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Portals and Dimensions

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Gypsy Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to walking the path: Two days after the end of the first story Xander and his friends arrive in L.A to meet up with Vlad Tepes Lawyers not knowing the adventure awaiting them and the changes it would bring within the group.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Het
Anime > Hellsing
RazialFR153286,418811887,6553 Sep 106 Jan 12Yes

Chapter One

Portals and Dimensions

Sequel to Walking the Path

Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any other of the characters in this story, they belong to Joss Whedon and whoever else created the characters used in this story. Any characters I created I own.

Pairing: Janna/Xander (There will be other relationships in this story, but this is the main one.)

Summary: Two days after the end of the first story Xander and his friends arrive in LA to meet up with Vlad Tepes lawyers, not knowing the adventure awaiting them and the changes it would bring within the group.

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A big thank you to cloudleonsgurl for her fanart. You can find this one and other great ones here:

Chapter 1

Alexander Harris stretched, he felt tired and strained from their journey to LA. Thanks to Adrian's wonderful idea of stopping for some training on their way, the trip had taken longer than it should have and everyone, bar the two Nosferatu were tired and in pain.

He looked over to where Janna was busy getting ready for bed and he found his eyes glued to her form, as she put on her nighty and smiled. She soon sensed his gaze and looked at him with a shake of her head, amused about his inability to look away.

"Not tonight Alex, I am too tired," she said, as she got into bed.

"It's a shame, but I'd have to agree I am tired from that training Adrian made me do," he replied, as he stripped down to his boxers and joined her.

"Does it feel strange being away from Sunnydale?" she asked, as she snuggled up to her lover.

"A bit," he admitted. "But I think the fact that our split from Buffy and the others was so total is why I am not feeling as bad as I would have, had we still been friends with them," he told her. "I do worry a bit about Kendra and Mr. Zabuto, but with Team Shadow there and a Hellsing Team arriving in a week or so, I know they will be fine," he finished, as he gave her a quick good night kiss.

"I think they will as well," Janna agreed, as they both began to fall asleep.


Cassandra once more slipped into Alexander's dreams with ease and she found him once more in the park of Sunnydale, but instead of facing the fading images of his former friends, he was looking at the solid images of Janna, Jessica and Amy.

"Hello Alexander," she greeted him with a fond smile.

"You're back," he said in surprise. "I got the feeling I wouldn't see you for a while," he told her, as he motioned her to sit next to him which she did.

"I have been allowed this visit, because my lord has detected something which may prove dangerous to you and your friends and he wants you to be on your guard," she informed him, as she recalled why she visiting him again so soon.

"What's wrong?" he asked with a frown.

"There is a massive build up of magical energy within the city, but it is not just normal magical energy. According to my lord it is dimensional magic," she told, him wanting him to understand how dangerous this could turn out to be.

"Dimensional?" he asked confused.

"Dimensional magic Alexander can open a doorway between the many different realities, which are connected to ours," she informed him. "Something or someone is messing around with something they shouldn't and I have a bad feeling that this build up coincides with your arrival," she added.

"I don't like the sound of this," Alexander said, as he stood up and began to pace. "What do you want us to do?" he asked. "And who is this lord you serve?" he asked a second later, as he remembered what she had told him.

"We wish you to see if you can locate who is doing this and deal with them, but be careful Alexander, getting caught up in dimensional magic can be deadly, not just to you, but for those you may encounter as well," she warned him. "As for who my lord is, I am sorry Alexander but you are not yet ready for that knowledge," she told him with a smile. "Maybe one day he may choose to visit you himself, but for now he must remain a mystery," she added, before she got up and vanished, leaving Alexander to fall back into his normal dream.


Elsewhere on another plain Tanith watched his own viewing pool, he was surrounded by his fellow powers that be, as Cassandra visited the boy his master placed so much faith on.

"Why does our lord continue to indulge that woman?" one of his fellow powers snarled.

"I do not know, but hopefully our plan will remove her from his council when our pawns remove Alexander and his group from consideration," a bulky man said with confidence.

"I have grave concerns about what you have set in motion Malek," Tanith sighed.

As much as he disliked Alexander and his group for being outside of the powers control, that did not mean he wanted to betray their lord's wishes and he did not agree with Malek's plans, but he could do little to stop them.

Informing their lord what Malek and most of the powers were up to was out of the question, due to the oath he had taken when he had become a member, but he knew if their lord found out what they were doing it was most likely none of them would survive.

"You are losing sight of the big picture Tanith," Malek spat. "That boy and his group pose a great threat to our eventual victory against the darkness and our lord has become blinded to that," he continued. "So we must act and if you know what is good for you, do not question my plan again," he warned at the end before he left, followed by the majority of the powers.

"What are we doing?" he asked the few who remained, who like him seemed unconvinced of Malek's actions.

"I don't know Tanith, but we must see it through," his friend Jonas replied. "We have been given our orders and we must obey," he added, as they looked back at the viewing pool and continued to observe.


Cassandra was uneasy as she rejoined her lord by his viewing pool. This was not supposed to be happening and she believed there was another hand in this, but so far she had no idea who's it could be.

"You were tempted to tell him more than you were supposed to," the tall man said with a smile. "I believe your feelings are clouding your judgment," he added.

"Only for a second my lord," she countered. "And my feelings are my own problem. I will deal with them and make sure they do not hinder your plans," she added.

"Good," the tall man nodded, pleased by her response. "I do not like this," he said pointing to the continued build up of magic. "Why can we not see who is behind this?" he asked himself.

"There is another hand in this my lord, I am sure of it, but who it is I do not know," she told him of her suspicions.

"I tend to agree," her lord replied. "One thing is sure they are powerful and they wish to remain hidden," he added.

"Alexander and the others may just find some answers when they locate the source of the magical build up my lord," Cassandra told him confidently.

"We shall see," the tall man said, as he waved his hand over the viewing pool and both watched as Alexander and his group met in the living room of the mansion, the Hellsing Organization had bought them to stay in and when they left would become a safe house.

Alexander and the others had just finished breakfast and were now in the living room to plan how the day would go. Xander knew he would have to bring up what Cassandra had told him, as he had with Janna when they had woken up, so he decided to go first.

He has discovered during their trip to LA that he could not tell anyone, but Janna about the visits from the mysterious woman and neither had Vlad become aware of them. He did not know why but he had a good idea.

"Before we start, we have a slight problem," he spoke up, as he noticed Lilith was about to begin.

"What is it?" Lilith asked with a frown.

"Something or someone is playing around with something called dimensional magic. According to my, I guess you could call it a vision if you will, there is a huge build up of it within the city and it started just as we started to arrive," he told the group.

"When did you start having visions Alexander and why have you not mentioned them before?" Jessica asked her son slightly worried.

"I guess they started before we left Sunnydale," he answered his mother. "And whilst they are not like the visions Buffy and Kendra get, they are similar," he added. "I get the feeling from this vision that this build up could be very bad news and we need to find whoever is doing it and stop them," he finished as he sat back, still feeling the pain from his still healing wound in the side.

"I would have to agree, this could be a very bad situation if this build up is allowed to continue," Adrian frowned and he knew he would have to send a report to Sir Hellsing about this as soon as the meeting was finished.

"I concur, we will first visit the Law firm our father wanted us to see and then we will begin to try and find the source of this build up," Lilith nodded her head after hearing Alexander's explanation.

"What's the law firm's name?" Amy inquired.

"They are a very old law firm by the name of Wolfram and Hart," Lilith answered the young girl. "Father has been using them for centuries, he believes they will be the best people to cover us on our quest if we run into any trouble with the law," she explained.

"My sister works at a law firm in L.A," Jessica said suddenly.

"Which one?" and why haven't you said anything about a sister before?" Xander asked, shocked by this latest bit of news.

"We never got on Alex, we hated each other once we became teenagers," Jessica explained with a frown at the memories that this was bringing up. "She left home before I married your real father. She is older than me by five years," she added.

"So I have an aunt somewhere in this city?" Xander asked.

"She may still be living here I don't know. I haven't talked to her in years, but I remember that my mother told me that she got a job with a law firm in LA, but I do not know which one," she told them. "I hope it is not the one we are going to. I do not know how I would handle seeing her again after all this time," she sighed as she finished.

"My life just keeps getting more and more interesting," Xander said, as he processed this.

'Indeed young one,' Vlad suddenly spoke up. 'It would seem your quest will keep you on your toes, as it will not lack surprises,' the great Nosferatu said with amusement.

'I guess I should call that a good thing,' Xander thought back, having come to grips with the two way link Vlad had forged between them.

'Come now, if it was boring what would the point be in going?' Vlad chuckled.

"Is that everything?" Lilith asked, as she felt the presence of her father once more.

"I think so," Janna answered to which the others nodded in agreement.

"Then we must prepare for our appointment at Wolfram and Hart," Lilith told them. "Try and dress smartly. They will treat you with more respect that way," she cautioned them, especially Alexander.

The others nodded at her suggestion before breaking up to get ready.

Xander was busy thinking about how his life was about to change once again and he smiled as he realized he wouldn't have it any other way.
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