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Scion of Artemis

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Haephestus Dawn". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: post "Chosen", The Scoobies head to Camp Half-Blood. Part III of 'Haephestus Dawn'.

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the OlympiansLindabvairFR731,07301611,7026 Sep 108 Sep 10No

Chapter Three

Disclaimer: Percy Jackson and the Olympians is Rick Riordan's, not mine. Buffy is not mine. It belongs to Joss.
A/N: Joyce is alive. I will not add anything about the new PJO series for now. And every time I have written water main I have accidentally written Qatermain. Gods, I read too many comic books.

Xander flicked his eyes between the Scoobies. They looked at him only occasionally looking to one another.

Giles perched his freshly cleaned glasses back on his nose. "I assume... I assume that the Chiron which you spoke to is the same one from Greco-Roman Mythology?"

No point in lying to Giles after he and everyone else saw the centaur in the Iris Message. "Yeah."

Giles eyes stared Xander down. "And you know why he taught you?" he asked quietly.

Take the plunge. "Yeah. My dad asked him."

Willow scrunched her nose. "Tony?" she asked. Xander had not had anything good to saw about him ever. Back on the lip of the cliff, the new slayers were beginning to get restless.

"He wasn't my real father."

"Oh." Now most of the people around him were definitly curious.

Three... Two... One... "Who?" Right on schedule.

"This may freak you out some." Xander said, trying to soften the blow that was to come.

"So. You're still our friend"

He tried to be as diplomatic as possible. "My dad wasn't exactly from around here." No response. There would have been definite cricket chirps if not for the water spewing up from the nearby broken water main blocking out most sound."Not Human." He clarified.

He watched the flash of realization pass over Giles's face. Giles knew and understood. Buffy jumped to an entirely fifferent conclusion. "Demon."

Xander shook his head. "God," he corrected.

"Like a Glory god? That can't be true." Willow was not on the 'Let's believe Xander' Bandwagon. Too bad.

"It is," countered Joyce.

"Xander is telling the truth." added Dawn. "That place that he sent me to when Glory was out there, It's this camp. It's full of demigods." Buffy's scowl began to soften.

"Who is he?" Giles asked. "Your father, who is he?"

"Haephestus, God of the Forge." answered Xander.

"I guess that explains the construction." said Buffy.

"I guess so."

"Do you get any cool weapons or anything? Cause If he was real I would so want, like, a Bandos Godsword or something." While the Scoobies had been talking. The new slayers had nominated Andrew to find out what they were doing in the crater.

"An- Wha?- Go back to the bus, Andrew." Buffy snapped. They needed to get out of this crater. She had not heard Andrew approach.

"We'll be waiting for you up there."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Scion of Artemis" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Sep 10.

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