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Lost to Darkness’s Temptation

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Summary: An event in Los Angeles transforms Xander and everything changes, but not exactly for the better.

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Chapter One

Lost to Darkness’s Temptation

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of its characters or its connected media. I also do not own Hellsing or anything connected to its characters or its connected media. I also do not own anything else I use in this story which clearly belongs to whoever created it or owns the right to it.

Pairing: Xander/Multiple

Summary: An event in Los Angeles transforms Xander and everything changes, but not exactly for the better.

Notes: Events and characters may be changed depending on how I decide to do this story, so if you notice such changes you can’t say you were not warned. Characters will be mostly in cannon and there will be no bashing of anyone.

Also I am changing the turning process for the Hellsing vampires for this story, so If anyone notices it and wants to point it out that it is wrong don’t bother I know.


Chapter 1

(Los Angeles, night time)

Alexander Harris walked down the road annoyed and seriously bored as he continued his supposed road trip, sadly his car had broken down and he had not gotten very far. He wondered how the gang was doing back in Sunnydale. He supposed they were enjoying what he had no doubt about was a relaxing summer. The fight against the Mayor had been long and hard and in the end they had managed to kill him and a majority of his minions.

A power vacuum now existed in the town, but he was sure it would be filled again quite soon. Every time they had defeated and killed their enemies they ended up facing a new threat. He decided to head to a local night club he had started visiting in the last week. It had a combination of live bands, good music and he could actually buy some drinks thanks to Willow creating him a forged ID. Her hacker skills were still some of the best he had ever seen, even if she had started to focus more on her magical skills these days than her computer skills.

He was sure she would not be to happy with the way he was using the ID. He was someone unsure that leaving when he had was the best thing he could have done. Angel was supposed to have left for here at the end of the battle with the Mayor, but Buffy had not been willing to do this and convinced him to stay. Giles had admitted he was worried they might not be able to stay away from each other. Cordelia had ended up staying in town as well after she found out she did not have enough money to find a place to live in LA. Her hopes of becoming an actress were on hold at the moment, but she remained determined to try when she did have enough money.
His mind then shifted to the other problem they might face at some point in the future. During the battle with the Mayor, they had met their third Slayer. She was called because of an incident that so resembled Buffy’s brief death and she had called herself Faith.

Kendra had been fighting a powerful demon a few months back and lost. She had been strangled and then dropped to the ground. Her heart had stopped beating, but thankfully Mr. Zabuto, her watcher, had come back around from been knocked out and managed to revive her, but again due to being dead for a few moments, it was enough to activate a new slayer.

Sadly Faith had not had the best life, before she was found by her watcher and then seeing her watcher tortured and killed before her eyes had begun a downward spiral for Faith, which had continued even after arriving in Sunnydale and joining them.

In truth the group had as much to do with what happened as Faith and the Mayor did. The Mayor took advantage of Faith’s emotional breakdown, brought on by her accidental killing of a human during an intense fight she and Buffy were engaged in. It could have easily gone the other way from what Buffy had said. In the end once that happened Faith fell away from them and their own problems got in the way and allowed it to happen.

She was now in a coma and was not expected to come out of it for some time, if ever. Giles was hopeful that she would recover and they could attempt to mend the broken relationship, as was Buffy. Whilst a lot of bad blood had surfaced during Faith’s dark turn with the Mayor, Buffy knew she could have made more of an effort in befriending her, as she had done when Kendra had turned up. Speaking of Kendra she was on her way back to Sunnydale, the Council believed she was needed there more, at least according to Giles.

He happened to agree with that, as the Hellmouth seemed to get more dangerous as the years went on. The Mayor had been the most deadly threat they had come across and he dreaded what would be next.

Finally making it to the club he quickly showed the bouncer his ID and then entered and began heading for the bar. He nodded at two of the waitresses he had come to know from his time here. His relationship with Cordelia and his brief fling with Willow and even his one night stand with Faith had done him a lot of good and made him more confident when he was in front of women. He quickly ordered a beer and moved to a table at the back of the club, where he could see pretty much the whole floor.

If there was one thing he could say from his time in Sunnydale, it was that it had taught him never to put his back to a full room. In one way he found it annoying, but on the other end it had kept him alive so far and so he always wanted to keep an eye on his surroundings. Looking around he soon caught the eye of Indra, a soul eater demon, which he had bumped into two weeks ago. At first he had tried to slay her, but she had quickly informed him she was not a threat. It seemed her species only fed on criminals and evil people. They were mostly neutral in the war and he was quite fine with that. He had learned enough to know that not all demons were evil and wanted to end the world. Most of them were just like human beings. They just wanted to live their lives and be left alone. She had a habit of calling him Hunter, due to his night time activities in Sunnydale and the odd slaying he had done here. She had even taken up training him a little.

She quickly made her way over and they discussed a few things, before she informed him she and her clan were heading for Sunnydale. Now that the Mayor had been removed it was safe for them to go there and try and set up a home. He wished her luck and made a promise to come visit them when he returned home. Once she left he leaned back in his chair and continued to drink his beer.


What he did not know was that he was been watched by a person, which was on the upper level, who had taken an interest in him since seeing him a week ago where he slew two demonic vampires. She had been gathering information on him since then and found out that he was a hunter from Sunnydale, the home of the Hellmouth. He was friend of the Slayer and his name was Xander Harris. He was the one who had made it possible for two Slayers to exist at one time.

According to her contacts he had also faced off Angelus with no weapons in hand and lived, which was an impressive feat. He had aided in slaying many of the most powerful demons and demonic vampires, including the Mayor of Sunnydale, the Master, Trick and Kakistos.

She looked around and noted that his demonic friend had left the club, which was good, as she planned to make Alexander hers. She was Aria, a Nosferatu of Dracula’s bloodline. She knew her master was still alive, but now served the Hellsing family in slaying any threats to the world. He went by the name Alucard now and was no longer the night terror he had once been.

She watched as Xander soon caught the attention of a young woman of maybe twenty years of age with shiny black hair down to her neck and inviting brown eyes. Her tight halter top showed an impressive bust and her black skirt came only to her knee’s and showed a lot of leg. All in all, a very startling figure and the two seemed to get on very well, as they talked for a while and then danced to a few songs. She could guess where this was going and it seemed she would have two meals tonight if she was lucky, as either sex was good for her.


Xander was enjoying dancing and getting to know Katy. She was a young secretary at a small law firm, which currently was locked in a battle to stave off a takeover by the much larger law firm Wolfram and Hart. From what she had told him, she did not hold a high opinion for this firm and if they did get taken over, she was going to quit, other than that she stated she enjoyed jogging and reading.

He could tell she liked to stay in shape just by looking at her and did his best to keep his eyes on her face, without wandering something she seemed to appreciate, he seemed to connect to Katy on a level he had not done so with any other women he had met in this club so far.

They finished the dance and went back to their table and ordered another round and continued their discussion. This time on former relationships, which showed that both of them were pretty inexperienced in that type of thing, each having only one sexual experience. They moved onto family although Xander stayed away from mentioning anything about this father as much as possible, they also discussed some other things as they downed their beers. Glancing at his watch Xander noted it was getting late and so he decided to call it a night, Katy surprised him by asking to come with him. Looking her in the eye he could tell what was on her mind and it only took him a few seconds to decide what to do, he smiled and after leaving a tip they left the bar.


Aria followed the two easily enough and her enhanced hearing picked up their continued conversation, she was eagerly looking forward to making her move.

Seducing humans was far easier for Nosferatu than demonic vampires, as they had a slight advantage, they first released a pheromone that attracted humans to them and second their hypnotic powers were far more enhanced than the demonic breeds and so they could easily manipulate a human into doing whatever they want.


(Rosenberg house, night time Sunnydale)

Willow Rosenberg lay on her bed and was thinking over things and she was getting concerned about events in Sunnydale. There seemed to be an increase in new vampires and demons, all attempting to become the new master of the Hellmouth. So far they had been able to deal with the newcomers, as they all had one major weakness and that was they were arrogant and overconfident, but all it would take is one smart one to arrive to change that.

Another thing she was concerned about was the renewed closeness she saw between Buffy and Angel, she was not naive enough to believe it would not lead to the same disaster it had before. She had spoken with Oz, Cordelia and Giles about this and they all agreed, but Buffy assured them she could control herself.

She wished Xander was back home, as he would have some idea on how to go about creating a gap between the two, at least she hoped he would. She had not actually told him just how close the two were getting afraid of how he would react.

They did have some good news in that they had a new ally in the fight. Tara Maclay a young witch who she had met on her first day of college, from there a few nights later events had taken place that had revealed she too was a witch. Bringing her up to date on exactly what the town was built upon and who they were took some time, but once she had heard everything she had offered her help.

Giles was thankful to have more magical help, something they had been lacking since the death of Jenny Calendar at the hands of Angelus. The one problem she had with Tara was that she was concerned over how Willow used her magic. Tara seemed to believe she needed to learn more control and what annoyed her even more was that Giles had agreed with her.

Another thing that took some time to get used to was what looked like the beginnings of a relationship between Giles and Joyce. It had started when Joyce had begun helping Giles buy the abandoned magic shop and restock and refurbish it, so that he could use it to support himself, as well as a base for their operations. They could no longer use the school, as they had blown it up to kill the Mayor and they had no reason to be in it anymore. Giles had lost the librarian job during the building of a new school, for reasons he had not disclosed to them.

Buffy seemed to have seen it coming due to an event involving Ethan Rayne and the band chocolate Snyder had forced them to sell, which had transformed all the adults into their younger teen selves. She remembered it well and it still creped her out to see their former hated headmaster so nice and friendly.

As she shifted and tried to get warmer she wondered just when Xander would get back from his trip. He had stated in their last conversation he wanted to spend another week at the least in LA, where he had been stuck thanks to his car breaking down. She and Buffy had a nice laugh over this after all the talk Xander had done about this grand adventure, but in the end she had to admit she felt sorry for him, as he had really looked forward to the trip.

Sighing she rolled over and tried to get to sleep knowing she had a full day of courses tomorrow, as well as helping Buffy move some things for Joyce at the art gallery she owned.


(Los Angeles, night time)

Aria climbed up the back of the hotel Xander was staying at and soon located his room and found him and the girl sharing another drink. They were clearly taking it slowly, which showed the young man had restraint and control of himself, which was pleasing to her as it would be useful once she turned him. Nosferatu vampires were the top of the food chain against all other vampires, bar other Nosferatu vampires and only the highest level demons posed a threat to them. They could be true horrors to the world and most were just that. However some like her master now protected it for various reasons.

She had plans though to take the Hellmouth as her own kingdom, hence her choice to turn Xander who would have all sorts of intelligence she would need to do that. He would also be able to tell her all about the Slayers and their friends. The one thing she knew for certain was the one major threat she would have faced, the Mayor was dead. Killed only months ago and his plans of Ascension and opening the Hellmouth stopped.

Stopping the Hellmouth from being opened was a good thing, as if it was opened every other species on this world would perish, even the Nosferatu. In that she shared her master’s goal of safeguarding the world, but only in that regard. Shaking these thoughts from her mind she concentrated back on what was happening inside the hotel room. She smirked as she watched the two inside begin to kiss one another.

It was time to make her move she thought, as she transformed herself into mist and fazed into the room startling the two inside. Xander quickly went for a stake he kept in his bag, whilst Katy just stared in surprise at the sudden appearance of the newcomer.

Xander was just reaching for his stake when the woman’s hand grabbed his and forced him around to look her in the eye, as soon as he locked gazes with her, he began to lose focus as an almost irresistible will to relax hit him.

Katy could only watch as her new friend seemed to fall under the sway of the intruder. He became relaxed and calm as they stared at one another, she soon noted a smile grace the woman’s face, as he stepped around and moved towards her, making her try and back away only to hit the door which she remembered Xander locking. She soon found herself looking into the inviting eyes of the newcomer and she began to feel light headed and began to lose focus as well.

Xander stood where he had been left, his mind clouded and completely lost in the hypnotic suggestions Aria had implanted.


(Graveyard, night time Sunnydale)

Rupert Giles kept a close eye on Buffy and Angel as they progressed in their patrol. He was growing more and more concerned at the renewed closeness he saw between the two. No matter Buffy’s assertions that she could resist Angel he was becoming more and more convinced a repeat of the disaster was on the horizon and Kendra would not arrive for another few days and by then it may be too late.
Kendra had been lucky to survive the last time Angelus had been loose and even more from the demon that had temporarily killed her long enough to call Faith.

Xander if he was here would be going nuts and insisting they do something to stop the two before they did the inevitable and he agreed, something had to be done. But it had to be something that would not alienate Buffy from the group as a whole. Maybe he and Joyce should confront Angel and make him aware of how close he was to repeating his mistake. He stopped suddenly and spun around as he heard something coming up behind him, to no surprise he saw a charging vampire and fired his crossbow and hit it just below the heart and so it did not dust it much to his annoyance.

Buffy quickly somersaulted over him and landed a wicked kick to the vampire head, knocking it flying backwards and into a near by grave. He watched as she quickly grabbed it and flipped it as it tried to get back up and then quickly staked it. He nodded in approval at least pleased to see her skills were still at their best, she seemed much stronger and resilient since the last fight with Faith and the Mayor. They moved on towards the Wilks tomb near the centre of the graveyard where they would finish their patrol. He was going to ensure the two went their separate ways no matter what it took. He felt it best not to give them any opportunities to be alone, as long as he could. He just hoped that when he and Joyce confronted them, Angel would be willing to listen to reason.

“I think we’ve been out long enough, don’t you think?” Buffy finally said as they reached the tomb and looked back at him with a questioning look.

“Yes Buffy, I think we’ve been out here long enough,” Giles agreed. “You need to head home now, as Joyce wants you back home tonight and no arguments,” he added, stressing his last point with a glare.

He watched Buffy and Angel exchange annoyed looks before Buffy all but stormed off in the direction of home and by the time Giles turned back to look at Angel, the vampire had already vanished which made him curse.

‘I will see Joyce first thing in the morning and decide how to deal with Angel,’ he thought before he turned and headed for his car.


(Los Angeles, night time)

Aria smiled as the girl finally fell under her control just like Xander, she had resisted strongly. This pleased her as it showed they would prove to be valued assets once she turned them, but first it was time to have some fun.

Running a finger down Katy’s face she smirked as she felt the girl tremble, her probe of both youth’s minds had proven enlightening and told her much about them, including names and ages which were close by only one year difference.
She looked around the room and noted a few pictures Xander had brought with him and she looked over his friends taking especial note of the busty brunette who stood next to Xander in one of them. Oh this was going to be very fun she thought, once she had Xander and Katy on her side. Their transformation would ensure their obedience to her through the master childe bond. She turned back to Xander and turned him around and pulled him into a strong kiss which he eagerly returned, thanks to the suggestions she had implanted in his mind, pulling away she pulled Katy to them and kissed her as well, again finding no resistance and so she knew the hypnotic suggestions worked.

She pulled away from them and moved away and then ordered them to strip, before sliding her red silk dress off her shoulders and climbed onto the bed, soon Xander and Katy joined her at her command and they began to explore one another.

Xander kissed his way up Katy’s chest and spent a bit of time suckling her breasts and nipples making her moan and groan as she ate Aria out, neither of them could escape the mental commands Aria had programmed into them and so continued doing as they had been ordered. He then entered Katy and quickly picked up a steady pace increasing Katy and Aria’s pleasure as they moved in sync, a small part of him deep inside tried to fight what was happening and it knew he was in trouble, but failed to stop himself.

Katy just gave herself over to the pleasure subdued by the commands implanted inside her mind. Aria enjoyed the sensations running through her body from Katy’s tongue and felt the rising pressure of an approaching climax.

Xander increased his pace and reached a hand up to play with Aria’s breasts making her moan as she finally reached her climax followed a second later by Katy and Xander.

Aria quickly changed places with Katy and plunged herself down on Xander wanting to draw this out a little before she turned them. She quickly found a good pace and watched as Katy mounted Xander’s face and allowing him to lick her whilst she leaned over and suckled and bit her breasts. She drew a little blood from Katy, but not much and all it did was make her moan, enjoying the sensations it caused, the pace increased for all of them, until they quickly all reached their climax.

Aria quickly pulled Katy to her and sunk her fangs into her neck and began to feed. The girl only moaned and was still overcome by the sexual emotions they had just enjoyed. Aria used her nail to slice her wrist open and then fed it to Katy, who overcome by the mental commands, began to drink the blood from the wound for a few minutes before she passed out.

Xander saw this and it jolted his brain enough to snap him out of the hypnotic control he had been under and he quickly tried to reach the stake he had under the bed. Aria however quickly intercepted him and again sank her fangs into his neck, but she made sure to lock his hands behind him so he could not struggle. She then placed her bloody palm into his mouth, Xander tried to struggle and resist, but in the end the metal commands came back and he began to drink until he too passed out.

Standing up Aria looked down at her new childes who would take the rest of the night and most of the morning undergoing the changes into Nosferatu. She entered the bathroom and stepped into the shower and enjoyed the hot water. The first stage of her plan had been successful and she had gained more than one childe from this excursion, once the transformation was complete she would head to Sunnydale and from there would plot to take it over.
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