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Born Again...

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Enigma". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy's dead. Now where is she?

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Marvel Universe > GeneralbatzulgerFR183238,39450334161,3142 Sep 1021 Sep 10Yes

The Fall

It should be obvious I own none of this except parts of the plot.
Disney owns Marvel and Mutant Enemy owns Buffy.

I love my sister.

It doesn' didn't matter that until eight months ago she didn't exist. She's still my sister and I would rather die than see her hurt. Guess what? I get my wish...Stupid skanky Hellgod....

Dying hurts.
The first time it happened to me was from drowning. I can still remember the Master laughing as my life drained away. This time there is a burning, tearing sensation as I pass through the portal. I can feel my blood...our blood calling out to it and the energy pouring into me. My blood is on fire as I continue my drop. There is a tearing sound then the dull impact and an ungodly stink. I pass out...I think.

I wake up shivering. There is snow on the ground and more is falling, covering me in a cold white blanket. It's nighttime and I ache all over. Looking around I see I'm lying in a half-full dumpster. By the smell, I'm probably behind a chinese restaurant. I'm smeared with chicken guts and duck guts and...gut guts? Whatever, I feel like I've gone through a blender, I smell, and I'm cold.

I try climbing out of the dumpster but my right arm isn't working. I look at it dazedly and see that my shoulder is dislocated. I groan at what's coming next as I haul myself out with my good arm before collapsing on the alley pavement. Struggling to my feet I line up my shoulder with the building wall, twist back, then slam forward. The popping sound and sensation of sudden relief is incredible as my upper arm goes back where it belongs. Taking a deep breath I drop to my knees and take a look around.

I'm in an alley between brick buildings. I hear traffic noises and see the glow of headlights through the falling snow. I'm in a big city, but I have no idea which one. How did I get here?

I realize that I have no idea. That only thing I can remember is a sense of relief and then falling. I don't even know my own name.

I check my pockets. Twenty dollars, lip gloss, a folding brush, a nasty looking dagger in an underarm sheath, a sharpened wooden stake tucked into an inside pocket, a keyring, a few packets of wet wipes. Was I a fashion conscious whittler? I mean I was wearing a nice, though slimy, leather jacket and pants and some really cute boots.

Using handfuls of snow I wipe my clothes off, stripping off the dumpster provided guck. The wet wipes clean my face and hands and I start to feel more human.

Rising to my feet I head for the alley entrance. The snow is falling more heavily now and I'm starting to really shiver. The clothes I'm wearing may look good, but they're not the right type for this climate.

Reaching the main street I see red neon glowing on a building; Josie's. It looks like a restaurant and open so I head that way. It is open but it's a bar. I go in anyway just to get warm.

A wave of noise pours over me. The place is packed and smells like beer, sawdust and, sweat. The people here don't notice me at first and I see that this is a really rough looking place. I start thinking that coming in here was a bad idea and turn to go and run right into a pair of guys entering.

"Well Grotto. What do we have here?"

"Dunno, she don't look like she's from around here. What happened missy, yer car break down?"

"Uh yeah, I'm just waiting on my boyfriend to give me a ride home!" my voice squeaked a little.

The first guy looks me over then grins, "Well, that's alright then...As long as you pay your waiting fee...What's it up to now?"

"Hunnert bucks I think Turk."

"But I don't have that much on me."

"That's okay, we'll take cash, check, credit card, car keys...We're flexible. Course, if you don't want to pay, there's no tellin' what might happen."

I felt really weird. Like I should be scared but I wasn't. I felt relaxed and confident, even if I didn't know exactly what was going on or even my own name, these guys didn't scare me.

I dug around in my pockets while I sized them up. The guy called Turk was fairly tall and had dark skin and a cheesy looking mustache. His partner...Grotty or something...was pale and greasy looking. Neither looked like they were real fighters, just opportunists.

"Sorry," I stopped digging around in my pockets, "I don't have my wallet with me. My boyfriend has money, he can pay you!" I tried moving towards the door, but Turk dropped his hand on my shoulder.

"We'll go outside and wait wi..." he stopped speaking because I had grabbed his arm and flipped him over my head and through the door. At that point everyone in the bar was looking at me.

"Uh Hi?"

That's all I had time to say before Grotty tried to grab me. I punched him in the face and watched in awe as he flew across the bar and landed on a pool table. This was the signal, apparently, for an all out brawl to start. I was busy in the first part dodging whatever thrown objects came my way. After a while the number of fighters still standing was down in the single digits and they were all looking at me.

"Well," one scarred guy said, "At least there's a party favor."

The first two moved towards me so I punched the first one in the stomach and kicked the second one in the chest. Both of them went flying from the impacts and the rest of the patrons froze.

"Oh crap! She's a meta!" As soon as that was yelled the remaining fighters stampeded towards the back and away from me. I was standing alone in the bar surrounded by groaning bodies. Shrugging, I bent over and pulled out Turk's wallet. He had about two hundred in cash, so I took half

"I'll pay you back, I promise" I stepped over his moaning form and dropped the wallet on his chest.

Standing outside I noticed that the snow had slowed. I had no clue which direction to go, so I flipped a coin and started walking to the left.
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