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This story is No. 3 in the series "Glee Set Lists". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 4 Glee crossovers, 2 you might expect and 2 from left field.

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L.A. Song

Disclaimer: I don’t own Glee, Buffy, Charmed, One Tree Hill, or Angel. That’s Ryan Murphy, Constance M. Burge, Mark Schwann, and Joss Whedon.
Author’s Notes: I chose to bust up Glee Set Lists, as a story, and instead create a Series page for it. This will allow me to more easily add to certain stories without, hopefully, creating a lot of confusion.

L.A. Song

“Oh, thank the Powers,” Lorne said as soon as they entered and Cordelia’s eyebrow’s rose because yeah. Lorne wasn’t usually the type to panic. “You have to get them out of here.”

Her eyes widened because, if he was trying to get rid of patrons, they must be bad news. Cordelia started scanning the crowd, knowing Angel, Wes, and Gunn were doing the same thing, but the bar was unusually packed and the only thing she could really see clearly was the stage. Then a group of laughing teenagers hopped up on the stage and started to sing and Cordelia’s stomach dropped. She was almost positive that there wasn’t anything supernatural about any of them and, here they were, surrounded by their worst nightmares. They were like lambs for slaughter.

“And it’s the Ides of March,” Wesley said, sounding aghast. Cordelia twitched in his direction and he automatically explained, “In ancient times, the Ides were typically a day of sacrifice. For war gods. And the sacrifices were always gifted and usually innocent.”

As one of the girls on stage hit a high note, Gunn snorted, “I’m gonna need a bigger ax.”

“What the hell are they even doing here?” Cordelia demanded as the sea of demons separating her from the stage burst into vigorous applause.

“There’s a Glee convention in town,” Lorne said helplessly. “My karaoke club is the closest to their hotel. They haven’t realized they’re surrounded by demons. They think everyone’s in costume.”

“How’re we supposed to get them out of here?” Cordelia said, waving an irritable hand around. She was valiantly ignoring the crimes against fashion the majority of the kids were perpetrating.

“Sewers,” Angel offered.

Cordelia whacked him across the chest without even looking at him. “We can’t drag eleven kids-”

“Twelve,” Lorne cut in. “The last one’s in a wheelchair beside the stage.”

Cordelia’s eyes rolled towards the heavens. As if the situation weren’t bad enough, now they had a kid who couldn’t run to deal with.

“And once you get them out, where are you going to take them? Back to the hotel where even vampires don’t need an invite before crossing thresholds?” Lorne asked, flapping his hands. “It’s their last night. They’re supposed to be on a plane back to Ohio tomorrow morning. Ohio, people. They’re like little lost small town lambs.”

“They’ll just stay here,” Cordelia shrugged as a plan started to twist in her mind. “Have them sing, get them drunk, do whatever we have to to keep them here until the sun rises and most of these things have to crawl back into their holes for the day.”

Her lip snarled when a particularly ugly demon turned around and gave her an affronted look.

“One of the girls is pregnant,” Lorne said, wringing his hands. “They’ve already been here for half an hour and I don’t think most of them want to stay much longer.”

Cordelia pursed her lips. “Then we play Truth and Consequences.”

“Truth or Dare,” Wesley corrected.

She shot him a peeved look. “We’re not daring them to do anything. We’re telling them the truth and explaining the consequences.”

“I don’t think-,” Wesley started.

Cordelia whirled on him. “Can you think of any other way to get them to stay? If we let them leave, they won’t be protected by Lorne’s non-violence spells and there are too many demons for us to take on and make sure that one of the kids doesn’t get hurt in the crossfire. So if you’ve got a better plan, I’m listening.”

Wesley’s jaw flapped for a moment, then he cleared his throat. “Perhaps we could fake a lockdown that necessitates everyone staying where they are. And when the sun rises in-,” he glanced at his watch, “-two hours, we, and the children, head up the steps while the majority of the demons head out the sewer access.”

“Huh,” Cordelia huffed, then waved back at them as she started to elbow her way through the crowd. “Well, get on that. I’ve got some pressing business to take care of.”

“Cordelia?” Wes called after her, the ‘WTF’ evident in his voice.

She twisted to look at him imploringly. “I have two hours to teach twelve children the rules of fashion.” A glance at the stage had her closing her eyes on a whimper. “One of them is wearing purple and chartreuse knee socks. And I can’t decide which is worse: the color combination or the knee socks!”

Wesley blinked, then nodded as all the men sort of backed away. “Of course. We’ll just leave you to your emergency.”

Cordelia straightened and nodded, shoving her way through the crowd. The kids were in a huddle, murmuring amongst themselves. Cordelia cast a weathered eye over them and shuddered a little before straightening her spine and marching forward.

“Alright,” she said, startling them all into looking at her. “We’ve been locked in and it’s gonna be a few hours. During that time, we’re going to discuss color, proportion, and fit.” She glanced at the glaring miscalculation on top of one boy’s head and her lip curled up a little instinctively. “Also, we’ll cover hair do’s and don’ts…”

Cordelia was a hero, a champion of the Powers. She saved the world every couple of weeks. This wasn’t the first time she’d had to save it from fashion.

Crossover: Glee and Angel
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