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Summary: Faith is going to teach Antony a lesson. Written for Fic a Day.

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Television > RomegrundyFR131648021,0312 Sep 102 Sep 10Yes
Disclaimer: Not mine. BtVS belongs to Whedon. Rome belongs to...HBO?

Faith landed with a solid ‘thunk’ as whatever spell had just hit her deposited her somewhere that was definitely not Cleveland. Something was not right with the universe- Tuesdays were little D’s day to get in trouble. Faith preferred to get hers out of the way on Monday.

Looking around, she decided that wherever she was, it was not only not Cleveland, it was also not the twenty-first century. No modern city she knew of stunk quite like this. Definitely pre-modern plumbing. She hoped it wouldn’t take one of the other girls too long to let Willow know that she’d disappeared. She didn’t mind going primitive for a few days, but she’d never been one of those people with a jones to live in the past. Modern technology was awesome.

The building she’d landed in- well, sort of, since she found herself in a courtyard- looked nice enough. A puzzled man in a short tunic was staring at her in shock. Faith tried not to laugh at his reaction. Then he spoke to her, and things got considerably less funny.

“Di immortales! Unde venisti?”

Faith blinked. Then she swore. Not only was she not in Cleveland or her own time, she also wasn’t anyplace that spoke English.

This really should have been D. She’s language girl!

Faith shrugged.

“Dude, I have no clue what you’re asking, and I’m betting you don’t understand me either.”

At the rapid and aggravated sounding reply, she sighed.

“Didn’t think so. Take me to your leader?”

The man regarded her with a confused expression.

“Your boss? The head honcho? Guy in charge?”

No response.

“Right, then I’m just going to sit here-“ she pointed to a bench, “and wait for help. Which will hopefully be coming soon.”

As she sat, the man seemed to come alive. His face showing that he’d rather do anything else but, he came close enough to pull at her sleeve and make gestures that seemed to indicate she should follow. He led her inside the house, and as they moved, Faith could hear the sounds of women whimpering. She frowned, but kept following her guide.

They stopped in a largish room, which had only a few occupants- and only one of them fully clothed. Two half-naked girls were holding swords, standing before a man who was very obviously enjoying the view. Faith could tell by the way the two gripped the swords that they’d never had to use one before, and had no idea what they were doing. By their eyes, they were terrified.

The man looked up with an expression of pure irritation at the interruption. Assessing him quickly, Faith thought it was a shame they didn’t speak each other’s language. He wasn’t bad looking, and it seemed like girls with swords was a turn-on for him. Or maybe it was unwilling girls with swords…

Before the guy who had brought her in could say anything, Faith grabbed a sword from one of the girls.

“I don’t know who the hell you are, but they shouldn’t be playing with these,” she said firmly.

The man in charge laughed, and then gave what could only be an order to the girl holding the other sword, who shook her head, clearly scared out of her mind. Faith frowned. He wouldn’t have just told the girl to attack her, would he?

At the darkening expression on his face, she decided that’s exactly what he’d been doing. He yelled something, jumping to his feet, and grabbing the sword from the scared girl. Then he faced Faith, clearly expecting her to be intimidated by the sword he now held at the ready. She gave him her best ‘bitch, please’ look.

It had the desired effect. Faith smiled as he attacked. She wasn’t supposed to kill humans, but there was nothing saying she couldn’t teach this one a lesson.

The End

You have reached the end of "Girlfight". This story is complete.

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