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The Goo Girls

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This story is No. 3 in the series "One Good Day". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dawn comes to visit Abby, and she isn't empty-handed. Written for Fic A Day

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Not mine. BtVS belongs to Whedon. NCIS belongs to Bellisario.

Dawn looked around and silently thanked whatever gods there were that she could use magic to pack. Trying to do all this by hand would take hours. There were specimen jars racked on every available surface.

Even though Abby wouldn’t be working with them full time, she had suggested that there was no time like the present when it came to setting up their lab, and that other than ordering equipment, the most time-consuming task would be building their databases.

“After all,” she said as seriously as she could with a mouth full of bacon and egg sandwich, “it’s not like you’ll be able to tap into everyone else’s demon DNA files. You’re going to have to set that up from scratch. It’s going to be massive.”

Dawn, Willow, and Abby had put their heads together on Abby’s last day in London and come up with the plan to get the lab up and running. Somehow, it had turned into a power brunch. Andrew had outdone himself procuring the best of both British and American breakfast and lunch options and put out a buffet just for them and anyone else they called in to advise or delegate. There was a big ‘Not For Post-Slaying Snackage’ sign and everything.

“Do we even know if demons have DNA?” Willow had asked, looking at Dawn.
Dawn shrugged.

“It’s not like any Slayer has ever tried swabbing for biological trace before, you know. Plus, there’s the goo problem.”

“The goo problem?” Abby asked, her eyes going wide.

“Yeah,” Willow said morosely. “Most demons decompose into either goo or dust instantly upon death. Generally the ones that don’t, the Slayers burn, but they’re few and far between.”

“Hm. You know, even if magic is involved, there must be biological differences between demons, and that should lead to different chemical profiles in their…goo,” Abby mused.
Dawn giggled as Abby’s expression went from thoughtful to irritated.

“Don’t worry, Abby, around here, goo is a technical term.”

“Ok,” Abby said. “So what you need to do is start collecting samples of all the demon goo the Slayers find. Tag the samples with the species of demon if it’s known, and with a description if the species is unknown. Oh, and make sure you get samples of vamp dust, too. When we get a critical mass of samples, bring them over and I’ll introduce them to Major Mass Spec.”
Willow brightened.

“Dawn, if you’ll coordinate that, I’ll work on accelerating the digitization of the Council archives. The sooner we get all the demons on record in digital files, the sooner we can start cross referencing them to the goo samples once Abby has them analyzed.”

Dawn nodded, then groaned.

"Just don't tell Andrew, whatever you do. I don't want to find that I've become Goo Girl in addition to my other jobs."

Willow grinned sympathetically.

"Actually, I think if anyone is dubbed Goo Girl, it will be Abby."

"Hey, that would be awesome! Can I have a title, please? I mean, obviously you’ll have to list me as consultant when you talk to Director Vance, but I would love to have a title like you guys."

Dawn looked at Willow.

"I don't think anyone has ever asked to have Andrew let loose on them before."

Willow shook her head in mock confusion.

"Maybe all the tea went to her head."

Abby had gone off to Heathrow that afternoon thoroughly stuffed, not to mention with a packed dinner Andrew had insisted she take along “because airplane food is never as good as real food, even if it is first class.”

That had been almost a month ago, and all the active Slayers (except Buffy) had taken to the assignment of collecting samples of all slain demons with gusto. They had over two thousand samples. Granted, some of them were duplicates, but Willow had said she was sure Abby could still get useful data out of samples of different individuals of the same species.
Buffy, who was actually thoroughly interested in the project and an enthusiastic supporter, was in danger of having Andrew tape a note to her weapons chest reminding her to take her sampling kit with her when she went into the field- she kept forgetting, to the great amusement of all the other Slayers at HQ.

The sample jars were a Willow product- they had a variety of spells on them to ensure that only authorized personnel could open them, that they would not interact chemically or magically with their contents, and most importantly from Dawn’s point of view, they could be shrunk to fit into their standard airplane carry-on size case. The case itself had been spelled so that airport security would never take an interest in it.

Dawn had realized after only a week that they should have defined ‘critical mass’ more carefully. She wasn’t sure Abby realized just how much stuff was incoming, even if the Council had already cleared Abby’s consultant contract with the director of NCIS. Abby would be doing all this in her spare time, when she didn’t have anything higher priority to run for NCIS. The Council was also paying NCIS for Abby’s use of NCIS equipment and facilities on the Council’s behalf.

Standing in what she hoped was a safe spot, Dawn screwed up her courage and pressed the button on the carrying case that would pack the case. Then she stood absolutely still as the samples all flew toward the case, shrinking as they went, until every last jar was securely packed in miniature form.

“All packed,” she noted happily.

Slinging her laptop bag over her shoulder, she wheeled the case outside in search of a cab. She had a flight to catch.


Tony DiNozzo brightened as the elevator doors opened to reveal a willowy brunette with a visitor’s badge wheeling a suitcase. Interestingly, she was also carrying a huge Caf-Pow. Abby's addiction must be more common than he'd thought. As far as he knew, they weren’t expecting anyone, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t offer his services…

“Hi, I’m Special Agent DiNozzo. Are you looking for anyone in particular?” he asked, giving her one of his more charming grins.

She smiled, but it was a smile that worried him slightly. It was the smile of someone who has heard stories about you, not all of them stories you would have chosen to tell.

“Actually, I am,” she replied. “Dawn Summers from COG here to see Abby Sciuto. She knows I’m coming, so if you could just point me at her lab, that would be awesome.”

“I can do better than that,” Tony replied, eying the Caf-Pow in consternation. Abby! What had she been telling the COG people that Dawn Summers looked like she was trying not to laugh? “I can escort you to Abby’s domain.”

“Why, thank you, Agent DiNozzo,” Dawn smiled.

As Tony steered her in the right direction, he did his best to ignore his partner glaring holes in his back. That was the other reason he’d decided to escort Ms. Summers to the lab. He wanted to make sure that she and Ziva didn’t cross paths. He was perfectly happy for Ziva to vent her temper on Harris-in fact, he was kind of hoping he’d get to watch if Gibbs ever let it happen- but he was fairly sure turning her loose on Dawn wouldn’t be fair.
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