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Hell Is Just the Beginning

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Summary: Faith, Bella, Dawn, Willow, and Xander all get trapped into an alternate universe together. They soon learn it was the PTB's idea and are willing to work together to get out. Problem is, the longer they're there the more their memories fade.

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Twilight > Faith - CenteredDawnieWritesFR1567,7781114,4336 Sep 1013 Dec 10No


A/N - I just started on this site, and was just kind of looking through the challenges for fun, and this one kind of screamed at me to be done. So here is the prologue. Enjoy.

Faith had been released on parole on good behavior and had gotten permission from her parole officer, Jane, to take a short trip to Sunnydale for a big talk-out session with the ‘Scoobies.’ At least that had been the plan until Faith saw a giant portal being ripped through the Sunnydale sky.

She checked the calendar; no major holidays, it wasn’t May and it wasn’t anybody’s birthday, but it did happen to be a Tuesday, which could only mean one thing; Dawn was in trouble, again. Faith sighed and increased her speed, sprinting through town to the small clearing just underneath the portal to find Xander, Anya, Willow and Tara gathered around what looked like…a headstone?! She moved closer to find Buffy’s name inscribed in the marble and swallowed hard.

There was a scream and Faith turned back to see that Dawn had indeed wandered into the clearing and was being circled by a gang of biker demons. She rolled her eyes and took a step forward just as Willow threw her head back and screamed.
All of a sudden Dawn was lifted into the air, heading for the portal, and Xander grabbed her hand, trying to keep her near the ground.

“What the hell is Willow doing?!” Faith shouted over the noise of the bikers, running up and wrapping an arm around Xander’s waist as she grabbed onto Dawn’s other hand.

“Faith?! What are you doing here?” Xander asked surprised.

“Never mind that! Get Willow to stop now!” she screamed as her feet lifted slightly off the ground.

“I don’t think I can.”

“Well someone better do something, or I’m going to be kicking a whole lot of ass when this is all over!” Suddenly the roaring stopped and Willow lowered her head. She stood, confused as the portal sucked Dawn in, lifting Faith and Xander completely off the ground.

“DAWNIE!” Willow shrieked, grabbing for Xander’s ankle.

“Willow no!” Tara called. But it was too late; all four were sucked into the portal and it closed with a loud pop, leaving Anya and Tara stranded in the middle of the forest crawling with demons…


Bella sighed as Edward pulled up to the Cullen’s house; she could have sworn she remembered telling Alice not to throw her a party.

“Ready?” Edward asked quietly.

“Do I have much of a choice?” she responded. “If I don’t go in, either Alice will come out here and drag me in herself or she’ll pout and attempt to ignore me for the rest of the week.”

“Good point,” Edward chuckled, getting out and walking around the car to open Bella’s door for her. She stepped out of her old red truck and let him lead her up the driveway and into the house. They moved into the living room just as Jasper and Alice made their way down the staircase, Alice beaming like a hyperactive two-year-old, Carlisle and Esme close behind with Emmett and a scowling Rosalie close behind.

“Happy Birthday, Bella!” Alice greeted, giving her a hug as Rosalie made a snide remark about putting too much effort into something for a human under her breath. “Okay, since I’m sure you’ve already eaten; let’s skip to the main event, present time!” Emmett was out the door in a second, a bare blur to Bella’s eyes as Alice handed her a box that felt far too light; she opened it to discover that it was empty.

“Thanks Alice, you shouldn’t have. What is it?”

“Emmett is currently installing the new radio in your car as we speak,” the petite vampire explained as Edward handed Bella a small square envelope. She smiled at him and slid her finger under the lip of the envelope, and suddenly all of the vampires sensed a change in the pressure in the room. They turned to stare at a spot directly behind Bella, who remained oblivious as she slid her finger along the edge, cutting the skin in the process. She gasped slightly as one drop of blood hit the carpet.

Bella stuck her finger in her mouth as a loud tearing noise came from behind her, and she turned to find a great gaping, swirling hole in the wall there. She made to take a step backwards, but as soon as her foot lifted off of the ground, she found herself being sucked towards the portal.

“EDWARD!” Her cry was lost in the noise coming from the strange portal and she was sucked inside, the portal closing behind her with a loud pop as all seven Cullen’s stared in shock.

“I swear I didn’t see that coming!”
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