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Black Knight

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Summary: Xander heads to the US Military Academy after graduation and gets recruited by the SGC. His unofficial title of "Assistant Space-Monkey" doesn't explain just why the NID is so interested, but all Xander really wants to do is get through the Gate.

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Disclaimer: All characters and institutions are the property of whoever owns Stargate and BtVS. I just borrowed them, and make no profit from their use. Song lyrics are from Eliott Smith's Somebody That I Used to Know.
A/N1: All information about the USMA comes from the internet; if I screw up, let me know and I'll fix it.
A/N2: The Black Knights are the USArmy's competitive sports teams.
A/N3: Also, I screwed up in posting the story - it was listed as complete when it wasn't, so it got quarantined - so this is a repost of "Cutting Ties".

"Yo, Xan!" Mick Thompson bellowed down the hallway, turning heads.

"Yo, Dick!" Xander Harris sang back, smirking.

"Watch it, Cadet," a civilian consultant, working with his O-chem professor, admonished with a smile as she passed by.

"Absolutely, Dr. Gupta."

"You naughty, naughty boy, Harris," Thompson finally made his way through the crowd and leapt at Xander, grabbing him round the neck and spinning in a quick dance. "Ready to hit the road?"

"God, yeah," Xander almost purred. "Thirty-six hours of Big Apple Bliss, baby; wine, women and song."

"Then it's back to the grindstone for - how long's it, then?" Thompson grinned.

Xander pretended to check his watch. "Why, Thompson! It looks to be - goodness gracious - two long and lonely months."

"New York City, here we come! Clear out, you Cows! Firsties comin' through!"

I had tender feelings that you made hard
But it's your heart, not mine, that's scarred.
So when I go home, I'll be happy to go -
You're just somebody that I used to know.

The club was insane, crazy groove thang gettin' shook all over the place. Xander grinned. This had never been his scene, beautiful ladies in scanty clothing or no, but a weekend away from campus was pretty much a guarantee for bliss. Two months and some change 'til graduation, two weeks leave for some party-hearty madness with Thompson and the rest of his unit, then in and out of AIT short courses until he fell down the rabbit hole, sucked into some weird-ass Twilight Zone special training under Cheyenne Mountain.

But for now? Beer good, girls pretty.

Thompson was getting handsy with a feisty little brunette by the bar, all full breasts and smooth moves... then she turned.

Xander dropped his drink.


The brunette spun to face him fully, eyes huge. Her hands flickered sharply and, dammit, there they were. She was flanked by Buffy and Willow like some kind of fucking comedy routine. Thompson blinked when he realized her attention was elsewhere and scowled when he saw she was watching Xander, but the look on his friend's face made it perfectly clear that this was not a case of the dreaded cock-block.

He shouldered abruptly past the girls, who barely swayed out of his way, and slipped into place beside Xander, who couldn't take his eyes off Ghost of Christmas Past.

"You okay, man? Yo, Harris! You okay?"

Xander shook himself and turned to Thompson. "Get me outta here. We can go somewhere else, just…"

"Yeah, man, I got you."

You don't need my help anymore,
It's all now to you, there ain't no before,
Now that you're big enough to run your own show
You're just somebody that I used to know.

"You can't just leave, BoyToy. We didn't even get to have any fun!" Faith's voice was as husky as he remembered, calling after him down the cold-as-fuck street. He shouldered closer to Thompson, who looked at him askance but didn't protest, and kept walking.

"What the hell is going on, Xander? Where have you been?" Buffy's tone was sharp, demanding. He rolled his eyes and pressed on.

"Xan?" Fuck. Willow was talking softly, wheedling, almost in tears. Dammit. "We looked everywhere for you."

And the sympathy was gone.

"Bullshit." He didn't raise his voice, just spun around and spoke. Thompson fell into place beside him, easy as you please. Owe that boy a drink.

"What?" Willow jerked back into Faith and Buffy, her weepy wide eyes offset by their full-on Slayer glares.

"Giles - remember him? - wrote me a letter of rec for the Academy. They wrote an article about it in the newspaper, all 'Local Boy Makes Good.' Cordelia - ring a bell? - bitched for a month and a half. And if that weren't enough, my name's printed nice and pretty on the enrollment lists, and you're a goddamned hacker, Wills. So buck up. You knew."

"You just left!" Buffy yelled accusingly. Natch; she didn't listen when she didn't want to hear.

"You wanted me gone!" He finally yelled back. "Fray-adjacent, remember? Normal boy? Can't do jack - oh, except rally the troops, acquire the armaments, plant the fucking explosives… Huh." He shrugged and laughed, so sharp that Thompson pressed a steadying hand to the middle of his back. He'd told Thompson about the night-time baddies back when they were yuks together, getting ready for their first furlough. Provided back-story, too, and Thompson was smart enough to figure out just who the three hotties - or at least Buffy and Willow - had to be.

I watched you deal in a dying day,
And throw a living past away,
So you can be sure that you're in control
You're just somebody that I used to know.

"Seems to me like you ran the boy off, kicked him out of your little girls club. Started as a Junior, yeah?" Thompson smirked, and Xander was ready to promise him his firstborn child. "So Harris here worked his ass off to help you lot out, save your ungrateful asses, and then went off to train up - be fucking worthy, right." He shook his head. "I'm glad as hell he did but you know what? You're too fucking late. Boy's gone, now."

"What, exactly, does that mean?" Faith asked, cold and cutting, hand drifting to her waistband.

"Don't be an idiot, Faith." Xander rolled his eyes. "Couldn't kill me the last time, and you won't go after my friend now."

"Xander!" Willow protested.

"What the fuck, Wills? Last time I saw her she was rockin' the coma roll - compliments of her new bestest-ever, over there, by the way. Before that she was, lemme think, working for the bad guys, and before that? She tried to choke me to death and I had to suffer the absolute indignity of getting my ass saved by your," and he scowled at Buffy, "hunka undead lover. So pardon me if I've not got the memo and welcomed her back into the fold - I left the fold almost four years ago."

"To do what?" Buffy demanded, stepping forward. There was twenty feet between them, and backing away wouldn't help if, for some unknown reason, she started to come after him. So he held his ground; it broke his heart a little more to do it, to realize that he automatically classed her as an unknown, possible threat, now.

"Give me a couple of months, Buff, and I'll be Second Lieutenant Alexander Harris, United States Army."

I know you don't think you did me wrong,
And I can't stay this mad for long,
Keeping a hold of what you just let go -
You're just somebody that I used to know.

"So what, you just walk away from the fight?" Faith frowned at him; he was impressed she was still coming after him, really. He'd made his feelings on allegedly-redeemed psycho bitches stalking him down with his former best friends pretty damned clear.

"So what, you just forget about the people you killed?" The weirdest fucking olive branch he'd ever extended, but hopefully she'd figure it out.

She blinked. "No."

"The fight just moves on. You guys said you didn't need me, and I took you at your word." He shrugged. "Nice to see you, ladies. We've got things to do."

He turned sharply, Thompson shadowing him protectively, and they slipped away, leaving three very unhappy superpowered women in their wake.

"What was that?" Buffy demanded, finally shaking herself out of her shock.

"He just left!" Willow almost shrieked.

Faith looked them over, then glanced at where Xander had been standing. "Nah. Boy just grew a pair. Got a life." She grinned a little. "Good for him."
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