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Xander and Delia

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Pokemon I Choose You!". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander Harris finds himself in a wonderous land where monsters are stored in balls and used to battle one another in friendly competitions.

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Anime > PokemonSithicusFR1526,9673165,40330 Aug 107 Sep 10No

Saffron Jennys and Dinner Plottings

Author's Notes: A shorter chapter than the first, but I didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket - or all the fun scenes in one place. Hope ya'll enjoy this short - yet fun-filled chapter.

Xander Harris had been sent by Professor Oak to Saffron City – the largest city in the Kanto region according to some – though it was debatable if that was accurate. Xander didn’t have a map on hand so he couldn’t be sure – plus he wasn’t a native to this dimension so it wasn’t that hard for him to just go with it – accept that what the sign said was true.

The language around here was a little bit harder to pin down – some of it gave the appearance that everyone spoke and read Japanese Kanji, but then there was the fact that he was speaking perfect English and could understand everyone as speaking such.

He had to figure that maybe – just maybe – the higher power which sent him to this place was actually granting him the ability to instantly translate languages in his mind. Or something like that.

Today he was in Saffron to meet with the scientists of Silph Co. He had the plans for Professor Oak’s Pokedex in his pack and he was supposed to present it to the techies so they could begin mass producing the smaller sized versions that Oak had finally perfected. Every new Pokemon Trainer was going to be given the chance to own a handy-dandy – one of a kind – portable encyclopedia on all things Pokemon.

And Xander was the one helping it all happen. Kind of off the wall to be perfectly honest – it was one of the last things he’d ever expected to do in his lifetime.

“Tentacool!” a Pokemon cried out from somewhere to Xander’s left.

“Hang in there, Tentacool!” a young trainer’s voice said nervously.

Xander turned curious gaze on the Pokemon Trainer battle happening nearby – a large fountain sat in a small courtyard with a Pokemon squid inside of it. Tentacool was a water-type Pokemon – and not especially good as a choice for battling on land.

The two trainers were both boys – one of them had a spiky hairdo while the other one had ordinary looking hair – as far as styles went. Xander was interested in witnessing the outcome of a Pokemon battle. If he was going to be forced into participating with any trainers wanting to challenge him – well he’d need to know what to expect.

The boy with the Tentacool appeared to have a disadvantage – Tentacool was fighting the grass type Bellsprout, but although the grass-type had an advantage over Tentacool’s water-type it was still protected somewhat by its dual type.

Still it was obvious that Tentacool couldn’t last much longer – Xander suspected that the match was all but over. And he wasn’t far wrong – the thing was it didn’t end the way he’d expected it to.

Tentacool’s trainer ordered Tentacool to use Wrap – Bellsprout was trapped in Tentacool’s tentacles and squeezed.

Bellsprout’s trainer told his Pokemon to hold on and counter with a Vine Whip, Bind Combo. Bellsprout’s attack didn’t work as it couldn’t maneuver while trapped in Tentacool’s grasp.

Tentacool’s trainer ordered it to use the move Acid – ordinarily this move wouldn’t affect Bellsprout too badly because Bellsprout shared Tentacool’s dual type of Poison. However trapped as he or she was Bellsprout was close enough to actually suffer damage from the Acid attack.

Bellsprout wavered slightly and then it collapsed. It was badly poisoned.

“No, Bellsprout!” its trainer cried out.

“Great job, Tentacool, we won!” Tentacool’s trainer praised.

“Bellsprout, return,” the other boy said despondently.

“Cheer up, you fought really great,” Tentacool’s trainer said encouragingly. “It was a close match,” he added.

Bellsprout’s trainer nodded and smiled. “Yeah. Well I’d better get to the Pokemon Centre and Nurse Joy, Bellsprout needs a good rest and some antidote,” he added.

“What about my winnings?” Tentacool’s trainer asked.

Xander blinked at the question. “Winnings?” he repeated curiously.

“Here!” Bellsprout’s trainer said with a smile. “One hundred and fifty Poke Dollars, just as we agreed.”

Xander stared open mouthed as the money exchanged hands and the trainers left – he could barely believe what had just happened. “Ten year old kids walk around with that kind of cash and just give it out when they lose a Pokemon Battle?” he blurted knowing he wouldn’t receive an answer.

“Yes, they do,” a woman said from behind him.

Xander spun in surprise and found a blue haired woman in uniform on a motorbike with a blue haired girl in the side-car also dressed in a similar police woman’s uniform. “Uh… I wasn’t going to rob them if that’s what you were thinking,” he said absently rubbing the back of his neck with his left hand.

The woman smiled. “I didn’t expect you would,” she said.

The girl in the side car giggled. “Everybody knows that money isn’t all that important,” she said.

“Huh?” Xander said eyeing the girl mystified.

“You’re not from around here are you?” the police woman asked suspiciously.

“America,” Xander instantly replied.

“Oh,” the police woman said as though that were explanation enough. “Well here in Kanto everyone has all the money they’ll ever need – you see Meowth learns the move Pay Day and wild Meowth are known to use that move quite often. We gather up the discarded coins from Meowth’s payday as part of the government’s policies and distribute it evenly among the populace. Even so we have more money than we know what to do with,” the woman finished with a sigh and a shake of her head.

“I’m Officer Jenny, can I help you?” the girl asked suppressing another giggle at Xander’s expression.

“Sweetie, you know I’m Officer Jenny until you pass your final exams in school,” the police woman reminded with a soft smile.

“Sorry, mommy,” Jenny returned.

Xander shook his head and cleared it of the disbelief he was experiencing at having been told that – basically everyone in Pokemon World was rich beyond the dreams of avarice – and so they didn’t really have to worry about poverty or greed.

He took a moment to centre his thoughts and then smiled at Officer Jenny and her daughter Jenny – that was another thing he had a hard time wrapping his head around – apparently there were a group of women that were bred exclusively to be police officers and they all shared the name Jenny and the exact same look.

There was also a group of women specifically bred to be Pokemon Centre nurses and all shared the name Joy. Xander suspected that some kind of human cloning had to be involved – yet cloning was impossible even for the advanced sciences of the Pokemon world – so perhaps it was more like AI androids that all shared the same body type.

That didn’t explain how Officer Jenny could have a daughter named Jenny that actually looked like a little girl – unless in order not to wig people out the designer had decided to breed the robots like… well people by mass producing child, teenager, and adult women designs. Nobody ever actually saw an Officer Jenny grow old – she seemed to peter out at thirty or so as far as ages were concerned and stopped aging after that.

“I was just heading to Silph Co. for Professor Oak,” Xander finally stopped musing on things and told the nice police woman what he was doing in Saffron.

“In that case. Hop on!” Jenny said indicating her motorcycle. “I can get you there in no time,” she offered with a smile.

Xander shrugged. It beat walking around until he got lost or ran into some Pokemon Trainer who thought he was up for a battle – he’d left Pikachu with Delia and only brought Zeppo with him because Pikachu had seemed to be a little upset with him after the fallout from the Zeppo capture.

Or more accurately – Pikachu was a little jealous that he’d been using Zeppo in the field so he could finish cataloguing the Spearow Migrational patterns. Professor Oak had insisted – and since Pikachu wasn’t a Spearow and Zeppo was it kind of made sense to use him to help out – so naturally Pikachu had decided to put Xander in the doghouse – or the Pika house.

Trust a female Pokemon to treat Xander like that.

Officer Jenny gunned the motor and drove off down the city street. “So you’re a Pokemon Research Assistant for Professor Oak?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Xander replied offhandedly.

“Interesting, I thought Delia Ketchum was the only research assistant he sent off on missions,” Officer Jenny said suspiciously.

“I’m new and… uh… staying with Delia,” Xander explained wondering if maybe he should have kept that info to himself.

Young Jenny grinned and shot Xander a wink. “That’s nice,” she said. “Mommy is always saying Delia could use a husband,” she added.

The odd change in attitudes from the eleven year-old Jenny made Xander uneasy slightly.

“Delia is a very good friend of the Jenny family,” Officer Jenny explained.

“Huh?” Xander eyed the pair of them curiously – when Delia had explained the dichotomy of Officer Jenny or Jenny’s as in plural – she’d glossed over that information.

“She’s been all over Kanto working for Professor Oak,” Jenny explained. “Nurse Joy and I have often been concerned for her well being since she never seemed to date much,” Jenny added.

Xander decided that correcting their understanding of his relationship with Delia would be a waste of time. “Uh… right,” he said instead. “Well we’re just starting out to get to know each other – since I am kind of new – being here to learn about the Pokemon and stuff Kanto employs… America kind of doesn’t have Pokemon,” he said.

“Oh really?” Jenny observed. “Guess that’s why Officer Jenny from America never mentions Pokemon,” she added thoughtfully.

Xander began to wonder if he should maybe shut up about America since he didn’t really know much about it in the Pokemon World – in fact he didn’t know if it was as big as he thought it was – for all he knew America could mean the entire continent from South and North combined including Canada.

For that matter was their a Europe or England in this universe? It was something he didn’t want to even attempt to understand or figure out – especially if those continents held the darker side of life that the Pokemon World seemed to be suspiciously devoid of.

Then again this was Xander’s first time visiting a Light Dimension.

“We’re here,” Officer Jenny revealed as she pulled up to a large and impressive looking building in the middle of downtown Saffron.

Xander hopped off her bike with a smile. “Thanks,” he said.

“You’re welcome,” Officer Jenny said.

“Say hi to Delia for us,” young Jenny requested with a smile.

“Right I’ll be sure to do that,” Xander finished before he turned and headed for the front door of Silph Co.

“Let’s go, Jenny, we have to get you to Joy’s for your lessons,” Officer Jenny told her daughter before gunning the engine and taking off again.

“Definitely androids,” Xander decided. “At least she didn’t hit on me,” he added under his breath. Opening the front door he marched up to the receptionist with a big smile on his lips and got down to work.

Delia fussed over the stove as she prepared the special meal she planned on using for her unofficial first date with Xander Harris – it was only unofficial because technically he hadn’t asked her out – she was determined to find out more about him and open up the book of Xander to learn all she could.

She wasn’t going to press him on personal things, but she was damned if she was going to allow him to slip through her fingers when he was the best prospect of hubby in a long time – certainly better than that jerk Professor Oak called son.

“Pika Chu!” Pikachu huffed as she sat on the kitchen table setting plates and things.

“I know, Pikachu,” Delia told the upset Pokemon. “But Xander is after all new to the world of Pokemon and their feelings. He didn’t mean to ignore you in favor of Zeppo,” she explained gently.

“Pi, pi, Pika!” Pikachu complained. “Chu, Chu, Pika, Pika!”

Delia sighed. Female Pokemon could be so touchy where their trainers were concerned. “Try to be forgiving a little bit, Pikachu,” she said. “Xander will need your help more often in the field than Zeppo. I guarantee that much,” Delia said checking the timer. “Good… Three hours to go and our meal will be ready.”

“Pika?” Pikachu asked.

“Yes, Pikachu, it’s something special for Xander, I’m trying to trap myself a man, but slowly. Don’t want to scare him off,” Delia said with a wink.

“Pika, Pi!” Pikachu grinned and held up her tiny-fingered hand in a symbol of understanding.

Delia frowned slightly as she tasted the sauce for the special meal she’d planned – it wasn’t easy to get a Farfetch’d at this late hour – and it was also kind of illegal to be eating one since the species was considered to be endangered, but Xander deserved to experience the joy of Farfetch’d before cooking it was officially banned across the Kanto Region.

Delia was a bit of a rebel, but she wasn’t about to do something truly despicable – besides this Farfetch’d had died of natural causes and had not been slaughtered specifically to be eaten – she just hated to see good food go to waste.

“I hope Xander won’t be too mad when he finds out I lied about the specific Pokemon we tend to eat,” she mused.

“Pika Chu!” Pikachu said. “Chu, Chu, Chu.” She hopped off the table and rushed for the cutlery tray to start putting out the forks.

“True,” Delia said as though she understood exactly what Pikachu was saying. Wiping her hands on her apron she moved on to desert preparations. The salad was made, the Farfetch’d was cooking and the sauce was as perfect as it was going to get. So that just left the special pudding she was going to make.

Pikachu hopped back onto the table and straightened out the salad fork at Xander’s place setting before she put down the knife. “Pika?” she asked herself quietly studying the placement carefully. “PIKA!” she exclaimed snapping her fingers as she realized what was missing.

“Don’t hurt yourself, Pikachu,” Delia cautioned. “If you need help picking up something ask Charmeleon,” she said.

Pikachu nodded. “Chu,” she said before she snatched up the candle she was getting for the centerpiece and made her way back to the table.

Delia smiled as she set to work on the pudding. If this didn’t grab Xander’s attention she didn’t deserve to call herself a Master Chef.

To Be Continued…

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander and Delia" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Sep 10.

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