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A Love to Remember... But Never Tell

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Summary: AU SG1 and Atlantis. Danny's still a brilliant linguist and anthropologist, who works for the US Military translating documents in the wake of September 11th. Into his life come a wonderfuly fun, and insane pair of twins. Life is never the same again.

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesDennSedaiFR2135,891059632 Sep 102 Sep 10No

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Chapter 1: Tease Me, Please Me

Disclaimers: I don't own them, SG-1 and Atlantis belong to SCI-FI, MGM, etc.
Warnings: THIS IS AN AU FIC. This is MASSIVELY AU. John and Cameron are twin brothers in this fic, Daniel is still an antropologist/linguist but he's working for the military translating documents, and intelligence, etc. There is no STARGATE in this fic.
Author's Notes: This fic was massively inspired by the wonderful story 'The Pool Boy' by Pink Diamonds located on Area52 (

Temptation, taunting, teasing and more...just what the muses ordered...

Letting out a sigh, Daniel glanced up from the translation work he was doing. Ever since 9-11, the need for linguists who could not speak or read the various Arabic languages had gone through the roof. And since he was one of the top linguists in the US and with his dual degrees in linguistics and archaeology he was considered to be the best of the best. His ability to not only understand the languages, but to catch the subtle references and idiosyncrasies that only someone from the culture could get made him worth his weight in gold.

But it was still distracting with the pool boy working just outside of his study. The money that he'd inherited upon his gaining his majority, along with the inheritance from his grandfather after he had passed away meant he was far more comfortable then anyone realized. That and the years of skills that he had, he could pick and choose amongst the jobs that he wanted. Then with the terrorist attacks, he was able to more or less set his own pay rate. Not that he was unreasonable about it, but if he was going to be expected to set aside his regular work for and do for the government then he was damn well going to be compensated for it.

All of which brought him back to his current distraction. The damn pool boy. The house down here in Florida ensured that he had all the sun, sand and beauty that he could ask for. The past two months had driven him nuts though. His usual pool maintenance guy had retired and the various temps that the service had sent out had been more or less worthless. Although this latest one that he'd finally interviewed and hired himself was more than a little distracting. He and his fraternal twin were both in college and needed the extra funds that working could provide and by being pool boys they could more or less set their hours to suit themselves. But Cameron and John were clearly good at the work, but the distraction that they offered wasn't helping.

Biting back a groan as he watched Cam bend down to check something Daniel softly swore. "Fuck.... I can't take much more of this." Watching as Cam straightened up and looked around almost as if he'd heard Daniel's complaint he shook his head after a moment returning to check on the water.

Biting at his lip Daniel silently debated for a minute more. Letting out a sigh, he headed back to his bedroom and stripped his clothes off throwing them idly off to one side. The damn translation could wait, for now he was horny as all hell and going to make the first move, in what would hopefully be a very pleasant game.

Digging out a pair of shimmering blue Speedos, Daniel slipped them on before heading to the linen closet to grab a towel as well. Pausing at the French doors leading out to the deck and the pool, Daniel bit back a whimper as he watched Cameron skin off the t-shirt he was wearing. Taking a slow breath he slid the door open and stepped out.

"Hey Cam," Daniel called in a friendly tone of voice.

"Oh hey Dr. J," Cam answered smiling as he saw his boss, mentally whimpering as he took in the broad chest and flat abs. Not to mention the too small Speedo that left absolutely nothing to the imagination and screamed pure sex.

"Cam," Daniel said shaking his head. "How many times do I have to tell you and John, that it's fine to call me Daniel. Any ways, would it bother you if I take some time to tan, might as well take a small break from those damn translations and enjoy the sun."

"Huh... oh sure, not a problem at all Dr.... errr Daniel," Cam said correcting himself at the hint of a frown that started to show on Daniel's face.

"Cool, if you need anything, do feel free to let me know Cam, all right?"

"Yep, sure thing Daniel," Cam said fighting back another involuntary groan as he watched Daniel lay down on the chaise lounge and position himself so that he could tan. Watching as those brilliant blue eyes were slowly hidden by the eyelids, Cam forced himself to focus on what he was doing. Clean the pool and get done. There was no way he was going to fuck with the boss. No matter how hot he looked, he and John both needed this job and the few others that they'd picked up. No way was he going to screw that up.


"I swear to god John, he's going to drive me out of my freaking damn mind," Cam said as he sprawled out on the sofa of the apartment that they shared together while going to school. "He's got to know how good he looks and then asking me to put the suntan lotion on him...."

John let out a groan at that image. "Damn it Cam...."

"I know. It's not like we can afford to loose him as a client for the pool cleaning, we're just barely making ends meet as it is. But damn it, I swear to god he knows what he's going and he's just playing with us."

"Maybe... or maybe we're both just so damn horny and hard up that we're imagining it's something more than it is," John said. "Look I know he's done the same thing once or twice with me. But he never goes any further then that. Yeah, it seems like he'd like to take it further, but he's hesitant... cautious. Like he's been burnt before."

Cam sighed at that. "Maybe... hell maybe one of us should just happen to drop a hint that we're going out clubbing and mention where and when one time and see if he picks up on it. After all the Raven's having a special next weekend...see if he shows up and take it from there."

"Hmmmm," John said as he slowly turned the idea around in his head. "Could work. I know he's pretty liberal and has made it clear he doesn't mind if we get calls while we're at work. But if it backfires...."

"Then we're screwed. But have you noticed how he's always wearing those skimpy Speedos whenever we're over to clean the pool and he always asks us to put some lotion on his back. Come on John, you can't say he's not wanting us to make a move. So we just make a subtle one, you know you're just as interested in him as I am."

John let out a groan at that. "Uh huh, and if he's only interested in one of us?"

"Yeah right, he's been making a subtle play for both of us so far, you saw how his eyes lit up when we mentioned at the interview that we're twins. And you know I've got no objection to sharing with you, hell we've played together ourselves often enough that we know exactly what gets the other going hot and heavy. Can you say you wouldn't love to see the three of us in a bed together?"

"Cam," John said with a groan at the reminder and the delicious image of the three of them on a bed together. "Fucker... you're going to kill me with that thought. I've got a damn test tomorrow and I still need to study for it."

"And," Cam shot back with a smirk. "I listened to you tossing off and calling out Daniel's name as you did it, the other night. Now that was definitely a hot fantasy bro, and I've no objection to helping you out here and now either."

"Cam... you're such a fucking cock-tease, fine, get over here then," John said growling at the last. "Going to make sure you don't forget that I'm the big brother, you slut."

Cam just chuckled at that. "Uh huh, and who got pulled out of the orgy last year? That sure wasn't me, bro."

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