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A Hop to the Left

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Summary: Various one-shots and plot bunnies that have been begging me to be written.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsyoyoenteFR181414,10231912,10827 Aug 1018 Mar 11No

Be Careful What You Wish For



Disclaimer: see Chapter 1.


Everything had seemed to be pretty much first


Except, it wasn't…not really.

His mother was alive, true. But his father was dead. His brother refused to speak with him. And while it was true that he was in a long healthy relationship, it was with a woman he didn’t know.

And it wasn’t Buffy.

In fact, it looked like he’d never even met Buffy in this life. Which, made sense, given that he’d never hunted. The people he, his father, and Sam had saved had all pretty much died. And those that hadn’t, had been saved by Buffy. But he didn’t know how she was, whether this was a happier life for her.

He was determined to find out.


The old warehouse looked decidedly spooky with the ritual scrawled out on its walls, but Dean pushed the shiver back.

Between one second and the next, she was suddenly standing there, regarding him coldly.

“Where did you learn my calling name, mortal?”

Dean swallowed a bit at the tone, before shaking himself mentally. “You gave it to me.”

A cool eyebrow rose in disbelief, and Dean hastened to explain. “You, or another you, in another world, gave it to me in case of emergency.”

“Oh?” And, like her first appearance, she was suddenly directly in front of him. “Why would I do that? And how did you reach this world from another?” The time there was genuine curiosity.

“You…” You helped raise me, he wanted to say, but the feelings he had for her, most definitely did not fall in with that line. “I’ve known you for years. You helped my father and then me in hunting.”

Her eyes lit with intrigue. “Alright, so I helped you. Why are you calling me now?”

“I…” Dean swallowed. He’d wanted it. Wanted his mother alive. A normal life. But really, he didn’t fit in here. He didn’t belong. “… want to get back to my world.”

The eyebrow rose again. “Don’t we all?” She drawled lazily as she fished out a cigarette and lit it with a snap of her fingers. “How did you get here then, mortal?”

“Dean.” He winced at her blank look. “My name is Dean. And I made a wish.”

She snorted. “Of course. You made a wish in the presence of a demon. What did it look like? Man? Woman? ...Fugly?”

Dean cracked a smile, inexplicably relieved that she wasn’t completely different from the woman (Angel) he knew.

“Man. Weird glowy eyes and tattoos. We thought it was a djinn.”

She straightened and looked interested. “Yeah? You got a wish from a djinn?” She snorted again, grinning. “You rubbed the lamp, Dean?”

Dean paused for a moment before he realized she’d made a joke, and laughed, finally relaxing for the first time since he’d woken up in this crazy world.


A/N: Again, this could be a part of the 'Supernatural Angel' 'verse, or whatever. I just thought it'd be interesting if Dean had someone besides his brother that he really wanted to get back to.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "A Hop to the Left" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Mar 11.

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