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Change Of Destinies, Again

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Summary: Post season 7 of Buffy and season 8 of Charmed. does not follow comics. The Scooby gang moves to SF because of Willow.

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The Elders Visit

The Elders Visit
Disclaimer: I do not own Charmed, Buffy, or any of the characters in the shows.

AN/ this is my first fanfiction so please tell me what you think.

It had been a long couple of months for the sisters. What with loved ones being frozen and unfrozen, only to be taken away again. Then given back, again. New charges, turned friend, turned into their toughest battle yet. Only to have her help save the day in the end. For two sisters finding love right in the middle of it all. To say they had a long couple of months would be putting it mildly. But that was all over now. Or at least they hope it is.

It had been two days since the final battle had taken place and Piper had made a spectacular lunch to celebrate the end of their demon fighting days, and them all making it through. Leo was sitting at the head of the table with Wyatt then Chris to his right and Piper to his left. Paige was sitting next to Chris helping him eat his food. Paige's husband Henry was next to her. Phoebe was next to Piper and with her boyfriend Coop next to her. At the Foot of the table sat Victor.

Billie had left to try and deal with killing her sister in self-defense. As well to try and find herself again. Before she left she told the sisters she would come back and try to make amends for her betrayal.

The conversation had turned to the future when they heard jingles and saw swirling blue lights signaling the arrival of a white-lighter. When the orbs stop a woman who looked to be in her forties with shoulder length light brown hair stood near Victor.

"Hello, my name is Tammy," the white-lighter said in a kind voice.

Piper was the first to respond to the intruder, "Yea, hi. What the hell do you want?"

"Piper, she's an elder," scolded her youngest sister.

"So that doesn’t mean a damn thing to me. Not after all they put me and Leo through," Piper replied angrily.

Paige was about to say something when Tammy put her hand up to stop her. "It's alright Paige. I was well aware that my coming here might not be received well, but if you'll give me the time, you'll only be slightly irritated with me," she said with a smirk.

“Piper let’s hear what she has to say,” said Leo.

“Leo…”she began but was interrupted.

“Piper, Leo’s right. Let’s hear what she has to say. The Elders have already started to make amends for what they did in the past. If they hadn’t, I wouldn’t have Coop,” Phoebe spoke up this time looking at Coop with a smile on her face.

“Fine, but if you piss me off I’m basting your ass back to where you came from,” Piper said pointing her finger at the Elder.

“All I ask for is your time,” Tammy began calmly. “As you know your last battle was your final battle as just the Charmed Ones. You fought…”

“Wait, what do you mean as JUST the Charmed Ones?” Phoebe interrupted her.

“It means we’re not done like they said we would be,” Piper said her voice clearly saying I told you so.

“Sort of,” Replied the Elder.

“What do you mean sort of?” Asked Paige.

“Girls, why don’t we let you Tammy talk?" Asked Leo softly.

“Fine” the sisters replied grumpily.

“You have completed your charmed destiny. From now on you will only be facing low level demons every once and a while, however you will be assisting a group who call themselves the Scoobies with their kind on demons,” the elder said smirking again.

“Scoobies, what kind of a name is the Scoobies,” Phoebe asked rhetorically.

“You’ll find out by week’s end,” Answered the elder. Piper made an annoyed sound, and mumbled ‘stupid elders’.

“Is that all you had to tell them?” Henry asked speaking up for the first time.

“No” Tammy said with a smirk that seemed permanently fixed on her face. “You are receiving a reward for your services.” She stopped talking knowing that she was going to be interrupted again, and sure enough Phoebe asked enthusiastically, “What reward?”

“I can’t tell you. It’s a surprise. All I can say is that your reward will be here by week’s end, and it is all legit,” the elder stated.

Paige was the first to respond,"Is that all?”

“No it’s not. A new whitelighter is being assigned to the next generation. You also might want to make room here. You’re going to need it. That is all I can say for now, but I promise all will be explained with time. I must be going. Oh, and you might want to turn the TV on. Goodbye.” She said then disappeared.

It was quiet for only a minute before all three sisters started talking at once. ‘Piper was saying about stupid elders and cryptic messages.’ ‘Phoebe was wondering aloud about the reward they were going to be receiving and why they would need more room.’ While Paige was grumbling about a new whitelighter taking over her territory. None of the men however could follow what they were saying, so Coop whistled to get their attention. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige looked around the table wearing matching looks on their faces. Mumbling sorry to them.

“That’s alright girls. How bought we put the boys down for their naps before we continue?” He put out there looking at the boys who had sat through the elder’s visit quietly eating. “Hey buddies, are you done eating?”

“Yes Daddy.” Both boys replied.

“Good job. Are you ready for your nap?” he asked them.

“NO!” Chris responded with fierceness. Wyatt however looked around the table at everyone before say, “No, I want to stay and find out what’s going on.”

“Aw, buddy what if we promise to let you know what’s going on after your nap?” Asked Piper. Wyatt seemed satisfied with this. He grabbed his little brother’s hand, said goodnight, and orbed out.

“I’ll go make sure they’re in bed,” Henry said as he got up from the table. Piper yelled thank you as he went up the stairs.

“Did any of that make any sense to you?” Asked Victor speaking for the first time since Tammy showed up.

“No daddy, but I think we should turn the TV on,” Phoebe said. They all moved into the living room. Piper, Leo, Phoebe and Coop squeezed onto the couch, while Paige and Victor sat in the arm chairs across from them. Leo reached for the remote that was on the coffee table. As soon as he turned it on they saw what looked like an over view of a giant hole, and the caption at the bottom of the screen saying ‘Earthquake destroys the entire town of Sunnydale Ca.

“That’s were a hellmouth is located,” Leo said frantically, jumping up from his spot on the couch. “This is not good. We need to find out what happened.”

“No, I don’t think we have to. Tammy said that those Scoobies were going to be coming. This happening on the same day an elder coming to give us the heads up on their arrival is not a coincidence. I think we’ll find out when they get here,” Coop finished, looking at the girls for their approval.

“I agree with Coop. Let’s wait to see how this plays out before we go looking for trouble,” Piper said as she pulls her husband back down on the couch next to her.

“Um, Leo,” Phoebe began hesitantly not wanting to make Leo hyper again knowing how he gets. “What is a hellmouth and why are you freaking out?”

“A hellmouth is a location of mystical energy. It is exactly how it sounds a mouth of hell. When a hellmouth is opened it releases very old demons. Unleashing hell on earth. These demons are nothing like the ones you have faced. I’m not even sure if your powers would work on them. No Halliwell has ever faced one before. Demons and warlocks that you have faced are drawn to you powers,” Leo said, much to Phoebe’s delight, calmly.

“So what you’re saying is the demons we fight are not the same type of demons the Scoobies fight,” asked Paige. Leo nodded. “Oh, so that’s what she meant when she said their demons,” She said more to herself then the group.

“Leo,” Piper began. “We’ve been doing this for eight years now, and we’re just now learning about this, why?”

“The two worlds don’t cross that often. If the elder’s are putting us on this path then I think two are going to start to intertwine.” Leo said matter-of-factly to his wife.

Paige snorted, “Next you’re going to tell us Harry Potter and his world are real to,” she sarcastically. Leo gave her an ‘I’m not touching that one’ look, which Phoebe took as conformation.

“HE’S REAL! All those mentions of Harry Potter over the years and you’re JUST now telling us he’s real!” Leo just shrugged his shoulders at her. “And why am I even surprised. Of course he’s real. Why wouldn’t he be real? Are anything in our lives going to be normal?” She babbled to herself.

Henry walked into the room sitting on the arm of Paige’s chair. “The boys are out. So what'd I miss?” He asked.

“An earthquake destroyed Sunnydale. Which is a hellmouth.” Said Piper.

“There are demons out there that we have never faced.” Said Paige.

“Harry Potter’s real.” Said Phoebe.

Henry just looked confused but already used to this he just said, “OK.” Making a mental note to ask Paige later. They sat in silence for a few minutes going over everything in their heads before the silence was broken.

“Your lives are complicated.” Said Victor speaking up for the first since moving to the living room.

“Yup, I’m going to clean up from lunch,” said Piper

“Ok, we’ll help.” Said Phoebe getting up from her spot motioning for Paige to follow.
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