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Xander and Delia

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Pokemon I Choose You!". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander Harris finds himself in a wonderous land where monsters are stored in balls and used to battle one another in friendly competitions.

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First Impressions I Choose You!

Author's Notes: This marks a first for me where I've posted up three parts of a series, starting with the second then moving on to start the third and going back to show off the first. It also marks the first in that I think we'll be seeing me updating multiple stories in the same series at the same time. I'm not sure how long this story is going to be, Xander isn't going to be feeling anything towards Delia just yet. I'm trying to build up the relationship slowly for a change rather than jump in with the whole big thing.

Also - there is hopefully a reason I skipped over the whole Xander Reveals he's from a different dimension scene with Professor Oak - I say hopefully because I'm not sure if I'll come back to it in a Flashback or not. I just didn't feel like going into a lengthy dialogue scene where Xander spends half the time going on and on about his home dimension, because quite frankly I've seen tons of these things where it's handled well and also tons where its handled crappy and I've even done a few of them and I'm just burned out on figuring out the best way to deal with it.

Anyway... Disclaimer Time!

Disclaimer: Nothing in this work of fan-fiction is the property of the author aside from the basic concept of blending the two universes together in this manner. The characters and settings belong to their respective owners NOT ME! Buffyverse is Joss's baby and Pokeverse is property of Nintendo and Creatures Inc. It's really kind of fun too that I get to play with the characters in this fashion, but I solemnly swear that this story will not be detrimental to the two franchises and the story is going to be semi-serious in nature. That is all.

Xander Harris had no idea where he was – one moment he was in Africa camped out on the Serengeti – the next he was in some strange forest running from a rather large swarm of giant bee-like creatures. And on top of that he was missing his weapons, survival gear, spare clothes and food supplies.

If it weren’t for the fact he’d know for a certainty if he’d walked through a portal he would have assumed that he had inadvertently traveled between dimensions.

Xander suspected a higher being had misplaced him – to what purpose he couldn’t be sure, but it was the only logical conclusion to why he was currently running for his life – in nothing but his underwear and a shirt – from the demon bees.

“Charmeleon, Flamethrower!” a mysterious person cried out.

A strange looking bipedal red skinned lizard with a ball of fire on the tip of its tail and large front claws – leapt into view and fired off a jet of flame from its mouth.

Xander classified this thing as some kind of dragon. Even if it didn’t look a thing like a dragon. The flame breath drove the bee-creatures away – one of them collapsed to the ground and looked singed.

A young woman stepped out of his blind spot and threw a small red and white spheroid projectile at the fallen thing. It popped open and turned the bee-demon into a stream of red light – before being sucked up into the ball.

“Ok… I didn’t expect that,” Xander said watching as the ball sailed back into the woman’s hand.

“Poor thing,” she said. “I’m sure Professor Oak can use another Beedrill for his studies,” she said to the ball smiling at it.

Xander took this free moment to study the woman carefully – she appeared to be around his age, maybe a little younger – definitely in her twenties though – with long brown hair coming down to twin braids at the small of her back and the most vibrant brown eyes he’d ever seen on a woman. Her clothing consisted of a pair of red bicycle shorts that showed off shapely looking legs and a plain forest green t-shirt – practical considering how warm it was in this mysterious forest with demon bees and little red wingless dragons.

She was eyeing him suspiciously.

Xander knew exactly what she was thinking. “One of those… thingies… tore my pants off when I dodged its arm stingers,” he said with a nervous smile – he wasn’t really concerned with modesty these days – staying for such a long time among the African tribes you tended to get used to such things as limited clothing options available.

“Oh…” Her eyes lit up with mirth. “Beedrill are notoriously territorial, you must have stumbled into their nest.”

“Beedrill, right,” Xander said mentally memorizing the name of the species.

“How’d you get here?” the woman asked curiously.

Xander shook his head. “I haven’t got a clue. I was in Africa last night – today I’m… in a forest with demon bees and little dragons,” he said.

“Beedrill and Charmeleon, is that who you mean?” the woman asked suspiciously. “Africa doesn’t have Pokemon?” She stared at him studiously her gaze filled with uncertainty and cautious interest.

“Not in my dimension,” Xander replied – mentally he was still trying to wrap his brain around the concept of these strange creatures and also what the term Pokemon meant – so it could be understood why he mentally slipped up and blurted the truth to the first stranger he met.

“Oh my,” the woman said brushing a strand of hair aside and tucking it behind her ear. “Well I’m not sure where you’re from, but I have read up on the theories of alternate dimensions… Why don’t I bring you to Pallet Town? I’m sure Professor Oak would know a lot more,” she offered with a friendly smile.

Xander frowned – it was a little bit to coincidental that he’d be saved by a woman with some knowledge of alternate dimensions – even if she did claim to have read up on the subject reading about it and believing in it are two entirely different principals. Although it at least solved the problem of learning where he was and what he could do here – considering what he’d just witnessed some of the laws of physics most probably did not apply in this dimension. “I haven’t got many options do I?” he asked feeling his suspicions giving way to reluctant acceptance.

She shook her head with a laugh. “I don’t think so.”

“Ok, let’s go.” Xander smiled and brushed his hand through his hair to straighten it out – after all pretty woman right in front of him who could potentially be a very good friend.

“We should probably get you some pants first,” she said with a giggle.

“Clothing might be of the good,” Xander agreed blushing furiously – it’d been a long time since anyone caught him off guard like that.

“My brother should have something that will fit,” she said appraising Xander with a thoughtful expression.

Xander sighed – it was just his luck that he’d be sent to another dimension and promptly lose his pants before meeting a beautiful woman – he had a feeling whatever higher power brought him here had ulterior motives. “Lead on,” he suggested indicating to the woman that she should start walking.

“My name is Delia Ketchum,” she introduced reaching out a hand to shake it.

“Xander Harris,” he replied offering his best rakish smile.

Delia smiled back – a shy little thing – and her eyes flickered downwards briefly. Apparently she was enjoying the show.

“Uh, Delia?” Xander began with a nervous hitch in his tone.

“Mmmm.” Her eyes darted back up shining with a hint of mirth and possibly something more.

“What’s a Pokemon?” Xander asked as they started out of the forest.

This was an innocent dimension and not a hell dimension – if Xander hadn’t been sure of that before he was positive now. People here trained creatures from a young age called Pokemon – they competed with Pokemon, thrived with Pokemon even lived with Pokemon.

There were no vampires, no demons, no truly evil people – crimes even revolved around the Pokemon in this dimension as opposed to drugs, weapons or any of the darker side of things.

Xander felt extremely uncomfortable about being here – his attitude had been created in a dimension on the darker side of the equation – he wasn’t sure how long he’d be stuck in this place, but hopefully Willow would find him and get him back home.

Unfortunately he’d been abducted by a higher power. Chances are it’d take Willow a couple of days to realize he was gone. Until then he’d be stuck here, but he had some experience in keeping those who fought in the dark filled with a healthy does of light. So it shouldn’t be too hard to live in a completely light world.

There was just one problem. What did a dark world guy like him do in a light world like this to pass the time?

The answer to that lay with the older gentleman that Delia worked for. Professor Oak. Professor Oak was a Pokemon Scientist and Researcher – it was his job to study, catalogue and record all the information on the various species of Pokemon in the world.

As he was fond of saying. “We may know many things about the world of Pokemon, but we don’t know all of the wonderful mysteries yet.” There were still discoveries to be made and Delia helped him do this.

Delia Ketchum was a Pokemon Research Assistant – what that was, was someone who traveled the world catching rare Pokemon to send back to the Professor – or picking up necessary research material.

And Professor Oak was perfectly willing to hire another assistant.

Xander just wasn’t sure if it was a good fit for him.

“I think it would be a perfectly acceptable job for you to do,” Delia told him as she puttered about her home. She was making room for him to stay the night – her older brother had left years ago and she hadn’t heard from him since. It didn’t bother her – that was typical of Pokemon Trainers in this world. In fact her own parents weren’t around either – her mother was off in some place called Saffron City working with somebody or a group of somebodies that Delia didn’t know and her father… Well he was off visiting America.

“I’m not sure,” Xander admitted honestly. “What if my friends try to bring me back home, but they can’t find me because I’m not close to Viridian Forest?” he asked.

“I hardly think you have to worry about that,” Delia told him. “Besides – it’ll give us a chance to get to know each other better,” she said with a big warm smile.

Xander chuckled nervously as he watched her tucking the corners of the bed sheet in. “Right, Delia,” he said. “How old are you again?”

“A lady never tells,” Delia reminded impishly. “But old enough,” she said with a wink.

“Right,” Xander teased rolling his eyes. “Are you interested in taking over the world, mating with and then eating me, or sacrificing me to some weird Pokemon God?”

Delia stared at Xander in shock her cheeks flaming red.

“Sorry, did I mention the dimension I come from is a very evil place?” he asked with a sheepish and embarrassed expression.

Delia shook her head. “Remind me to never visit your dimension,” she told him. “To answer your question though… No! I do not want to conquer the world or sacrifice you to some Pokemon God. As for the mating and eating thing – that depends on your definition of the term eat,” she said with a saucy little smirk and a wink. Delia knew she was being a tad bold, but there was just something about Xander that made her heart beat a little faster and he did kind of smell nice – for a sweaty, dirt covered half naked man she’d found in the forest – too bad she couldn’t catch him in a Pokeball.

“My life can never be boring,” Xander declared. “How about we get to be friends first, Delia, before! You decide if there’s relationship potential between us.”

“Fair enough,” Delia returned with a smile. “There… that’s your room seen to now how about dinner?” she asked.

“Sounds wonderful… Uh… You don’t eat Pokemon, do you?” he asked suddenly feeling nauseous and unnerved – from what he understood about Pokemon they were sentient creatures and highly intelligent.

“Only Magikarp,” Delia replied. “There are normal livestock animals in our dimension too; we have them shipped in from the industry in America. Beef, Pork or Chicken Curry?” she asked with a pleasant smile.

“That last one sounds good,” Xander replied with a smile of his own – he couldn’t help himself – Delia almost reminded him of a combination of Cordy and Willow. She had fashion sense like Cordy, but was really smart like Willow – and on top of that she could be really scary when she wanted to be just like the both of them. Considering she’d gotten Oak’s son to back off when he’d started badmouthing Xander.

“Excellent choice, that’s my specialty,” she told Xander. Turning she left the room and made her way downstairs.

Xander fingered the charm Willow had given him – it was still working he knew that much, but he couldn’t be sure what it was telling his Wiccan friend. He just had to make the best of a bad situation. “Could be worse,” he said to the air. “I could be in the world without shrimp, right Ahn?” he asked of his departed love interest knowing that somehow she was probably still watching out for him.

Delia Ketchum hummed to herself as she cooked their supper – being a Pokemon Research Assistant tended to put a crimp in your dating life. There had been a few boys growing up like that jerk son of Oak’s who she’d made the mistake of dating more than once – as well as one or two men when she reached maturity – but nothing recently and Delia at twenty-five was beginning to feel that itch all – or almost all – woman felt at her age.

The desire to settle down and raise children. Part of her had seriously considered giving up her Pokemon friends entirely – let them return to the wild to live out the rest of their lives without constant battling or running around catching specimens for Professor Oak.

Perhaps her new house guest would be the solution to her itch. Alexander – Xander – Harris was a handsome man – plus she’d gotten the opportunity to see more than she’d expected thanks to the Beedrill. And her prospects in Pallet Town left much to be desired – then of course there was the nagging of her mother from Saffron to settle down and produce many fat babies to be her grandchildren. Sometimes that woman could be so clueless.

Still – the dimensional traveler might not be a permanent fixture – it definitely would be a smart idea to take things slow. She could be patient and wait – it wasn’t like she had a ticking time bomb yet telling her that she was one year closer to never being able to have kids, but that didn’t mean she had to be a total Seaking.

“One world famous chicken curry.” Delia grinned at Charmeleon. “Mother always said the way to a man’s heart is his stomach.”

“Char, Char, Mel!” Charmeleon said with a big smile.

Dialga, Palkia and Giratina are part of a triad revolving around the creation of the Pokemon universe – each representing a chosen aspect of existence.

Dialga was the Pokemon of Time – its job was to see to the existence of time as well as its stability.

Palkia was the Pokemon of Space – it ensured that all things existed for a reason – or at least existed.

Giratina was the Pokemon of Antimatter and Dimension – it was in charge of ensuring a balance existed from its position in the Dimension it called home – the Distortion World.

Together all three of them served the will of Arceus – creator of the Pokemon Universe. There was only one problem – one that could not have been foreseen – to give rise to the Trainer who was destined to be The Chosen One a being from outside this dimension was needed.

A person of pure intent – noble and yet unassuming – someone who did not live for destiny or was bound by the rules of fate and balance. In short an agent of pure chaos – such a person did not – could not exist in the world of Pokemon. For they could only be born in a Dark Nexus – a dimension created by one of the older powers in creation.

While Arceus slept its three servants sought such a person when they had the time – or weren’t preoccupied with other things – finally the three of them discovered one who could give birth to a Chosen One. Or at least contribute the necessary DNA.

The Agent of Chaos was one Alexander LaVelle Harris – a man who had known great hardships in his native dimension – it would take time to plant the germ of attraction in Harris for Delia Ketchum. Fortunately Time was something they had plenty of.

The Powers that Be – in fact all major Powers of Xander’s home dimension could not touch this one – they could not taint it – they could not reclaim it as long as he was under Arceus’ care. She had decreed it – no Light could ever be corrupted by the Dark – just as no Dark could ever be cleansed by the Light. Even the Multiverse required a level of balance lest the scales tip into oblivion and chaos.

But that did not stop people from the Dark being accepted – even allowed in the Light – provided there was a need for them.

And there was nothing any natives of the Dark could do about it. Well… almost nothing.

Willow frowned as she opened her eyes. “He’s ok,” she told the ones gathered around her. “That is all I can tell,” she added in a frustrated tone.

“Powerful Uber Wicca Willow is cut off from bringing him home?” Faith blurted incredulously.

“Faith, that’s not helping,” Dawn snapped irritatedly.

“Dawn, we’re all worried about Xander, being angry with each other does no good,” Giles soothed as he moved to offer a brief touch – on Willow’s shoulder – of encouragement.

Dawn lowered her head. “I know and I’m sorry, Giles, Willow, Faith,” she apologized to each of them by name.

“Should we tell Buffy now?” Faith wondered feeling a little uncomfortable about keeping this from her sister Slayer’s knowledge.

“She doesn’t need to know,” Willow stated. “She has enough to worry about with what happened to Angel,” she reminded frowning with uncertainty. “Besides…”

The others eyed Willow expectantly after she trailed off. Finally Dawn impatiently prodded her for more. “Besides what?” she asked folding her arms over her chest.

“Somehow I could sense that Xander was needed there. For some purpose, I couldn’t be sure exactly what,” Willow explained with a disturbed shake of her head.

“Well he’d better not get hurt,” Dawn said for the group an icy edge in her tone.

One by one each of them nodded their agreement and then turned to other matters – Xander would just have to wait until he’d performed whatever task was needed of him.

Professor Oak’s research lab was a wondrous place filled with marvelous creatures of every shape and size – not to mention state of the art computer equipment.

Pokemon were stored inside devices called Pokeballs – these pieces of equipment were made specially by the Poke-company Silph Co.

The science behind the Pokeball was really quite impressive. It had built in sensors which attuned themselves to the unique genetic info of the trainer – then it would imprint this DNA signature onto the captured Pokemon ensuring that nobody else could steal a Trainers’ Pokemon with another Pokeball.

There were also several varying types of Pokeballs – except for cosmetic reasons they all pretty much functioned the same. Pokeballs were the most common – then there were Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Dusk Balls, Dive Balls, Quick Balls, Timer Balls and Park Balls.

Pokeballs stored Pokemon as energy – Xander couldn’t figure out how it worked exactly because nobody seemed to know how it was done – just that it was. The process didn’t seem to hurt the Pokemon.

Xander walked into the large laboratory alongside Delia – today would be the first day of his new job – and he was kind of looking forward to it. If he was honest with himself – Xander would have to admit that he was feeling rather awed at the prospect of getting a genuine vacation from his Dark dimension home.

He’d been on the verge of burning out after that last Slayer he’d been after was murdered by her tribe in a blood ritual.

Professor Oak smiled as he turned to greet the pair of them. “Splendid to see you again, my boy,” he said.

“Likewise, Prof.,” Xander returned with a grin.

“Ordinarily I’d assign my assistants loaner Pokemon from my own collection, but I can see where that could prove problematic, therefore I’ve decided to give you a Starter Pokemon,” Professor Oak stated holding up a Pokeball with a little lightning shaped symbol on the front.

Xander took it cautiously a look of child-like wonder on his face – he felt a slight stinging sensation and the Pokeball imprinted on his DNA. “What kind is it?” he asked nervously fingering the ball and triggering its unique size adjusting ability.

“One only a handful of special trainers get as their Starter Type, but after everything we discussed yesterday I feel you can handle this,” Professor Oak said. “Her name is Pikachu.”

Xander tossed the ball at the floor and it popped open – a tiny yellow creature appeared sharing traits with the common mouse.

“Pika Chu!” she cried out happily. Pikachu hopped up on Xander’s shoulder and nuzzled his cheek in greeting. She was soft to the touch with short downy fur, but a static charge was easily recognizable at her touch and Xander’s hair frizzed out.

“How cute,” Delia said with a smile.

“Affectionate little thing ain’t she,” Xander observed.

“Most Pokemon generally are,” Professor Oak said trying not to let his good mood show. “Now then… for your first assignment how about something simple?” Oak clapped his hands together. “I’ve been cataloguing a flock of Spearow recently trying to determine when they migrate, it isn’t as easy as you would think because Spearow are highly territorial. Delia’s Charmeleon isn’t exactly the best Pokemon for the job, so, how about you test Pikachu’s abilities while checking out the Spearow?” the Poke-Prof suggested with a broad smile.

Xander shrugged – it seemed simple enough – but in his experience what seemed simple rarely ever was. “How will I recognize them?” he asked.

“Take this.” Professor Oak strained slightly as he passed Xander a large red bulky looking laptop thing. “It’s my latest invention, the Pokemon Encyclopedic Database, or Pokedex for short, this is one of three prototypes. So be careful!” Oak warned.

Xander grunted at the weight of the thing and slipped the funny strap over his right shoulder. “You might want to think about economizing it, Prof.,” he suggested.

“I am working with several colleagues of mine to attempt just that,” Oak said. “If we’re successful Trainers won’t have to walk around with trading cards and large thick Poke-Guides.” Oak smiled and shooed Xander towards the door. “Now please go find the Spearow Nest and record your findings.”

Xander nodded and clipped his Pokeball to his belt. “Come on, Pikachu,” he said to his new ‘pet’.

“Pika!” Pikachu returned contentedly setting onto his other shoulder. She was protecting instinctively his blind spot, which spoke a lot about the bond they’d developed when his DNA was imprinted on her.

“I wonder why they say their names to communicate?” Xander mused as he strolled out of the lab – just another oddity in this curious new dimension he would be forced to inhabit for an indeterminate length of time.

Studying Spearow was definitely not for Xander. “Go find the nest,” he grumbled as he limped back towards the lab spitting out a few feathers as he went.

At first it had been ok – as assignments went – Xander and Pikachu found a nest a little ways out of Pallet and had set up the fancy looking laptop far enough away so as not to disturb them.

He’d followed the instructions provided with the Pokedex to the letter – the device pinged and started scanning the Spearow – it took all the notes for him which was a bonus.

Things went to hell when one of the Spearow spotted him after Pikachu accidentally knocked a dead tree branch down – if Xander had thought Beedrill were territorial Spearow were ten times worse – they chased him.

Pikachu zapped part of the flock and the others got even angrier – finally Xander got fed up – he took out some Pokeballs and tried to catch them, but most of them were stubborn and refused to stay in the balls.

Xander studied the lone Pokeball in his hand and shook it briefly. “I don’t know if you can feel that, but it serves you right for attacking me,” he told the lone Spearow he’d caught.

“Pi, Pi, Pi, Chu!” Pikachu said from her perch on his shoulder.

“Yeah, I know, Pikachu,” Xander said. “It is petty of me, but that stupid murder of Spearow almost murdered me,” he grumbled making a bad joke to try and lighten his mood – it soured his stomach. “Note to self, get better jokes.”

“Pi.” Pikachu patted his shoulder with her forepaw in sympathy.

“Looks like I’m going to have to practice my stealth techniques,” Xander told his companion cheering up a little.

“Pika,” Pikachu said with a smile.

“Joy! You know, Pikachu, if this were anybody else they’d probably not be coping as well as I am,” Xander said.

Pikachu eyed him curiously.

“Ok, so Dawn would be gushing over your cuteness and Buffy or Willow might be trying to accessorize you… I shudder to think how Andrew would react… But me! I’m talking to you and complaining about being attacked by a flock of Spearow.” Xander shook his head with a smirk. “The life of a Scooby can never be said to be normal,” he stated.

Pikachu nodded as if she understood what her trainer meant. “Pi Ka,” she said sagely.

Xander shook his head. “I hope this thing didn’t get too damaged,” he said patting the Pokedex strapped to his back. Shrugging carefully so as not to dislodge Pikachu Xander once again examined the Pokeball he’d used to catch Spearow. It was just lucky that the Pokedex included a pocket holding small sized – or shrunk down – Pokeballs. Professor Oak had been thinking.

“Chu?” Pikachu asked.

“Just wondering if we should give him a nickname,” Xander said. “According to Delia a lot of Trainers do that sort of thing. And if I’m going to embrace being here in this dimension until I can go home, well it helps to adapt… basic rule of survival.”

Pikachu scratched her head in brief confusion and then nodded with a smile of comprehension. “Pi Pika Pi, Pi, Pi,” she said shooting Xander a wink.

“Alright then! What to name you?” Xander eyed the device thoughtfully. “Something simple, but something that reminds me of home… I know what Willow would say at this point. She’d tell me not to go the obvious route or pick something stupid from my childhood. I guess that means your new nickname, Spearow, will be Zeppo,” he stated with a fond wistful smile.

Pikachu eyed him briefly. She didn’t say anything because she could sense the sudden melancholy in her Trainer’s tone.

“Thanks, Cordy,” he whispered figuring she could still watch out for him even in this other dimension. “But if you brought me here to hook me up with Delia, I am so going to kick your ass when I get up there,” he added eyeing the sky briefly with a lopsided grin. “Come on, Pikachu! Let’s get back to Oak’s Lab and find out what our next assignment will be,” he said his mood lightening considerably.

“Pi, Pika!” Pikachu said shooting him the peace sign with two of her fingers.

To Be Continued…
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