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50 Years Later

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Summary: 55 years after the Battle for Sunnydale, Tara Summers is leader of the entire Slayer Organization and Hope Lehane is running the Slayer Social Workers Network. Also Vi's Granddaughter has moved to Forks, Washington with a 'Cold One' and her human sister?!

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Disclaimer!: I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT FOR THE FOLLOWING CHARACTERS: Samantha Elizabeth Prince; Violet Beatrice Laine, Bethany Areana Prince, Hope Janice Lehane, and Tara Willow Summers. EVERYTHING ELSE BtVS RELATED BELONGS TO JOSS WHEDON AND ANYTHING TWILIGHT RELATED BELONGS TO STEPHANIE MEYER. (I mean honestly, if I did own any of it, vampires wouldn't sparkle, I'd be filthy stinkin' rich, and you would not be reading this. Now continue on and enjoy!)

Andre sniffed at the fresh breeze of air that filled his lungs; such a divine smell. He’d never smelled anything close to it before. He’d been attempting to track down the scent’s origin for almost a week and had finally found its cause; two mortal females, both children of a slayer. He hissed at the thought. It almost wasn’t worth his time to go after her; this slayer was weak, out of practice and gone soft from years of her maternal instincts overriding her instincts to fight. But his mouth filled with venom at the thought of sinking his teeth into the soft flesh of the childrens' necks. He grinned and began the descent to the house below where the family dwelled.

‘Alright Bethany,’ he heard the youngest girl’s father say, ‘try translating this into English.’ He instructed in French. Andre listened as the girl let out a frustrated sigh and the father slid his chair back and stood up, walking past the kitchen where the oldest daughter was cooking, past the living room where the radio was playing softly, past the locked door of his workshop, and into the bedroom where his wife sat at her desk, typing on a touch screen computer. ‘Amelia, what are you working on now?’

‘Hope is sending us a new ward,’ she answered him happily. ‘A girl named Violet who just finished helping close a Hellmouth in Alaska. Apparently she was the only one who managed to get out alive. Her other teammates died and she could use a stable home for a while.’

‘So she’s sending her here?’ he asked skeptically, a teasing undertone to his deep voice. ‘Why not send her to New York to stay with Spike?’

‘Apparently the rest of her family lives there and her grandmother was a slayer in her prime years.’

Andre smiled and slipped silently in through the front door; now was the perfect time, their guard was completely down and they would never be able to defend themselves in time. He made his way to the bedroom, walking in just as the husband turned around and Andre quickly snapped his neck with a loud crack. Amelia whipped around at the sound and let out a horrified shriek, jumping to her feet and catching Andre’s fist as it sailed towards her face. There was the pounding of feet on the floor and Samantha appeared in the doorway.


“Sam! Take Bethany and run!”

“But, mama-!”

“NOW, SAMANTHA!” Amelia shouted as she spun around, attempting to kick the strange vampire. Samantha nodded and ran from the room as Andre grabbed her mother from behind and sank his teeth into her neck, drinking her dry and dropping her on top of her husband. He caught Samantha in the kitchen just as she was about to reach her sister, wrapping an arm around her neck and burying his face in her bright orange hair and inhaling deeply as she struggled against him; her fear was intoxicating.

“Bethany, get out of here!” she cried out in French as he sank his teeth into her neck just below her jaw, venom entering her blood stream. He heard the youngest daughter cry as she ran for the front door barely making it before he abandoned Samantha in the kitchen, shaking in pain, and cornered the younger girl behind the sofa.

“You’re next little one,” he hissed, venom flooding his mouth in anticipation.

“I don’t think so,” an angry voice stated, wavering only slightly. Andre turned just in time to catch sight of a flash of teal before a short, petite young woman sliced his head clean off with a small battle-axe. She continued hacking at his body through her tears until he stopped moving. She wiped the tears from her face and stood up straight.

“Il a mordu ma soeur.” the little girl stated quietly. (He bit my sister)

“Bethany is it?” she asked gently, brushing her own dyed blonde hair out of her eyes. “My name is Violet and I’m going to take care of you and help your sister.” she explained.

“Ma mère et mon père vont bien?” Bethany asked quietly. Violet shook her head slowly and Bethany began to cry, heaving sobs that wracked her tiny frame as Violet gathered the vampire’s pieces and left outside to bury them each separately.(Are my mother and father safe?)


When Violet finished burying Amelia and James next to each other in precisely the spot they had requested, she put little nine-year-old Bethany in the front seat of their family car and climbed in the driver’s seat, glancing once at Samantha writhing in the backseat before snapping her seat-belt in place and starting the car, beginning the long drive to Slayer Headquarters Canada Division.

Forks, Washington; one day earlier…

A dark-haired woman was sitting on a low tree limb, leaning against the cool bark of the tree, watching as the blonde man below her stalked his prey. She was short, with a petite frame and black hair cropped short; she watched with interest as he made his kill, lunging at the deer’s throat and capturing it quickly, draining it dry even faster. She laughed, a small tinkling laugh, when he returned to his spot below her and held out a hand for her to take. She smiled and slid off of the branch, landing softly on her feet in front of him before taking his hand. As she did so, her eyes glazed over and she stilled, going very quiet as images filled her head.

A young woman was walking through a forest in Canada; her hair was blonde with two teal streaks on either side of her hair and reached the top of her shoulders. She smiled when she reached the house she was looking for, before her expression changed to a frown. She entered through the front door just as someone screamed.

‘Bethany, get out of here!’ The girl flinched and ran into the living room in time to see a vampire cornering a small girl by a green sofa and she began to shake. The vampire was pale and hadn’t even seemed to notice her.

‘You’re next little one,’ she heard him hiss. It made her so angry. She had come here to escape everything; all of the fighting and bloodshed and loss, yet it seemed to follow her here too.

‘I don’t think so,’ she stated calmly, pulling a battle-axe out of one of her bags and swiftly cutting the monster’s head off before he even had a chance to think about it. When she was finished, she turned to the small girl.

‘Il a mordu ma soeur.’ the little girl stated.

‘I’m here to take care of you and your sister.’ The older girl told her.

The vision faded and the woman allowed one lone tear to escape down her face.

“What did you see Alice?” the blonde man asked, pulling her softly against his hard chest.

“Another vampire; he slaughtered a family save for one little girl before he was stopped by a young woman,” she looked up at her mate and love. “Jasper, the woman was human.”

A/N - I would like to thank my wonderful Beta/Co-Author Luckie, for helping me create Hope Lehane and Violet Laine and for her input on the story and help getting started on this site!
Reviews are always appreciated and I plan on doing a-chapter-a-week type thing as long as I don't fall behind in school! ENJOY!
I would like to thank nco for helping with the French-English/English-French translations!
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