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50 Years Later

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Summary: 55 years after the Battle for Sunnydale, Tara Summers is leader of the entire Slayer Organization and Hope Lehane is running the Slayer Social Workers Network. Also Vi's Granddaughter has moved to Forks, Washington with a 'Cold One' and her human sister?!

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Chapter One

Disclaimer!: I OWN NOTHING! THE SONG IS IMMENSITE BY CELINE DION(Honestly if I owned the song, I wouldn't be stuck at auditions for hours on end when I could just go into a recording studio, spew out random lyrics, and earn a million dollars!) ENJOY!

Samantha sighed as she stared out of the window of the third floor room in the Slayer Organization Canada Headquarters that she had lived in for almost a year now. Violet had gone out to pick up some more pig’s blood from the butcher, leaving her alone with her sister for the first time since her change.

‘I can’t believe I almost killed her,’ she shuddered at the memory. When she had woken up three days after being attacked by the strange vampire, the entire world had seemed too bright, too loud, and too alive. And then she had noticed her sister, and she felt something she had never felt before; an unbearable hunger that she couldn’t stand. She had attacked her own sister. The only thing that had stopped her from sinking her teeth into Bethany’s skin was Violet, who had come in to check on her. The young slayer had kicked her in the chest, tied her back down onto the bed, and forced a bag of pig’s blood down her throat.

There was a sound in the hallway as someone reached the top landing and Samantha smiled as her sister’s voice floated down the hall, singing an old French song by a singer who had been really popular when their grandparents were young. She hummed along quietly as she listened to her sister’s innocent little voice.

“…J'ai vu le froid et la transe
Le rire de notre fils qui danse
J'ai reconnu ses yeux dorés
Oh comme il te ressemblait
J'ai vu les Lys, les Orchidées
Cachés dans mon jardin secret

Mais ce qui me renverse tu sais
C'est tout l'éclat de tes baisers
Tous les désirs, tous les sursauts
Comme des étoiles sur ma peau
Comme l'immensité

Comme la douceur de tes baisers
Tous les désirs, tous les sursauts
Comme des étoiles sur ma peau
Comme l'immensité!”

Bethany stopped outside of Samantha’s door and Samantha knew she was wondering whether or not it was safe today. Samantha’s control had been so tenuous and strained lately that she had told Violet to keep Bethany away from her for the past few days; she would kill herself before she would let herself hurt her sister.

“Bethany,” she called. “You can come in. I promise I won’t bite,” she told her apologetically as her sister opened the door.

“Comment te sens-tu aujourd'hui?” she asked meekly, leaving the door open as she walked inside and took a seat on the floor next to the window seat Samantha was sitting on. (How are you feeling today?)

“Je vais beaucoup mieux. Je suis désolée de t'avoir inquiétée, Béthanie.” She smiled gently at the little sister she loved so much, careful not to show her teeth; the only reason she hadn’t begged Violet to kill her when they found out what she had become was because she knew her sister would need her, and she couldn’t bear to abandon her. (I am much better. I am sorry to have frightened you Bethany.)

The first thing Violet did when they reached headquarters was find all the information she could on the vampire who had attacked Samantha, and what was happening to Samantha herself. She had woken up three days later a vampire, but not just any vampire; she was a ‘Cold One’, and it frightened her. Her skin was pale, hard and cold to the touch, she could still look at herself in the mirror, and she could even walk out in the sunlight without fear of spontaneously combusting.

What’s more, she could now move things with her mind far more easily than she could when she was human; if her grandmother was still alive she would have thanked her for introducing her to her magics. But what scared her the most, was not what she had lost in her change, it was what she had gained, and the many anomalies that were not explained in any of the many books they had looked in.

It was true that some ‘Cold Ones’ gained special abilities after their change, and Samantha had gained the power to speak to the earth. It was also known that ‘Cold Ones’ were supposed to sparkle in the sun like a thousand diamonds in the light, and yet her skin was perfectly normal. One week after her change she had stepped out into the sunlight and found that she neither sparkled, nor went up in flames. It was also discovered that while normal ‘Cold Ones’ produced venom, which was what induced the change from mortal to ‘Cold One’ in a human, she produced little to none. It was completely unheard of.

“Comment ça va avec l'anglais?” she asked. (How is it going with your English?)

“Badly,” Bethany replied in English, her accent thick and heavy as a pout covered her face. Samantha heard one of the beat-up old van’s available to all the slayer’s staying at headquarters pulling into the garage below.

“Violet’s back,” she remarked. Five minutes later Violet stormed into the bedroom, depositing nine fresh bags of blood into the mini-fridge and handing another one to Samantha, who simply nodded in appreciation. “What’s wrong?”

“They’re trying to relocate me. I told Buffy no, I told her I wanted to stay in Canada, but then Tara said if I didn’t go it would be Alaska all over again, only it would be civilians dying not slayers!” Violet ground out, punching the wall.

“You put another hole in the wall and I’m not fixing it this time,” Samantha commented. “Anyway, maybe it’s better that we move. Canada holds too many memories of mama and papa. Where do they want you to go anyway?”

“Forks, Washington. Apparently a Hellmouth popped up there a week ago and they’re just now noticing it.”

“So let’s go; Bethany can work on her English.” Bethany’s head shot up at the sound of her name.

“Qu'est-ce que tu racontes?” she asked. (What are you talking about?)

“Nous déménageons.” Samantha told her simply before biting into the bag of blood. (We are moving.)

“Are you sure about this Samantha?” Violet asked quietly.

“I’m sure Violet,” she whispered, finishing off the bag and staring at it, watching as it floated over to the trash and she dropped her concentration, letting it fall into the small can. “This place holds nothing for us here. It’s time to start over.”


Alice was sitting in the back of Edward’s newest Volvo, (he really seemed to have a thing for shiny silver Volvos), sitting behind Bella, who was up front next to Edward who was driving, and behind him was Jasper. Emmett and Rosalie had taken Emmett’s land rover and were taking Renesme to school. Alice was humming one of Edward’s latest compositions, playing with Jasper’s fingers, when her eyes glazed over with a vision.

A familiar blonde was driving and talking to a girl whose face she couldn’t see sitting in the passenger seat next to her, when a small voice interrupted them from the backseat as they passed a road sign that read: ‘Now Leaving Canada!’

‘Où allons-nous?’ The blonde smiled.(Where are we going?)

‘Forks, Washington,’ she answered. ‘We’ll be there in two days.’

Alice’s eyes returned to normal and she smiled.

“Did you see Edward?” she asked happily.

“Yes Alice, I saw,” he answered. “Who are they?”

“I’ve no idea. I saw the blonde in a vision last year when she killed a vampire who had attacked a family, but I couldn’t make out the second girl’s face. Everything was so unclear.” she pouted. “But they’re moving here, to Forks!” she announced excitedly as they pulled into the school parking lot.

“I feel bad for them,” Bella remarked as they got out of the car and Emmett’s land rover pulled into the spot next to theirs.

“Why is that Bella?” Edward asked, a small smile on his face as Bella wrapped an arm around his waist and he wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

“I was the new kid once before remember?”

“What about new kids?” Emmett asked as he and Rosalie joined the rest of their family and made their way into the school.

“Alice had a vision.” Edward supplied. “Apparently a couple of new kids are moving here to Forks.”

“Cool; where from?”

“Canada.” Alice told them. “And they’re all girls. One will be with Bella, Edward and I, the other with Renesme. I couldn’t see the third clearly enough to tell how old she was, but I know she’ll be in school here.”

“Sounds like fun,” Emmett grinned wolfishly and Bella rolled her eyes.

“First bell is going to ring in two minutes,” she warned, “Alice and I should get to Biology.” She gave Edward a quick kiss, waited as Alice gave Jasper a kiss on the cheek and whispered something in his ear before pulling her off to their first period Biology class and the rest of the family took off to their respective classes.

“So how do you think Jacob’s meeting with Sam is going?” Bella asked quietly as they took their seats.

“I don’t know,” Alice pouted. “I can’t see them, remember?”


Jacob shifted back to his human form and pulled on his shorts as Sam entered the clearing, also in his human form, but with the rest of his pack behind him.

“Where are Seth and Leah?” He asked.

“Hunting,” Jacob told him quietly. “I see you have some new wolves.”

“Yes. Jaimee and Jesse joined us two years ago.”

“Another female wolf?” Jacob was honestly surprised.

“But that is not what we are here to discuss,” Sam stated. “The bloodsuckers have returned?”

“If you are referring to the Cullens then yes; they have returned to Forks,” Jacob confirmed, “I am here to ensure that the treaty between your pack and their family will still be held in place and not broken by either party.”

“We will hold up our end of the treaty,” Sam agreed. “And you, Jacob Ephraim Black? What will you do?”

“I will be staying in Forks with the Cullens until they leave. Then my pack will return to traveling,” Jacob stated confidently.

“I understand. Remember, pack leader or not, you are still one of us Jacob, and will always be welcomed here.” Sam held out his hand and Jacob clasped it in his.

“Thank you, Sam.” Jacob released his hand and backed into the woods before removing his pants and shifting back into the form of a huge russet wolf and taking off towards Leah and Seth.

‘How’d it go?’ Seth asked.

‘Better than I had expected to be honest.’ Jake informed them, replaying the conversation with Sam so they could hear the whole thing.

‘Patronizing bastard,’ Leah growled as Jacob stopped next to his two pack mates. ‘The Cullens have been here for a year already and he only now decides to ask for a meeting after we arrive? He’s got something up his sleeve and you know it Jake.’

‘Yes Leah I’m well aware of what a sneaky bastard Sam can be, but we’ll worry about it when the time comes,’ Jake sighed; Leah had never really forgiven Sam even after fifty years. ‘Since we’re here now, I think it’s time we tried to figure out what’s so great about the schools outside of the reservation.’ Seth’s head shot up and his tail started wagging.

‘You mean…?’

‘Yup, let’s go get enrolled in the local high school!’

A/N - It's only fifty years, I wasn't sure what types of vehicles they'd have, so I just gave Edward a newer shinier Volvo and exchanged the Jeep for a Land Rover.
and YAY! Jacob, Leah and Seth are still alive! But damnitt Sam is too, oh well, he's quite necessary to my story.
And more French too!

Song Translation
I saw the cold, I saw the transe
The laughter of our son who dances
I recognized his golden eyes
Oh!, like he was looking like you
I saw the lys and the orchids
Hidden in my secret garden

But what astonishes me you know
Is the brightness of our kisses
All the desires, all the jumps
Like stars on my skin
Like... immensity

Like the softness of your kisses
All the desires, all the jumps
Like stars on my skin
Like... immensity

The End?

You have reached the end of "50 Years Later" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Sep 10.

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