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Getting a jolt

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Summary: Leslie Willis, aka Livewire, gets asked, if she's ready to be strong...

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DC Universe > SupermanDmitriFR766,6320194,9504 Sep 1028 Sep 10Yes

Sorting it out (somewhat)

Sorting it out (somewhat)

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine unless noted otherwise, but belong to DC comics or to Joss Whedon and co.

For several long moments Livewire thought this over. Carefully, too, before she finally replied:

“Well, this species-challenged WWF wannabe here claims to be a kappa, so are you talking to me?”

The two girls exchanged thoughtful looks, until the redhead spoke, just as carefully:

“Um, in the name of- well, never mind in the name of whom, exactly, but were you by any chance asked several days ago if you were ready to be strong?”

“Several days? Try several hours – around this morning,” Livewire said haughtily. “At least I think that it was this morning, because maybe it was last night, I’m not exactly sure...”

The two girls exchanged another look. “Um, nobody here tried to take over the city using some sort of time manipulation, did they?”

“No, the closest thing was a pair of Wolfram & Hart’s stooges, trying to assist Lex Luthor with his latest plot, but it involved weather, not time...” Livewire trailed away. “Please don’t tell me that they have blundered somehow, have they?”

“Wolfram & Hart have the tendency to screw their clients if they feel like it, or feel a need to do so,” the redhead’s companion said sagely.

“Mmm,” Livewire nodded sagely. “By any chance, you don’t work for the First-“

“No! No we do not! In fact, he’s our enemy... still is, in a manner of speaking.”

Livewire blinked and gave the two girls a second, even longer, look. “Um. You’re aware that you’re talking about the First Evil, aka Morningstar, aka the bad guy mentioned in the Revelations?”

“Well, yes, we do,” the brunette said firmly. “We’re kind of surprised that you’re aware of all that.”

“The hotel where I stayed at had free bibles, I was bored, so I read it,” Livewire admitted, guiltily, “and when the latter appeared in person, well...” she drawled off. “So how do the two of you fight it?”

“There’s more than two of us, there’s actually a small, but rapidly-growing force, and we’re not even in charge of it,” the redhead said guiltily.

“But she was the one who brought forth the strength,” the brunette began to speak, but Livewire interrupted her.

“You were the one who gave me strength?”

“More like unlocked what was already there,” the redhead replied back, but fell silent, when Livewire abruptly stood up, her mind made-up already partially.

“I’m not sure if you’re lying, and if you’re not lying, then I am even less sure as to what it means for me, but at any rate I can listen to what you’ve got to say, just not here,” she cast a disparaging look at the half-flooded basement. “If you don’t mind, that is?”

The two girls exchanged another look. “Sure.”

* * *

Incredulously, Superman looked at his opponent’s latest weapon of assault. “A stun grenade? You’re really out of options by now, aren’t you?”

“Don’t try to talk to him, sir, when he’s fighting, he’s the strong, silent type,” a pleasant, female voice – not belonging to Ellen Rogers – caused the fighting to stop, or at least to pause. “So, you’re the man – I mean, Superman – who told Ellen that she’s in trouble with the law?”

“Yes,” Superman nodded warily, observing the speaker, who was accompanied by now much more subdued Ellen Rogers. “And who are you?”

“I am Michelle Konigsberg, and I’ll be Ellen’s lawyer – she may be my colleague, but she can’t represent herself in court, without raising a conflict of interest, now can she?” Michelle laughed merrily, and it convinced Superman even more that something was off.

“You’re not quite human, are you?” he said, slowly.

Ellen Rogers glared at him, but once more it was Michelle, who spoke:

“Now that, sir, is just rude. We’ll see you in court. Callahan – oh, look, he’s gone already. Smart man, that Callahan.”

As Superman instinctively glanced and realized that indeed, his assailant was gone while he talked to the two women, Michelle and Ellen added insult to injury and drove off.

* * *

“Let me get this straight,” Livewire said slowly some time later, sitting in a fast food joint somewhere in Metropolis’s suburbs. “There’s a sort of a chosen girl, who fights all sorts of de-mons and creatures like vampires and kappas?”

“Not sure about the kappas – the one down there was the first one we ever saw... but yeah, you’re basically right. Only now, thanks to Willow over here, there’s something more of a small, but growing force of these girls and their allies, instead.”

“And you came over here to offer me to join?”

“Well, why not? I mean, the local radios are already harping about how you’ve had a change of heart and helped Superman foil Luthor’s latest plot, so why not?”

Livewire paled. “For real? You’re not lying?”

“You can listen to the radio in our car,” the redhead – Willow – said carefully. “Only maybe you should listen with just a grain of salt, because they seem to be reinventing your life completely from what we previously knew.”

“I can imagine,” Livewire groaned. “Tell you what. Why don’t I leave the city with you for a while, and see what you’re up to? I am not committing to anything, mind you, I just want to take a look-“

“It’s a deal,” something akin to understanding passed between Livewire’s interlocutrixes, and she could swear that Willow mentioned something about faith.

The end (of “Getting a Jolt”.)

The End

You have reached the end of "Getting a jolt". This story is complete.

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