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Crossing Your Path: Episode One

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Crossing Your Path". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: First episode of the blind date show "Crossing Your Path". Slash. Crack!fic.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other SlashCorruptedSmileFR1546,6930174,0404 Sep 1022 Sep 10Yes

Love Them or Hate Them?

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything you recognise, I probably do own everything you don’t recognise and I’m not making any money from writing this story.

‘Buffy: the Vampire Slayer’ is owned by Twentieth Century Fox and others, ‘Fast & Furious’ is owned by Universal Studios and others while ‘xXx’ is owned by Revolution Studios and others.

And those others that I’m talking about? I’m not (part of) them either.

Crossover: It’s a multiple crossover between B:tVs, xXx, F&F and SPN. I mention Harry Potter and Charmed as well.

Pairing: Have you figured out yet that the pairing will be Xander/Dom/Xander. You hadn’t? Well, you know now.

Rating: FR15, because of some mentioning of slash.

Spoilers: For everything. There will be spoilers for SPN, B:tVS, xXx and F&F; so, keep that in mind when you start reading.

Summary: It’s a blind date show for all fandom characters. Yes, you have read it correctly: a blind date show.

Extra info: This is for challenge 264: Winner takes it all. This challenge was made by Jinni. Slash. Threesome. Crack!fic.

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Story: Crossing Your Path

Chapter Four: Love Them or Hate Them?

Harvelle’s Roadhouse, Five Weeks Later

“Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, for another episode of Crossing Your Path; the blind date show for all fandom characters. Today we welcome back Dominic Toretto, Xander Harris and Xander Cage. Give them a warm round of applause, everyone!” Jo announced, looking in the direction of camera one.

She then turned to watch the three men walk towards the stage.


“Hello, Jo,” Xander said, clasping her hand tightly in his own as soon as he was close enough to do so. “Good to see you.”

Jo smiled and shook his hand firmly. “Good to see you too, Xander.”

Cage and Dom greeted her as well, before they sat down on the couch in front of her.

“Going by the sappy looks on your faces, I take it that things have been going well between the three of you?” Jo asked.

Xander sighed deeply and smiled at his lovers who grinned back at him. “Things between us have been going extremely well, Jo.”

“Don’t leave us hanging then!” Jo exclaimed. “Tell us more! The audience and I are practically dying to find out about the *cough* things you’ve been doing together these last few weeks.”

She gave a cheeky grin at both the camera and the audience and winked at the three men sitting in front of her. Everyone in the room burst out into laughter.

Cage smirked and said, “It’s not only things that we have been doing these last few weeks, Jo.”

Jo and the audience ooh-ed and aah-ed at that answer while Dom smirked and Xander blushed.

“It could be my imagination, but that sounds a bit, um, dirty,” Jo pointed out to him, giving Cage a sly grin.

Dom gave her slow wink. “Wouldn’t you like to know that we have been—”

Xander coughed and quickly interrupted Dom before he could finish his sentence. He gave him a warning look. “A real gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell, Dom.”

“Saying that means that a) you think that I’m a gentleman—which I’m absolutely not; not even close—and b) that I’m allowed to tell about the things we have been doing besides kissing,” Dom pointed out to him.

“Not to mention that there’s kissing and kissing,” Cage said. “Which kind of kissing were you referring too, Xander? Kissing on the lips or on the neck or kissing your c—”

Xander quickly slapped his hand over Cage’s mouth and glared at the laughing Dom. This time he gave Cage a warning look. “Kissing my chest is what you were going to say, wasn’t it, X?”

“No, not really,” Cage answered thoughtfully. “That wasn’t what I was going to say; not even close, actually.”

The audience clapped and hooted loudly amidst yelled demands of explanations for what Cage was about to say then, if what Xander had said, wasn’t it.


Xander groaned and decided on trying to steer the conversation in a safer—correction, in the right direction.

“I must admit that we have been doing a lot of things,” Xander answered, looking thoughtfully at her. “Eating—”

“Something that’s really delicious and which I rarely got while I was still living with my sister Mia and the rest of my team,” Dom said, interrupting Xander. “It’s this white, liquid substance. Tastes a bit weird at first—especially if it’s warm—but you get used to it. You really need to watch that it doesn’t hit any kind of cloth, though, because the stains are a bitch to get out when they are dry.”

The audience and Jo all gasped. Some could be seen fanning themselves, while other could be seen restraining themselves from drooling.

“Dom!” Xander hissed, looking frustrated and mortified at the same time at that rather graphic explanation.

“What? Mayo stains like nothing else, Xan and you know it.”

“Mayo?! You’re talking about mayo?!”

“Of course he was,” Cage said with a straight face. “What did you think he was talking about, Xan?” He raised an expectant eyebrow.

“Nothing,” came the faint answer from his embarrassed-looking lover.


Shaking his head, Xander went back to what he was about to tell Jo.

“Anyway, killing the things that go bump in the night and teasing friends and family were also very common these last few weeks. You know, mostly normal everyday stuff. Except for killing that Big Bads—sorry, Spike—because not every fandom does that.”

Seeing the disappointed look on Jo’s face at that less than dirty-sounding ending of the explanation of what they had been doing, Cage said, “We did find an oral activity that we like more than eating . . . More than one, actually.”

Catcalls and wolf whistles came from every part of the room at that piece of information.

Jo grinned. “Now we’re talking! Do tell.”

Xander perked up when she said that. “We’ve been playing Suck-and-Blow a lot these past few weeks.”

Everyone started laughing at that innocently-delivered statement. Rewinding the last few seconds in his head, Xander blushed.

“Oh, god, that’s not what I meant at all!” he said, looking totally mortified.

He groaned when another thought came to him. ‘Oh, no, I just said that on a television show which is broadcasted to all fandoms. Please, please, please, don’t let anyone be at home watching this.’


Dom raised an eyebrow. “What did you mean then, Xander?”

“I was only talking about that game called Suck-and-Blow, not that,” he said earnestly. “Just the game we played at night when we were in our room in our sweats.”

“A game called Suck-and-Blow, eh?” Cage asked him. “I know a game where those two things would come in handy, but I’m not sure that we’re talking about the same thing here.”

Xander groaned. “Oh, god, it’s getting worse.” He blinked large, innocent eyes at Dom and Cage. “The game I taught you guys all those weeks ago.”

“You taught Dom and Cage how to suck and blow?” Jo asked, looking at Xander with a faux-innocent look.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” he answered, sighing exasperatedly. “They knew how to suck and they knew how to blow, but they didn’t know how to use those two things to play a game.”

“Now, Xander, that’s not true and you know it,” Cage scolded him. “We did know how to play a game where sucking and blowing were part of. And if I remember correctly, you couldn’t find anything that wasn’t good about the way we did it when we did that to you when you challenged us that night.”

Dom smirked. “Cage has a point, Xan.”

“Oh, god, it keeps getting worse,” Xander said quietly. He looked at his lovers. “Ok, I give up; you win at this and I lose. I can’t do it anymore. If I would continue, I would combust from all the heat! Let’s just stop.”

Cage and Dom only smirked in answer.


Dom looked at Jo. “Let’s just say that the three of us have a connection. We connect in every way; be it bedroom and bathroom activities or food.”

Xander whimpered at the bedroom and bathroom comment and hoped that Jo didn’t jump on it. He sighed in relief when she kindly decided on letting that remark slide.

“I’m glad to hear it,” Jo answered. She turned to look into camera two. “Well, ladies and gentlemen, this has been the last episode with these three men. Join us next time for more blind dates on Crossing Your Path.”

End Crossing Your Path.

A/N: Finally, the last chapter of Crossing Your Path is up! Told you that real life has been a bitch. It doesn’t seem as if it will be getting any better in the near future, just so you know.

This is the final chapter of Crossing Your Path. As of yet, I don’t have any plans to continue with this, but I never say never. Maybe I’ll make it a challenge someday or maybe I’ll write another episode of Crossing Your Path somewhere in the (near?) future . . . I don’t know. Ideas are welcome.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this last chapter. Reviews are very much welcome. Flames are still not wanted nor needed. If someone does decide to leave me one . . . Well, I think you know what will happen, but I’ll say it again: flames will be seriously mocked by me and probably my friends as well. You have been warned.

The End

You have reached the end of "Crossing Your Path: Episode One". This story is complete.

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