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Wolfram & Hart's New Clients III: The Gotham Files

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This story is No. 3 in the series "W&H Clients". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Angel and the Wolfram & Hart team interview ten of Gotham's criminals. Bane, Ra's al Ghul, Mr. Freeze, Penguin, Poison Ivy, CatWoman, Two-Face, Riddler, Scarecrow, Clayface.

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DC Universe > Batman > Angel-CenteredtexaswookieFR71134,8831148,12227 Aug 101 Jan 11Yes


The texaswookie struggled uselessly in the iron grip of the man that was holding him high above his head. “The choice is very simple, you can either give the disclaimer or I can break your back.” Bane said from where he was holding onto the writer.

“Fine I the texaswookie lay no claim to any of the characters used. D.C owns the Batman and his Rogues gallery characters and Joss owns the Wolfram and Hart team.”

“Thank you.” Bane said as he let the writer down from where he was holding him.

Angel looked up as he saw his team preparing themselves as well as they could for whatever business it was that they were going to be thrown into today. The group had been forced for the past few days to listen as they interviewed various scum bags from the supernatural and the regular world. They had dealt with spies assassins dirty cops and a host of other kinds of monsters. If Lorne was to be believed they even had Brittany Spears and he understood that there were some talks of getting some kid by the name of Hannah Montana to sign on with them. He didn’t know who that was really but he would trust Lorne to deal with whatever it was that was going one. The vampire turned to look at the pile that Gunn had brought him today. The grimace of the former vampire hunter made the dark haired champion to look at him questioning. “That bad?”

“You could say that man.” The dark skinned man responded as he fell into his seat a depressive air around him.

“What happened Gunn?” Wesley questioned as he slid into his own seat looking at his companion curiously as the others all slid into their own seats around the table as they prepared to go through the next bunch of files that the lawyer had brought for them to examine.

“Well it seems that word of mouth is getting around for our work.” Gunn grumbled to the others as he leaned back and glared at the pile of folders. He sent one more glare at the final folder before he climbed to his feet. “Might as well clear your schedules ya’ll, we got us a plane to catch.” The young man said as he began leading the group out of the room.

“A plane, and why do we have a plane to catch sweetums?” Lorne asked as he and the others followed after the lawyer.

Gunn looked at his friends humorlessly. “Because, we got to go to Gotham that’s why.” He grumbled at the group. “It seems that someone there talked and now everyone else and their dog wants us to represent them and it’s just easier for us to just head down there than to do it from here. The police explained that to many of the people that want to hire us are flight risks and that if we really want to represent these folks then we got to do it from there.

“Yeah this is great.” Eve said from where she was standing appearing behind Fred who squeaked in fear. “The Senior Partners are really excited about this one actually they’ve been looking for a way to get their foot in the door in the legal system that’s Gotham. It’s been a bit of a pain the last few years to get it done. Thanks to your work though we’ll finally be able to do all of the things that we’ve been wanting to do with that town. Some of the people there are dark enough that they might even sell their souls without even needing a whole lot of persuasion. So do try and make all of these deals to work out please this could really help us out after all.”

Angel growled at the representative for Wolfram and Hart. We really don’t need you telling us what’s good for us. He informed the woman.

“Oh but come on, you know that I’m right.” The woman returned to him with her superior smirk enjoying getting a rise out of the Master Vampire. “So shall we go?”

“What?” Angel said pausing and turning to look at the woman in disbelief as if he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“You heard me shall we go?” Eve returned her smirk growing into a cocky grin. “The limo is waiting in the garage with all of your basics anything else that you might need we can have delivered or we can buy. So I say again shall we go.”

“And what makes you think that we’re going to go with you tagging along?” Wesley asked curiously as he observed the woman.

“Because, I’m your main connection with the Senior Partners that’s why.” The woman returned to the former Watcher as if it was rather simple. The others looked at Angel who reluctantly nodded his head at them. “See, now was that really so hard? Maybe we’ll be lucky and meet the Batman I hear he’s as dramatic as you are boss man.” The young woman mocked as she led the group toward the elevator.

The group made their way into the building. The prison was set up so that it was overlooking the city. Angel looked over his shoulder and saw the gothic structures of the city. This place screamed darkness yet surprisingly there seemed to be little in the manner of a supernatural presence here. It was as if the place was trying to show the levels that humanity could sink to. He looked up into the sky and saw the image of a Bat hovering in the sky. A part of him yearned to head for the light to meet the Dark Knight of the regular world. He shook his head though as he turned away from the sight that called toward him and entered into the depths of Arkam Asylum.

Eve smiled approvingly at Angel as she led them toward the front desk. This place here has such a great feel to it. The woman said brightly smiling as if she was entering a spa or chocolate factory.

Gunn ignored the woman as he drew up to the desk.” Hey I have a list of people that have requested our services. We are here to conduct interviews to see if it’s worth our time.” The lawyer said as he presented his paperwork and credentials.

The man nodded as he took a glance at the list. The man lost his balance as he stared at the paper. “You want to willingly be placed in the same room as these psychos?” The man asked in disbelief as he stared at the group before him as if they could do with time in cell themselves. “You do realize that most of these people would just as soon as kill you as they would look at you right? I mean this is insane.”

“Were you not prepared for us?” Gunn questioned the man. “When I talked with the Doctors in charge of the cases here they were fine with this and thought that it would be better if they went and did it all at once causing as little disturbance in the schedule as possible.”

“Maybe, but still these are some of the worst in the lot that you got there and you want them to go one after another?” The man shook his head. “I hope you know what you’re getting yourselves into. I also hope that you all have your will done out as well.”

The man was interrupted from his trying to scare them away as a woman in a white lab coat skipped in. “Why hello you must be the Wolfram & Hart people. Joker’s talked all about you.” The woman said with a cheery grin that had the group on edge.

“And who are you sugar plum?” Lorne asked as he intercepted the woman before any of the others did anything stupid.

“Oh silly me, Dr. Harleen Francis Quinzel.” The woman said with a smile as she offered a bewildered Fred her hand. “I’d show you around but I promised Joker that I would talk with him today. See you later.” The woman said with a wave as she disappeared around the corner.

“Okay that was just wrong man, there is something just wrong with her.” Gunn told the others as he watched the retreating figure. “There is just no way that someone should be that happy, particularly when they’re going to talk with the Joker of all people. That guy is beyond creepy even by my standards.”

“Ah there’s nothing wrong with her.” The man said as he gestured them into a room. “That’s just her way. Sickening sweet and all that. You can use these offices for while you review the cases.”

“Fine, send the first one on the list in when we call for them.” Gunn informed the man as he began sorting through the files.

“Alright, the man said as he headed out.

The L.A group took their seats around a table. “Alright Gunn, just who do we have first?” Angel questioned the lawyer impatiently.

The lawyer sighed as he passed all of them their folders. “Our first person goes by the name Bane real name unknown. He attempted to take over the criminal element of Gotham by stealing a weapons shipment from the military, incited a jailbreak and riot from Arkham, he’s also got a rap sheet for other crimes murder, attempted murder, gun running, assault, murder for hire, and organized crime. From what the files say he’s one of the Batman’s dancing partners most of the time According to our boy’s records he was quite the maniac something of a prodigy when it comes to crime. Grew up in a prison and became the monster he is now. From what I can tell he was born in prison and then because his dad was dead they had him serve his dad’s sentence. Something that’s not legal I might add and might be able to use in some way.”

“For the sins of the father.” Wesley quoted sadly as he realized what that meant for the person they were dealing with.

“Yeah, something like that.” The former hood confirmed to the others. “He also has several counts of using some uncontrollable drug known simply as Venom. From what the records say it’s a performance enhancer makes a person super strong fast and durable.”

“How strong is super strong?” Fred questioned curiously.

Gunn glared at the files. “It seems to vary depending on the amount of the drug used the basic of vampire strength and upward. Hell I think some of the results have him nearly at the level of the Beast or Jasmine while under the affects of the drug. One of the long term affects of the drug is an increase in muscle mass though.”

“Show him in then, let’s get this over with.” Angel told the group.

Gunn nodded and pushed a button. “Send in the first prisoner if you please.” There was a buzzing sound and the doors opened to reveal a man that was likely as tall if not taller than the Beast he was dressed all in a muscle shirt baggy pants and wearing a lucha libre mask much like the mail room clerk at Wolfram & Hart.

“Hola, seneors seniorita.” The large man said it was as he strode into the room that they noticed the chains that were wrapped around his arms and legs that slowed him down. Four guards stood around the man uncomfortably as they watched the man.

“You can go now.” Angel told the men waving them off.

“Sir, it is our responsibility to insure he doesn’t kill anyone.” A guard protested. “This is the guy that nearly took out the Batman.”

“He’ll be fine.” Angel returned to the man.

“Very well, as long as you are aware of the risks then sir.” The guards then moved around and connected his chains to the wall and floor. “If he does get out, this way you might get a few moments to scream and we might get here in time.”

Angel chuckled a bit at the guards that were eyeing the prisoner with fear as he shifted his weight. The men shot the vampire a look before they left. Bane jerked against his chains but the only ones to react were Fred and Lorne. “It’ll take a bit more than that to impress us.” The vampire informed the large criminal.

“Yeah, now settle yourself down. You’re the one that asked us to come remember?” Gunn reminded the criminal in annoyance.

“You’ll have to forgive me senors, but I like to know just what type of people it is that I’m dealing with. Too often have I seen men act brave when the guards are around yet when they are gone they become spineless weaklings.” Bane said as he calmly found a place to stand now that he had figured that the people here were more than just a lot of hot air.

“Not that I’m complaining mind you, but why do they allow you to wear a mask?” Lorne questioned as he observed the giant figure curiously.

“The doctors believe that it will help the patients if they are allowed to continue dressing in their clothes of choice.” The wrestler explained to the demon.

“Hmm a most interesting theory, I wonder if I can get a cell here part time so that I can walk around without any worries.” The demon said as he observed the man in his costume.

“Judging by your own wardrobe I would say that you and the Joker have similar tailors.”

“Not now Lorne.” Angel told the demon before he turned toward the wrestler. “Why did you request our services?” The vampire questioned the crime lord.

“It’s very simple really senor Angel, I want the best and when you consider how much they’re letting Joker off with after your work I figured that you had to be better than anything that I had managed to hire and you were less likely to care whether I tried to take over the criminal underworld. The man explained to them.”

“Fine whatever,” Gunn said not liking that the man before them thought that there services were so easy to buy. “According to this they’re going to be trying you for stealing a weapons shipment from the military, incited a jailbreak and riot from Arkham, you’ve also got a rap sheet for other crimes murder, attempted murder, gun running, arson, assault, murder for hire, and organized crime. Some of these crimes would have had at least eight years old when you did them though.”

“Yes, back then no one questioned having a teddy bear it was a great place to hide blades.” The criminal said with fondness getting a horrified look from Fred.

“Well, since all you were trying to do with your abilities and skills was to take over a small portion of the area I don’t see any reason that we can actually deny you representation.” Gunn looked hopefully at the others. “Do any of you have any reason to deny Mr. Bane here our services?”

“Can’t say that I can,” Fred returned to him disappointedly. “I wouldn’t mind getting a sample of your drug and examining it and seeing if it has any possible uses other than increasing muscle mass though.”

“I will consider it.” Bane said to her.

“Fine, all those who say that we represent Mr. Bane then?” Angel said and looked reluctant as he saw everyone raise their hands. He really hoped this didn’t mean that they were going to have to go through all of this all over again. He would really like to turn some of this crowd away from the table.

“Well looks like we’re in then.” Gunn said. “The jury won’t be nice to you, but we can use the fact that you were born and falsely imprisoned for your entire life for crimes that your father committed. That knife in your bear wasn’t a murder weapon it was the only way to protect yourself.” Gunn told the man. “A sob story like that will have them eating out of our hands in a matter of minutes. People will think South America is the lowest of the lows for allowing this to happen as well.”

Bane laughed a bit at this. “Very devious my friend, I think that I will enjoy working with you for this case. And after all of this is done I shall return and deal with the Bat. Next time I will ensure that there is no way for him to rise from the grave as he did in our first encounter, next time I shall be the victor.” The man swore to the group from Los Angeles.

“Yeah, yeah.” Gunn returned.

“Guards,” Angel called out, “come take your prisoner back to his cell.” The men opened the door and were shocked to see the crime lord simply sitting there cool as can be. He climbed to his feet and flexed his muscles laughing a bit as the security personal flinched.

"Yet another mark against the good guys.” Wesley said sadly as the man was led away.
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