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A Hop to the Left

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Summary: Various one-shots and plot bunnies that have been begging me to be written.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsyoyoenteFR181414,10231912,09927 Aug 1018 Mar 11No




Disclaimer: See chapter 1


“Captain Jack Harkness.” He introduced himself with a flirty grin. Buffy resisted both urges to either roll her eyes or blush. “And who might you be?”

She took his hand, as always careful not to appear stronger than her size gave suspect to. “Buffy Summers.”

The Captain’s smile faded as a frown of concentration settled on his face. His bright blue eyes filled with recognition, understanding, and then – something she had, for the past few years, unfortunately, been seeing quite frequently from Watchers, Slayers, and other people in-the-know – awe bordering on hero worship. His hand tightened around hers when she began to pull it back. “Buffy Summers. The Buffy Summers?”

His teammates looked at Jack in confusion. Buffy kept her expression free of any alarm or irritation, only expressing polite curiosity in the form of an elevated eyebrow.

He continued, looking decidedly fan-boy-ish. “You started it all. Or is that ended it all? Buffy Summers, The Slayer.” His eyes were wide with excited pleasure. “There was an entire book dedicated to you at the academy!”

Buffy subtly tensed, her body unconsciously shifting into ‘slay’ mode at the word “academy”. She wondered if there was a new Initiative thing going on. The fact that his teammates seemed to have no idea what was going on did not reassure her one bit.

Her hand tightened into an uncomfortable – bordering on painful – hold for a human to get his attention and her smile changed, just slightly, to become more of a baring of teeth. The other members of his team noticed the subtle change and shifted uncomfortably, but the Captain continued beaming and chattering obliviously.

“They said you changed the rules, that you made it better. Longest living Slayer and then Queen of them all. Over a decade of fighting and then you started…” He trailed off, his expression going shocked. “You started a new agency.” He was whispering to himself, so quietly that it was only Buffy’s supernatural hearing that allowed her to know what he was saying. “It was said to be an extension of another agency. A revamp of a smaller organization. New name, new players, new way of doing business. Better. Just like you did with The Council.” His eyes focused back on her, bright with excitement and hope. “Torchwood.” His voice was still almost nonexistent, but his eyes, focused on her face, gave away the fact that he was speaking to her. “You’re going to help me make it better. Help me fix it to go on without me.” His grin was sudden and fierce, filled with joy.

A/N: The "academy" Jack is talking about is from his Time Agency days...meaning he was reading a history book, about her. And found her fascinating.

I always find it bizarre when either Jack or The Doctor have absolutely no clue who Buffy or The Slayer is when she's supposed to come from their universe. It just doesn't make much sense that time-traveling people would have never run into something in regards to that part of the world. Especially Jack, I mean you would think the Time Agency would warn its Agents about potential hazards in regards to the 'demons' that appear on Earth.

*coughs* Yeah, pet peeve, sorry about the mini rant.
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