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The End of the World

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The End of the World Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: ABC Crossover Series #1: What happens when The First is trying to rule the World, Cordy gets a vision of a family that fights demons, and there is a surplus of demons in San Francisco?

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The End of the World

Title: The End of the World, and the Beginning of the Rest of Her Life

Author: blackbeltchic

Author’s note: Ok, this is my first attempt at writing a huge long crossover fanfic.

(this was started in January of 2003)

This is from now on known as my ABC crossover. A= Angel, B=Buffy, C=Charmed. Now, the characters DO NOT BELONG TO ME!!!! Let’s get that clear right off. All Buffy and Angel stuff belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. All Charmed belongs to… Constance M. Burge, I believe the genius’s name that came up with the concept of the three witchy sisters.

This story starts off right after Wyatt was born, a few weeks. In Buffy, we know very little about the First. And in Angel, well, he never went bad. And Cordy’s not the Beast Master, and there’s no Jasmine. Because when this was written, we didn’t know that.

And I’m sorry for any spelling errors, because since I try to make the characters speak as they normally would, the computer doesn’t like their way of talking. So I get sick and tired of spell checking. But I tried.

Thoughts, which are normally in italic, are in these / /.

Bolded words are in these * *

Thank you, you for my babbling, and have a nice read!

OH! // // means something’s supposed to be italic. It’ll only be used when someone’s talking, not thinking.

One more thing! > means that it’s someone’s thoughts, but it’s like different personalities. Just means the person has two different views and is arguing with themselves.

Oh, I forgot something. For this story, I tended to be very long winded. I wrote it as if the reader knew nothing about Buffy or Charmed. Angel is very rarely mentioned, besides himself and Cordy. And the rest of the gang shows up later.

Please reply. If you reply, then I will try to fit into my schedule the reading of some of your stories. I can’t read everybody’s, I still have to go to school, which stinks, but I will try to get around to it! Thanks!

Oh, yes, this is Part one of the ACB Crossover Trilogy. Ok, T.R.I.L.O.G.Y!!!! I've had reviews at other places asking for a sequel! It's gonna be up as soon as I can manage!

** this little message and disclaimer goes for the whole thing. If I forget something, then I’ll tell you, but this is it! Enjoy!!!

~ * ~


*Summer’s Residence*

“So, Will, how’s the recuperating going?” Buffy asked her long time friend, and partner in killing demons, Willow Rosenburg, as she came into her room. Willow was just finishing meditating. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, and she could hear the girl’s in the backyard through the opened window.

“Good. I even did a search online the other day for practicing groups in town. There were a few that seemed interesting. Any news on The First, any new demon that needs its ass kicked?”

Buffy laughed at her friend’s spunk. “Nope, no new news. It’s been wicked quite, too quiet, if you ask me. I’m always partial to kicking some demon ass myself.”

“Yeah!” Willow agreed with her friend.

~ * ~

*Los Angeles*

*Angel Investigation*

“Angel, there’s something demonic going on in San Francisco.” Lorne told his boss.

“What type of demonic activity?” Angel asked, slightly concerned, but not too much, it wasn’t his town, wasn’t really his responsibility. He couldn’t do anything about it right now anyway, the sun was up, a bright and sunny Saturday.

“Seems demon/maigickal. Seems like an all out war!”

“ANGEL!!!” A shaky voice screamed from upstairs.

“Cordy?! What’s wrong?” Angel called, he felt himself grow more concerned and worried than he was before, mostly because of the tone in her voice, and the scent she was giving off. /As if I’ll ever tell her, that I get concerned when she starts smelling differently!/

“I had one of the strangest visions, well, maybe premonition, ever! I was in this very nice house, in a solarium. Right in front of me, was a huge horned demon. He was looking at, no through me, to whatever was behind me. There was a burst of magickal light, that grew in strength, like it was added to, it was so bright it almost blinded me, then, poof, the demon exploded.” She said, coming unsteadily down the staircase.

“Strange, Normally it’s people who need help, not people who know what they’re doing.” Lorne stated the obvious.

“I know. And I had the, strangest of all, the //feeling// of being safe, being in control. Oh, and right before the demon was vanquished, a guy appeared, to my right, I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He was holding a tiny baby. On it’s nightclothes, there was a strange symbol. It looked like this…” She grabbed a sheet of scrap paper, and drew this symbol:

{since I highly doubt the pic came out, insert the trinity symbol, which is depicted on the Charmed One’s Book of Shadows!}

“I’ve seen it before, but it’s not ringing any bells to why a demon would have this symbol. Agg! I can’t remember what it is!” Angel said, aggravated, once Cordy had finished drawing.

“Me either.” Lorne put his two cents in.

“WES!!” Angel bellowed.

“Yes?” Wesley Windham Pryce came into the room, followed closely by Winifred, nicknamed Fred, and Gun.

“Look this symbol up for me.”


“Gun, Fred, hold down the fort for awhile, will ya?”

“Angel, where are you going?” Gun’s “k” was drowned out by Fred’s question.

“San Francisco.” With that, Angel swept out of the room.

~ * ~

*San Francisco*

*Halliwell Residence*

“Look at that window!” Piper, now the oldest, complained. “That’s like the 100th time it’s been broken!”

“Hey, sis, maybe we should just board it up. Plywood costs less than glass.” Paige, the youngest, joked.

“Well, miss smarty pants, you can clean it up! Come here, sweetie!” This last part was directed at her baby boy.

“Well, nice to see you all again, I’m off to work.” Phoebe joked, as she grabbed her coat.

“Ok, fine.” Paige sassed her oldest sister. “That demon was one of the scariest I’ve seen.”

“Well, I’ve seen worse, but that was the third demon this week! Things are getting hairy!”

“Yeah! Hey, Leo, have the elders said anything about anything going on? There are excess demon’s to go around!” Page exclaimed as Leo came into the room, with a drink in his hand.

“None that I’ve heard of.”

“Could you ask, there is something really strange going on, and it’s getting very dangerous!” Piper said, snuggling her son close to her chest. She was so afraid for his safety, more than she would ever admit to anyone besides Leo. She went over to the bouncy seat that her son loved to sit in, and brushed out any demon particle’s that had settled in it. He had been in it, when the demon had appeared. He wanted her son, and he had blocked their way to him. If it wasn’t for Leo, her son might be dead.

“I can try.” With that, he orbed out.

“Thank you!” Piper called, knowing he could hear her.

~ * ~


*Summer’s residence*

“Giles, this is getting strange! Stranger than normal!” Buffy complained later in the day.

“What is? I haven’t heard of anything lately.”

“That’s what I’m saying! It would be nice to be able to train the girls on something besides Spike! He’s still not his old self, after having his chip removed. He’s getting mopey, and he doesn’t even try to fight back, like he still had the chip in!”

“And I’m thankful for that.”

“You know what I mean! I mean since before he got the chip out! I don’t want him like he was before, with no leash!” /Though, I don’t know if he’d kill me, and the others, or not. He’s changed, even without his soul. I just don’t know how much./

“I’ll recheck my books, see if I missed anything, about why the demons might have vanished. But I don’t think I find anything.”

“Ok, thanks.” Buffy said, walking out of the room, to check on the girls.

~ * ~

*Los Angeles*

*Angel Investigations*


“What do you want, Cordy?”

“I want to go with you. I know that you can take care of yourself, but you don’t know what you’re getting into. I could be dangerous.”

“Which is why you should stay here.”

“It’s just as dangerous here as it will be there, it might even be safer.”

“Please stay here. I have enough to do, I don’t want to have to protect you, too.”

“Well, I can take care of myself, Mr. Hotshot, and I want to go. Please, I’ve never been to San Francisco, and I know this isn’t a sight seeing tour.”

“Fine, hurry up! The sun is almost set. We need to hurry, so we can make good time.”

“Oh, Thank you, Angel!” On impulse, she ran up to his, and kissed his cheek, then ran out. Angel felt his insides flop, like they used to when Buffy was around, and he tried to get himself under control in a hurry. /Remember what she did, or better yet, who she did. She doesn’t love you, she slept with your son./

~ * ~


*Summer’s residence*

“Buffy! Buffy! I was meditating, and wow, I felt the most amazing power!” Willow cried, rushing down the stair, trying to get her breathing to calm. The power had invigorated her, for some reason, and she didn’t like how it made her feel, all giddy, like before. It was Sunday, and she had also done a ritual, because it was, well, Sunday. “It was tugging me south. It flared to a huge crescendo, then it dissipated, but if I concentrate, I can still feel it. It’s still there.” /Maybe it’s always been there, and you weren’t attuned enough to the forces, that you couldn’t feel it/ A voice mocked her, the voice that had made it all too easy to kill Warren, and to hurt her friends. /I won’t listen to you! / She yelled at it.

“Will, could you follow it, are you up to following it?”

“ I could, I know I could. And I feel fine, don’t worry about me.”

“I couldn’t go with you, but Giles would most likely be willing, you could ask him.”

“No, I’ll be fine, I can take care of myself. I promise I’ll be careful, And I’ll bring supplies, just in case.”

“I’d rather Giles went with you, but I can’t force you to take him. Just be extra careful. The First is out there somewhere, it could be trying to drag you away from me, to its side.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be extra careful.” Yet she was unnerved, Buffy had voiced her deepest thoughts. /The First has tried to do you in before, your obviously important, what if it want’s you were on its side?/

> /NO!! Don’t think about it! It will never happen, you are with the people that you love, the people who love you! You won’t throw that away again!/

>/But what would it be like, to be on the First’s side? It wanted Andrew to do it’s bidding, what if it wanted you?/

> /NO!!! You are on the side of GOOD!!! That’s where you started, that’s where you’ll stay!/
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