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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Deeply Desired Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: "Deeply Desired Dexter" side stories centered around Xander and Charlie Eppes. A collection of one shots from the Numb3rs side of this universe. AU. Unbeta'd

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Absent Minded Professor

TITLE: Numerology
SERIES: BtVS/Numb3rs
RATING/WARNINGS: FRAO for Slash, m/m sexual situation, violence, language, and other adult themes. Spoilersup to and including Numb3rs Season 2, and BtVS Post-Chosen.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any recognizable characters/products/storylines mentioned hereafter and am making no money from this story.
SUMMARY: "Deeply Desired Dexter" side stories centered around Xander and Charlie Eppes. A collection of one shots from the Numb3rs side of this universe. AU.


1. Absent-minded Professor

Crickets chirping loudly fills the air as Xander watches the maze of walkways of the CalSci university campus, eyes shifting from person to person, the few students and professors making their way towards their cars. Most seem to be in a hurry, probably because they'd been caught up in a project and had not noticed the time until too late.

His hand tightens on the branch of the tree he's perched in, planted near the edge of the student parking lot and adjacent to the staff one.

He'd been on the campus since before dark had fallen. Sitting under the tree he was currently in, dressed not too conspicuously in a pair of forest fatigue cargos and a deep green fitted tee. He'd kept his head down and his dark hair, long and curling loosely about his head and neck, obscuring his similarly colored eye-patch. The bag next to him blended him in just a bit more, the book in his hand a reason to keep his head down, was something he snagged from the student bookstore. It was now tucked into his bag, which was now secured tightly to his torso, it was actually a little interesting.

His body tenses in an instant when he spots something not quite right in the direction of the smaller staff parking lot. Most likely a key to why he was here. Talk was that some wannabe master vamp was amusing himself by turning the campus' night owls little by little, and sending those minions back to collect their peers. Apparently he was bragging that he would turn the whole place and then the town. He was clearly very ambitious and also idiotic. Still he probably had a good master himself, who had taught him something of use, because the guy was not at all easy to track.

Xander focuses his gaze in on a typically dressed but very suspicious looking teen who was leaning against the brick bordering some of the staff parking spots. He was in the shadows mostly, but he was clearly confident he fit in. The kid was fidgeting hard, hands and face twitching. Xander watches his eyes glint gold in a security light. Oh yeah, bingo.

He follows the guys gaze to a man, in khakis and a blazer with dark curls in a cloud around his head. Appropriate for the vamps target, since his head seemed to be just there, in the clouds. Xander couldn't hear him from where he was perched but the man's mouth was moving like he was probably babbling with no Bluetooth earpiece in sight. Hands gesturing subtly in between checking his watch and adjusting his stuffed looking messenger bag and file folder.

This guy was a perfect target.

Xander quietly swings himself down onto the ground behind his tree. He draws a stake, and peaks around the tree. The distance between the two was closing pretty rapidly. He's out from behind the tree and heading towards the vamp at a fast paced walk before ha can change his mind. The vamp is practically drooling, eyes intent on his target, the probable professor still in his own world.

Neither seem to notice him, head down, gaze intent through his hair, stake held down against his thigh. The vamp notices him at the last minute and he has just enough time to pull his game face before Xander is driving his stake through his heart.

He doesn't take time to savor that slightly hilarious shocked look vamps always have when they're dusted, and lets the stake and the evidence dust with the minion. Intent upon getting back into position he quickly turns to leave the area, and bumps right into the vampire's intended victim.

The impact shocks him, but clearly not as much as the other man, who yelps loudly, dropping his file folder and nearly loosing his balance. Xander reaches out and catches him before he knows he's doing so.

"Geeze I'm sorry!", "Sorry about that" they say at once, Xander's apology a soft rumble, the other man clearly surprised and embarrassed. He inhales sharply when he finally focuses enough to examine the other man more closely. He feels the primal the thankful medicine man had awaken in him stir. The other man was clearly intelligent, classically beautiful, and he smelled divine.

He watches the man's concerned eyes examine him in turn, stuttering over his patch, but moving on quickly. Xander forces himself to release his steadying hand on the man's arm.
"Are you alright?" The Greek-features man asks.
"I could ask the same of you" He returns, surprised at how hoarse his voice sounds. He watches the other man's eyes go slightly unfocused for a second. "Let me help you with this, It's the least I can do." He offers, voice a near purr, gesturing towards the mess of scattered papers. His mouth tilts towards a smirk as he watches the other man fight down a full-body shiver.

"Xander Harris," He says, finally remembering common courtesy, offering a hand "and you?"
"Charles Eppes, Charlie." Charlie, hmn. I'll have to keep a close eye on you, these are dangerous parts these days, especially for absent-minded professors . . .

tbc . . .
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