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Apples, Trees and Roots

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Black Heir". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith never thought she’d become somebody’s family or The collected Black family reacts to their newest ‘misplaced’ member.

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyJmariaFR151831,1421112371,51628 Aug 1025 Apr 13No

Why Am I Always Right?

Title: Apples, Trees and Roots
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: J.K. and Joss own all. I own battered copies of their collected works.
Spoilers: Season 7, book 5, my ficlet Numb the Pain.
Summary: Faith never thought she’d become somebody’s family or The collected Black family reacts to their newest ‘misplaced’ member.
A/N: The battle is in the next chapter. Dear God. I promise for real this time.

Apples, Trees and Roots
Why Am I Always Right?

Lucius Malfoy paced across the room, his eyes traveling nervously to the fireplace every three seconds. Narcissa should have reported back by now. But she was away dealing with her infernal Coven. Curse Walburga Black’s crazed and inbred mind for putting that Coven in his wife’s care. That was the reason Draco had to suffice as his only heir. She’d insisted that she hadn’t the time to deal with another simpering infant to care for while she had her Aunt’s work to uphold. Considering how his son had turned out, Lucius had a feeling he’d have been better off insisting on a spare.

“Wherever is our dear little Cissy?” Bellatrix sneered as she reentered the room. Her two pets followed her loyally - the brothers Lestrange shadowed their prize constantly. The only exception was when she was in the company of the Dark Lord.

“Coven business -”

“Still? What have they got to decide now? What stupid Muggle girl is up on the executioners block next? Mind you, ridding the world of their filth one at a time is a bit stupid. Auntie Wally always was a bit touched,” Bella cackled.

“Yes,” Lucius couldn’t help but agree with his in-law.

Lucius listened as Bellatrix outlined the Dark Lord’s plans, and continued to ignore the niggling fact that he hadn’t heard from his wife in over twenty-four hours. Coven business had taken days at a time to handle before. It was nothing unusual. But he still couldn’t fight that tingle of dread that it just might be a bad omen.



Faith couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was going down. Other than the fact that she was about to have a face to face confrontation with Regulus for what he’d set it motion. It was easier when she’d known it wouldn’t end in a gut-wrenching conversation. You couldn’t punch the unconscious for being a bag of dicks, after all. And Cousin Esteban was annoying the shit out of her as well.

“Foreshadowing, that’s a gift the Blacks had?” Faith asked after Esteban said for the tenth time that it was impossible for Faith to have visited her uncle. She really wanted to deck him.

“Uh,” Andromeda frowned. “In the older line. There hasn’t been one in at least three generations. Great-grandmother Black had a touch, but it was for silly things like when the Floo Network would be down or when frost would hit the gardens.”

“It’s predominate in the Vanhoughten line,” Esteban offered from the front seat of the car that had been waiting to take them to the hospital that Regulus had been in for the last sixteen years. “Although, a lot of them had the hindsight as well.”

“What?” Faith narrowed her eyes at him.

“It’s how our family made their fortune in the new world,” Esteban shrugged. “Go to a place, meditate and find ancient artifacts that’ll prove to be worth a fortune. A lot of the current batch of witches and wizards have that particular knack.”

“That’s not why I’m dreaming about my past,” Faith shook her head. “The bindings snapped -”

“On all of your powers,” Esteban rolled his eyes. “You’re remembering snippets of your past when you’re talking with your family, right?”

“Yeah,” she said slowly.

“And you’re probably dreaming of your buried past in more detail. When Belly came into her powers -”

“Hold up, you know someone named Belly?” Faith caught his eyes in the rearview mirror.

“My cousin, Belinda.”

“Damn, no wonder she likes to be called Belly.”

“We did call her Carlisle for a while,” he joked.

“You think this is a manifestation of the Vanhoughten gifts? Because of the latency in the Squib line?” Andromeda cleared her throat, not eager to go on this tangent.

“Could be. We could speculate for a lifetime and still not know why she claims to know what she can’t possibly know,” Esteban shrugged, putting the car in park. “We’re here.”

Faith ignored all the speculating bullshit and followed them out of the car. She remembered this place. Long hallways with pale yellow linoleum and Catholic imagery splashed across them. Pained images of Christ on walls that looked clean from afar, but looked filthy up close. Channeling much, Faith shook her head. Whole fucking Black clan could be summed up in that image.

“He’s -”

“Corner room, end of the hall. Third floor,” Faith cut off Esteban.

“Yes,” he cleared his throat and led the way.


Andromeda touched her shoulder gently, pulling her away from her thoughts. Worry lined her face, but if it was over her or over Regulus, Faith couldn’t be sure. It was weird, having people actually give a shit over her. Other than D or Xan these days. They’d fucking latched onto her. Nonstop with the texting. Her phone pinged more than B’s these days.

“I’m five by five,” Faith shrugged her hand off and didn’t even hesitate at the doorway.



They couldn’t wait for damned Narcissa anymore. The Potter whelp had taken the bait, and was ripe for the plucking. Their Lord would take what was rightfully theirs. Bellatrix cackled madly as she made her entrance, ready to prove her worth to her beloved master. The boy would die, as would any of that damned Order of whitehats that stood in her Lord’s way. She would see to it.
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