gonna hire a freak.” He narrowed his eyes at Xander. “Who's the pirate?”

“Yeah, cause that's so original, and also, standing right here.” Xander smiled. “I'm Xander Harris. Todd wanted an estimate for repairs for your...lovely home.”

“Oh yeah? And what do you think?”

Xander snorted. “Honestly, I think you should blow the place up and start from scratch.”

Lance gazed around the living room. “Yeah, and?”

Xander shook his head. “There is so much damage here beyond the wear and tear of everyday living. Fixing up this place would call for some really deep pockets.”

Lance glared at him. “I'll be sure to let our boss know.” He motioned to the front door. “Get out.”

Xander met the boy's glare with a raised eyebrow. “You gonna be okay Todd?”

Todd nodded. “Yeah, Lance is cool.”

“You have my number if you need anything.”

Again Todd nodded. “Thanks for today man.”

Xander grinned. “Anytime kid. See ya later.” He gave a wave as he walked past Lance. “The offer goes to you too Lance. You need help, Todd can get in touch with me.”

“What are you? Social services?”

“Nah, I'm just Xander.” He grinned again and went out the door.

Lance waited until the strange man had gotten in his car and driven away, his tail lights fading into the darkness. “What the hell Toad?”

Todd glared. “Boss Lady wanted the place fixed up and we don't know shit about that stuff. Xander and his sister helped me get away from Duncan and I helped them get around Bayville.” He paused and his glare changed to a look of wonder. “He's gonna pay me for helpn' fix up their house yo.”

Lance looked floored. “He's gonna pay you? He doesn't know you're not human does he?”


“It won't last then. Better milk the sucker for all he's worth.” With no more to say Lance headed towards the kitchen.

Todd felt sick. Xander and Dawn were nice, cool even, for humans anyway. Lance was probably right though. Once they found out he wasn't human they'd never want to hang out again. Sometimes being different sucked.


Todd, Dawn decided, was well on his way to being her best friend. In other words, he was a keeper. He was sarcastic, smart mouthed, hated bullies...if Dawn was Buffy, then Todd would be her Xander. Now they just needed a Willow and they could be the Scrappies. Hopefully they'd be able to avoid all the hellfire and teenage angst that their earlier incarnation, the Scoobies, had gone through. Then again.

She licked at her ice cream and flicked her gaze over at Todd. Xander had left them outside while he was picking up a few more supplies from the home improvement store. They had decided to take a break from renovating the house and Xander had driven them into town for lunch. And now they were waiting for him to rejoin them in the summer heat.

“School starts on Monday.”

“I'm filled with joy yo.”

Dawn agreed, just because Bayville didn't have a hellmouth didn't mean high school was without danger. “So...Principal Kelly.”

“What about him?”

“Is he evil?”

“What kinda question is that yo?”

Dawn rolled her eyes. “It was a perfectly good question. See, when my sister and Xander were in high school the principal did everything he could to get Buffy expelled. Even tried to pin a murder on her.” She took another lick of her ice cream.


“Yeah, she was an exchange student from Jamaica and she and Buffy were pretty close. Buffy found her body in the school library.”

“What happened?”

“Sunnydale wasn't safe at night, after dark the gangs were in charge. The police were incompetent, corrupt, and the Mayor was in on it. Kendra was killed because she got in the way. Xander ended up with a broken wrist, and Willow was in a coma for a few hours.”


“ is Kelly evil?”

Todd was silent for a moment and took a bite of his fudge-sickle. “He's played us before, tried to get us in trouble. If you hang out with me at school everyone will hassle you yo.”

“Yeah, and?”

“Be better off not hangin'.”

Dawn elbowed him. “You're the first friend I've made here, and if you keep this up your gonna be my best guy friend period.”


She elbowed him again. “You are my friend, and I don't abandon my friends. So deal.”

He smirked. “You gonna beat up the jocks that give me grief?”

Dawn grinned back. “We could submarine them if they get out of hand. Maybe start a prank war.”

Todd coughed and choked on his ice cream before laughing. “This best friend thing. I think it's gonna work.”

She grinned. “So, Xander said we get to interview potential boyfriends. You get a guy, we get to approve him first, and threaten him properly.”

Todd's normally pale skin turned red. “Why would you threaten him?

“To keep him from hurting you. It's best friend protocol.” Her eyes narrowed. “ said him. You already have a boyfriend Todd?”


“Cool. I can't wait to meet him.”

Todd rolled his eyes.


Dawn grimaced at her schedule. The only foreign languages Bayville High offered were Spanish and French, she was already fluent in both. Why couldn't they offer up a challenge, like Japanese?

So far her day had been...normal, well mostly. She'd gone to her classes, met a few nice people, and some not so nice people. Principal Kelly still gave her the wiggins. And there was some sort of hostile vibe thing going on with the entire student body. It was unsettling and she wished someone would tell her what was going on.

There were two groups of kids that seemed to be the target of everyone's aggression. One group was an unknown, the kids from the Institute from the north side of town. The other was Todd and his housemates. Todd's housemates were a little rough around the edges, two of them seemed to be anyway, but it wasn't a good reason for the outright hostility that they were receiving. Of course it didn't help when the oldest boy seemed to bask in the attention.

She rolled her eyes at the craziness of it all and made her way across the quad. “Todd!”

Todd looked up from the table where he sat with his housemates. “Yo!”

She approached the table and motioned to the empty spot beside him. “This seat taken?”

Suddenly a boy with white hair was sitting in the spot that she knew had just been empty a second before. “Yeah, it is.”

Dawn raised an eyebrow. “Nice to meet you too Eye-candy, but I don't think I was talking to you.” She turned to Todd again. “Come on, I brought my lunch, packed enough for two. Come sit with me?”

Todd eyed her warily. “You sure yo?”

“I wouldn't have offered otherwise.”

“Hey Mutant Lover!”

Dawn looked over her shoulder at one of the football players across the quad. “The heck?”

Another jock whistled. “That how you swing girlfriend?” They high-fived and made a few more derogatory catcalls.

Dawn looked back at the boys and frowned when she noticed Todd blushing, a furious look on his face. “Mutant?” She looked at the other boys. “That's what all the stupid and crazy bordering on psychotic vibes are about? You guys are mutants?”

Todd nodded. “Walk away yo. While you can.”

Dawn rolled her eyes and lightly flicked his ear He glared at her. “You're a mutant, big deal. We're still friends and I still want to share my lunch with you.” She tapped his forehead gently. “I told you I don't abandon my friends. I learned from the best about loyalty.” She squeezed in between Todd and the white haired boy, practically pushing him off the bench. “So, how's your day been, aside from the mass of douche bags that seem to inhabit this place.”

Todd snorted. “You are the weirdest girl yo. What'd you bring for lunch?”

“Tuna salad on cheddar bread, smothered in maple syrup.” She ignored the gagging noises of the others.

“That's gross yo.”

“You liked the pastrami and peanut butter sandwiches I made on Saturday.”

“So what?”

She just shook her head.

“Toad, who is this chick?” Eye-candy looked down his nose at her.

“His name is Todd, use it.”

Todd motioned at Dawn. “Guys this is Dawn Summers, she's from California. Dawn that's Pietro, Lance and Freddy. Wanda stayed home today, she's Pietro's sister.” Freddy only glanced at her, too busy with his lunch to pay much attention. Pietro continued to look mildly interested in her.

Lance sneered at Dawn. “Summers huh? You related to Sunglasses at Night?”

Dawn blinked and gave Lance a blank look before asking Todd; “I'm sure that would've made sense in some bizzaro world. Care to translate?”

“He wants to know if you have family around here yo.”

“Why does everybody ask that. I'm from California, before I moved to Bayville I'd never even been to New York. The only people I know here are Todd, and the people I've met today.”

Lance frowned at Todd and the younger boy shrugged. “She's Xander's sister.”

Dawn shook her head. “Sister by choice, not blood. I'm staying with him while my sister is in Europe on business.”

Pietro looked curious all of a sudden. “What kind of business.”

“Nosy much?” She shrugged it off though and dug out her lunch, handing a sandwich to Todd. “It's mostly over my head. I know she had to go to Spain to see our dad and work out some kinks in who gets custody of me. He never came to Mom's funeral, didn't even show up to sign any paperwork. Too busy boning his secretary. And there's still a few insurance payouts going on so she's talking to people who left the country after our world became a giant sinkhole.”

“Say what?” Freddy asked around the food in his mouth.

“Oh, I'm from Sunnydale.”

Wide eyes met her statement. Lance coughed. “That small town in California that's just a crater now?”

“Yep. We were the last group out.”

Pietro peeked at her food and grimaced. “Last group out?”

She nodded and took a bite of her sandwich, savoring the flavors. “There were warning tremors, so we knew things were gonna get bad, ya know. And a military group confirmed that the system of caverns under the town were becoming unstable. Not everyone wanted to leave though.” She frowned. “We volunteered to help with the evacuation. We were trying to get people out of the high school where they'd been squatting.” She shuttered. “Then the town started to collapse. Not all of my friends made it out. We ran to the nearest vehicle, one of the school buses, and got the hell out of there. I can remember looking behind us, watching the town fall, catching up to us. We barely made it. Spike, and Anya, and some of the teenaged girls we'd taken in...they didn't make it.”

Todd shifted and nudged her arm. “Who were they?”

She gave him a sad smile. “Spike was one of my sister's old boyfriends and he was my sitter some when I was younger. But when Sunnydale fell...he and Xander were dating.”

“Jesus. And Anya?”

“At one time Anya and Xander were didn't work out though, obviously since he dated Spike after.”

“So your brother is gay?” Lance asked.

Dawn glared at him. “I just told you how some close friends of mine died and you pick up on the fact that my brother had a boyfriend? What part of he died a horrible death did you not pick up on?” She shook her head. “I get that you have a chip on your shoulder, but seriously, get over yourself. I don't care if you're human or mutant or something else.” Dawn sighed. “You coming over today Todd?”

“Sure. Xander coming to pick you up?”


“I'll catch a ride with you then.”

“Cool, let's go find a better spot.” She grabbed her food and dragged Todd away from the bewildered boys.

“What was that about?” Freddy asked.

“Lance was being a douche bag. Really man, that was low, even if she is a human.” Pietro shook his head and zipped away.

On the other side of the quad several confused faces watched the new girl drag Todd Tolensky away from the Brotherhood.

“What the heck was that about?” Rogue asked no one in particular.

“No idea. We might want to keep an eye on her though.” Scott said, a frown appearing behind his shades.

“Like really, I mean who would actually want to hang out with The Toad, ya know?” Kitty shuddered. “Gross.”

Kurt tried not to sigh. “I'll see you guys later, I need to stop by the library before my next class.”

“Later Kurt.”

Kurt shook his head and headed in the same direction Todd and the new girl had gone, luckily the library was in the same area.

He found them sitting on a bench in a slightly more secluded area of the quad. “Everything alright liebling?”

The girl looked up from her lunch, her gaze openly curious. When she started speaking German he took a step back. “Was war das nochmal?”

Todd looked from one to the other. “Speak English yo.”

Kurt took another step back but stilled when Todd grabbed his wrist. “Todd?”

“It's cool Fuzzy. She knows we're mutants. She don't care.” Todd nodded in the direction of the rest of the quad. “She's just pissed at Lance. Dawg was bein' an ass.” Todd softened his grip on Kurt's wrist. “Stay yo. Dawn's cool.”

Kurt sighed and allowed Todd to pull him to the bench on his other side. He held out is hand. “Kurt Wagner.”

She nodded and grasped his hand, not even pausing at the feel of his fur. “Dawn Summers, and no I'm not related to anyone here. I'm from California.” She smiled. “Sorry, people have been asking me that all day.” They released hands.

Kurt leaned against Todd. “So how did you two meet?”

“Dawn and her bro saved me from Duncan at that store he works at yo.” He smirked. “She gave him a shiner.”

Kurt gaped. “You hit him?”

Dawn pouted. “He got grabby, his hands were going places they didn't need to be going.” Her pout faded and she looked at the two of them closely. “So...why are you guys hiding your relationship? Well after the whole thing with the Mullet King I understand why Todd's hiding it. What about you?”

Kurt hesitated, but Todd nudged him gently and smiled. “We're both mutants, but from different groups. Todd is part of the Brotherhood, who are led by Magneto. I'm one of Professor Xavier's students, he and Magneto were once friends, but they have different opinions about how mutants should live next to humans.”


“It's like this yo. Mags thinks that mutants are superior and should be in charge. Xavier thinks we can live in peace, but with the way things are at school...I don't think it's gonna work.”

Kurt sighed. “We need to show them that while yes, we have powers and we're different, we just want what everyone else does.”

Dawn nodded. “A kinda normal life.” Both boys stared at her, and she shrugged. “What?” The bell rang then. “So you want to come over to my house with Todd?”

Kurt shook his head. “Nein. I wouldn't want to impose.”

“Xander's cool yo. He wouldn't mind. He'll probably put you to work.”


Dawn nodded. “Todd's been helping us fix our house up, so yeah, after our homework is done we'd be working.” She looked thoughtful. “Don't walk on the front walk when we get there. The concrete isn't done drying.”

“You're sure about this?”

Dawn nodded. “Wouldn't offer if I didn't mean it. Now come on, class awaits.” She caught Todd's grimace. “And no skipping.”

“Whatever yo.”


A/N: Okay, so I don't know any German, I'm just using an online dictionary and flying by the seat of my pants.

A/N: *Edit* Someone was kind enough to correct my German. So I changed things, and while Leibling actually means darling they said sweetheart was close enough lol.

Liebling – sweetheart

Was war das nochmal? - What was that again?

Nein - No

The End?

You have reached the end of "Generation X: Xander Style" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Nov 10.

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