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Do The Hokey Pokey

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Summary: Various one-shots and plot bunnies that I doubt I'll ever write into full stories. Mostly AU.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Buffy-CenteredyoyoenteFR1842,422042,29027 Aug 1014 Mar 11No

And a Step to the Left

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of its characters. I only borrow them occasionally for fun.

And a Step to the Left

Whistler winced as he watched the Slayer dive through the portal. He knew, in general terms, what awaited her on the other side, and did not envy the blonde her adventure.

Several hours later a hand reached up through the still open portal. Teenagers and young adults crawled their way out of that hell hole.

Whistler swelled with pride. This was his Slayer. The one he’d chosen to watch over and guide. She had such spunk, such life, that he couldn’t help but be drawn to her.

He frowned as the portal closed. The connection he had with the Slayer, allowing him to sense some of her stronger emotions and find her, muted. Suddenly the only thing he could get from it was the fact that she was still alive.

A small group of the teenagers that had waited, presumably for his Slayer to follow, sagged in despair and guilt. They waited, despite their obvious sorrow, for almost two hours before one of them convinced the others to leave. He spoke of the time difference, of a decade having by then passed.

Whistler jerked at the statement. He’d known the flow of time differentiated between dimensions, but he hadn’t known it was quite that extreme.

Even knowing it was probably useless, he hunkered down to wait.

If nothing else, stubbornness was a trait he shared with his charge.


After twelve hours Whistler couldn’t help but be both amazed and a little worried. He’d never heard of a Slayer living past 25, let alone 50.

He knew that over time and with each new challenge a Slayer’s powers grew. How much more powerful would a Slayer be who’d lived that long be?

And would her having already died once make a difference? Would she grow in power more quickly, more slowly, or not at all?


At the thirty hour mark Whistler was officially terrified. He knew she was alive; their tie told him, but with it muted from the dimensional distance, he couldn’t tell more besides that.

When the portal opened again, Whistler couldn’t help but gulp and step back, invisible though he was.

He was worried.

And rightly so.

From the pool-like portal jumped a figure he recognized easily, which worried him even more, because she looked only maybe a decade older.

Before he could do anything but gape, her eyes landed on him. The Slayer stalked towards him, pure predator, at the same time, waving a hand and shutting down the inter-dimensional portal behind her.

Oh yeah, Whistler thought fearfully, worried is the right emotion.
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