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Congratulations Xander It's a Ketchum

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Pokemon I Choose You!". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Ash Ketchum learns a little bit about his father. A pity Mewtwo went and erased his memories of the whole thing...

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Anime > PokemonSithicusFR711,2222142,93128 Aug 1028 Aug 10Yes
Author's Notes: This is part the second of a brand new fun-fest idea I cooked up. The first part will be posted later as a sort of Prequel - it's going to be much longer than this one and I'm working on a rough draft version at the same time as I'm working on more of Horde Prime. So it'll take a while before all your questions are answered. For example, How Xander wound up in the Pokemon Universe and all that.

But anyway, Read and Enjoy.

P.S.: I envision the Buffyverse as a Dark Dimesnion/Reality and the Pokeverse a Light Dimension/Reality - so when the gang's in the Pokeverse believe me there will be no dark demony crap to bother them. Just Trainers who want to battle and other stuff.

Disclaimer: All things Buffy belongs to Joss and M.E Productions. The Pokemon Anime and all characters belong to Nintendo of America and Creatures Inc. They are used as part of a fanfiction with no ill intentions or misuses intended... And the author claims nothing otherwise concerning the ownership issues of these characters. So... Gotta Catch'em All!

Ash Ketchum was dead – his body had seemingly turned to stone after being struck by the combined blast of Mew and Mewtwo – in reality however something else had happened.

Space, Time, Antimatter these three abstracts are represented by three legendary Pokemon in the world of Pokemon. And all three of them have observed Ash’s life from beginning to end – this is not his time to die.

Of course nobody observing these events is aware of this. Not at the moment – they are still early in their Pokemon Journey and have not learned of the existence of most of the Pokemon in other regions.

However that does not mean that these Pokemon are unaware of the events surrounding Ash Ketchum – Ash is after all The Chosen One. But if he has not perished at the hands of Mew and Mewtwo, then the question remains. What has happened to Ash?

Ash blinked in confusion wondering where he was and how he’d gotten there – all he knew was that he’d been about to get hit by a psychic blast from the cloned Pokemon Mewtwo and the Legendary Pokemon Mew – and now he was standing in a strange room where a brunette woman was taking a bath.

“AH!” Ash screamed quickly covering his eyes. “I’m sorry, lady, I didn’t see anything! I didn’t mean to see anything! I’m… Not on New Island,” Ash said glancing around at the bathroom confused.

“That you ain’t,” a voice said from behind.

Ash spun around to find a darker haired older woman standing in the doorway with a sword in one hand. She was dressed in leather pants and a halter top and she was smirking.

“Should we be worried, little D?” she asked the younger woman in the bath tub.

“I don’t think so,” the woman said.

Ash heard the sound of dripping water and forced himself not to turn around. He may have been ten years old – well actually he had, had a birthday since starting his journey so he was eleven now – but that didn’t mean he was crazy enough to try and look at some strange woman in the nude. Besides he didn’t like girls like Brock did.

“You wanna explain how you got here, kid?” the sword wielding woman asked.

“I don’t know!” Ash admitted. “I was with my Pokemon dealing with Mewtwo, but… I don’t know how I got here!” he said lowering his head with a sigh.

“Pokemon?” the woman from the tub asked as she circled into his view wearing a towel. “So you’re from that dimension Xander visited,” she said with a smile.

“Dimension?” Ash repeated confused. “Xander?” he added. “Hey! That’s my dad’s name… mom said he was on a Pokemon Journey and a great trainer, that’s why I promised to myself that I’d be the best Pokemon Trainer of all time!” Ash said with a determined expression.

“Xander… is the name of your father?” the towel clad woman asked slowly.

Ash nodded. “Yeah, Xander Ketchum!” Ash declared proudly.

The sword wielding woman smirked. “Sounds like Xander hasn’t been as forthcoming as he could have,” she remarked playfully.

“Huh?” Ash wondered.

Both women turned to him to ask more questions, but Ash had become transparent – his physical presence in this dimension was tenuous at best since his life was at an important point in time.

Palkia was calling Ash back to the point in space from which he’d been taken and replaced by the stone statue – Dialga had sent Ash to this moment in time with the aid of Giratina because the boy’s father would play a pivotal role in the future and he needed to be aware of the existence of his son.

“Hey! What’s going on?” Ash demanded as he felt his body start to fade.

“Search us, kid,” the sword wielding woman told the boy.

“Wait! How do you know my father?” Ash asked a desperate hitch in his tone.

Before either of the two women could answer him he flickered and vanished completely. Ash Ketchum returned to the exact place in space he’d been when he was struck by Mewtwo’s blast – Pikachu was crying thinking he’d died.

Shaking off the questions the strange experience had caused Ash hugged Pikachu – he’d have time later to try and figure out where he’d been and who he’d been talking to. Unless someone – you know – erased his memories.

“So… who get’s to tell Xander?” Dawn asked eyeing Faith warily.

Faith put her sword down now that there was no danger to Dawn – Willow’s wards and alert spells were definitely handy to have around the girl. Faith pulled a coin out of her pocket. “Flip you for it,” she offered.

Dawn frowned and offered a slight nod. “Ok, but I’m flipping the coin,” she stated.

“What’s the matter, Dawn? Don’t trust me?” Faith asked with a grin.

“Oh I trust you, Faith, it’s the coin I’m having trouble believing in,” Dawn stated reaching out for the coin.

Faith smirked and reached into her pocket a second time fishing out a second coin. “You know me too well, Little D,” she said.

“I learned from the best,” Dawn reminded taking the coin out of Faith’s hand and studying it carefully to make sure it wasn’t double sided.

“Gotta admit though, Xander’s kid is a real cutie,” Faith observed. “Think he’s got the same problem with ladies that our Xander has?” she asked curiously.

Dawn flipped the coin in the air. “Call it,” she said.

“Heads,” Faith said.

The coin landed in Dawn’s hand and she flipped it over onto the back of her left hand. “Damn,” she cursed once she saw the results of their contest.

“Want the sword?” Faith asked holding up her weapon.

Dawn shook her head. “Charizard will just melt it anyway, and I’m not paying to replace it,” she told the second oldest Slayer in existence.

“What about my earlier question?” Faith asked.

Dawn giggled. “He’s a Harris isn’t he?” she asked in return.

Faith nodded. “True. I don’t think we should let him know that part though – kids act funny when they find out they’re the result of birth out of wedlock and I’d hate to ruin whatever stories his mom has told him about his dad,” she said.

Dawn nodded. “Right… Now how about you get out so I can finish my bath?” she suggested. “If I’m going to be telling Xander he’s got a son to get back to in that other dimension he went to I’m going to be clean and feel good, which means no demon goop,” Dawn stated arms crossed over her chest.

Faith turned and walked out of the bathroom closing the door behind her. “Wicked,” she said to herself. “This time I’m goin’ with Xander and pickin’ up one of those fire type Pokemon for myself,” she added. “Gotta love what they do to the vamps.” Faith grinned mischievously and headed back to what she was doing in the Scottish Castle they’d set up.

The End? Or Maybe The Beginning…

The End

You have reached the end of "Congratulations Xander It's a Ketchum". This story is complete.

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