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The Rest Of Her Life

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The End of the World Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: ABC Crossover Series #2: Buffy and Angel are married, and they have their daughter. But what happens next?

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The Rest Of Her Life

Author’s note: If you have any good ideas for the title, it just isn’t as good at the first, The Rest Of her Life. Doesn’t draw attention. If you have any ideas, then please suggest them, I’m looking for a better title!

Oh, since I’ve added characters to this, I do not own any of the characters created by Joss Whedon and….I’m incredibly sorry! I cannot remember the creator of Charmed at this moment! Shame on me! Well, all the characters of Angel and Buffy belong to Joss and Mutant Enemy, and all the characters of Charmed belong to Constance. Hey! I remembered!

Same symbols as before!

/ / = italics

> = same thinker, different perspectives. Only used when arguing with ones self.

* * = bold.


~ * ~

“Waaa! Waaaa!” The piercing cry echoed through the night.

Both figures in the bed groaned, and rolled over, awakened from an exhausted sleep. In other parts of the house, the other inhabitants, unfortunate as they were, clapped their pillows over their heads, except for those who wore earplugs, who merely rolled over deep in slumber.

“I got ‘er.” He mumbled, kissing his wife, fondly. He sat up, rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, and pulled on a pair of pants. He stumbled over the floor, seeming uneven, through the dark, to the crib. “Hey, girly, what’s the matter?” He asked.

“Bring her here.” Buffy sighed, as the wailing only intensified once the baby was picked up. She reached up, and turned on the light on her nightstand, blinking profusely, the light was very bright. She then sat up, bringing the blanket up with her, to cover herself. She looked at the clock. 2 am. “Well, she made it four hours, that’s a good sign.” She tried to joke, but she really was in no mood. He brought their daughter to her, and as he was getting back in bed, he heard the sounds of the baby suckling happily.

He looked at the woman beside him, lovingly. Surprisingly, she was a very good mother. He had never really thought of her as a mother for his children, yet he had never thought of living with her as his wife. He had never really given any thought to her being a good mother, being so gentle with her own flesh and blood, yet if you had seen some of the spats that she had had with her sister, and you would understand too. Besides all that, she was a rough and tumble girl. She had to be, being the slayer and all. Her life, as well as many others in this god forsaken town that she had called home for almost nine years, counted on it. Her job, her destiny counted on her being strong, and tough, and showing no pain, no emotion, because emotion was a sign of weakness.

He had learned that from his days of being a vampire, but now, if it was really true, he was the weakest man ever, because he couldn’t help but show his feelings for her.

He then realized, watching her, that soon his nights would change. They had decided that after their daughter turned two months of age, so young, that it was time for her to take on the responsibilities of being the slayer once more; slaying, hunting, killing, or being killed. A shiver went down his spine. He hated the thought, always had. Faith, the other slayer, by some strange circumstances, had been giving her a rest, but soon she had to return to jail, where she would finish her sentence, and most likely, be punished for breaking out and not going back before this. Oh, and she knew that she was going to be in a shit load of trouble, for breaking out for one, but saving the world, she saw that as a good excuse. But after staying out for almost a year after the danger had been dealt with, she knew that they’d be pissed. But she had wanted to giver her “big sister” the break from everything that she’d deserved.

He was almost scared, at the thought of being left alone with their child. He still hadn’t totally gotten used to being human, and after being dead for over two hundred years, there were some thing’s that you needed to do as human, that you didn’t as a vampire. Breathing was one, and watching the temperature was another.

Yet, there were some perks, the sun was a big one, he didn’t realize how much he’d missed it, after so long. The first week after their wedding, they had gone to San Diego on honeymoon, they had gone to the beach everyday. He came home afterwards, as red as a lobster! Yet, Buffy had been almost as white as the pearly sand herself, because the doctor had told her to stay out of the sun, no tanning until after the baby was born. They had had fun though, she wasn’t totally banned from the sun, and they had jumped the waves, and gone on long walks through the surf. Yet, just sitting there, watching her was the best part of being married to her, in his eyes.

Eventually, the baby fell asleep against her chest. Instead of getting up, and putting her in her crib, like she should have, she slid out from under her, positioning the girl between them, her head resting on her arm. She turned out the light, and snuggled into the covers. He moved closer, though not as close to smother the child, and placed on hand in Buffy’s hair, the other on his daughter’s stomach.

Buffy knew that she was taking a big risk, sleeping with her daughter there. A dream/prophecy could manifest itself whenever. Yet she hadn’t experienced one since defeating the First. So, technically that meant one was to come any day now, she had never gone so long without one interrupting her. It was just another normal night, well, what could pass as normal, in her chaotic life.

~ * ~

It was her first night patrolling in a long time, well, seven months. Buffy was unusually tense. Doubts kept flooding her mind.

/You haven’t trained in ages!

You’re out of shape!

You’re not as quick on your toes as you were!

You haven’t lost enough weight, you are too heavy!

You’ve lost a lot of muscle, it’s all turned to fat!

You can’t compete with Faith’s flair anymore!

You’re just too old to be hanging around cemeteries.

> NO! I am not too old! Gile’s patrols, and he’s almost ancient!

>He’s just an old fool! You’re smarter than that, well you were! Just get out of it while you still can. Pass the stake along to another.

> You know as well as I do that the only way out is by dying!

> Well, I didn’t say it, you did.

> Do you really think that I would end it now, purposely, now, after everything is finally going right? I have my perfect man, my soul mate, my beautiful daughter, and my best friends! I’d have to be stupid to think about ending it now.

> But, dear girl, you are thinking of it! /

That stopped her in her tracks. She then hurried through the cemetery, then headed home. She hated the way her thoughts always led her to such dark places, when she was alone. Too bad Faith couldn’t come patrolling with her, she had left that morning, to turn herself in. She let herself in, when she reached her door. She started climbing the stairs, but a noise startled her, and she spun around, almost loosing her balance. It had came from the living room. She tiptoed to the opening, her senses on overdrive, she didn’t like intruders. She peeked around the door jam. What she saw, made her heart melt, and all the icky thoughts go away.

Angel was sitting on the couch, in the golden glow of light from the lamp in the end table. Joyce Jennifer Summers lay sleeping on his chest. He was wrapped in the afghan her mother had knitted when she was pregnant with her, so long ago. The TV was on, but the volume was muted. His arm was rested on the arm rest, with the remote control in his hand. His head was tilted back, resting against the back of the couch, and he was snoring, ever so quietly, but snoring none the less.

She smiled, her whole world having been turned up side down, and went to turn off the TV She went into the other room, to get the digital video camera, and filmed about a minute and a half, figuring that she could crop the film, and have a picture later. She then put it away, and slipped under the afghan, resting her body next to his. He started awake, and looked at her. She just smiled, and placed her head on his shoulder. He turned off the lamp, laid his head on top of hers, and fell back asleep.

Dawn found them like that in the morning, she just smiled, and shook her head. She decided, since she had some time, to make breakfast, before school. It would be a nice surprise for them, Buffy being so busy with Joycie, and Angel, he couldn’t cook if his life depended on it. Well, for 200 years, it hadn’t.

Buffy came in while Dawn was in the middle of frying some bacon.

“Good morning sleepy head! Have a nice night on the couch? I thought that the guy was supposed to sleep on the couch, when there was a fight.” Dawn said, unusually bubbly for so early in the morning.

“Good morning. So, ready for school?” Buffy asked, not fully awake, and not planning to until she really had to. She went over to the coffee pot anyway, and poured herself a cup.

“Yes, of course! You know, I liked you better when you were yelling at me! Now you’re acting like Mom, and it’s starting to freak me out.” Dawn complained, laughing at her sister.

“Yeah, well, what about you?! Cooking breakfast? When did you get permission to use the stove?” Buffy joked, after sipping some instant wakeup, coffee. “And you better get used to it, because supposedly, it only gets worse.”

“Great! Can I go live with dad?” She joked.

“No, you know as well as I do that he doesn’t want us around! So what if he didn’t come out and say it, he doesn’t! he’s reliving his bachalorhood! He didn’t even come visit when his first grandchild is born!” Buffy snapped.

“I know, it was supposed to be a joke.” Dawn said, her good mood evaporating.

Buffy sighed. “Sorry for jumping down your throat. It’s just that I’ve been having bad thoughts, and they’re starting to creep into my dreams, and I’m already getting little sleep as it is!”

“Will you tell me what they’re about?” Dawn asked, holding her breath. She had been treated more like an adult since the battle, but she didn’t know how her sister would react.

Buffy looked around “Um, I guess, but I feel really bad about this, I haven’t told anyone yet. Not Giles, not Willow, not even Angel.”

“Oh, that’s ok, just as long as I’m not last to know.” Buffy made up her mind right then and there, and told Dawn about her recent thoughts.

“Whoa! Intense! What does it mean?”

“I don’t know! It could be.. no.”


“Well, the First was controlling Spike by getting into his head, what if it’s the First?”

“But we kicked its ass right back to where it came from!”

“Dawn!” Buffy cried in shock at her sister’s language. “ But yeah, I know what you mean. It’s scary.”

“Well, tell Willow or Giles. They’d know more about it than I would.”

“Know what?” A sleepy Angel asked, stumbling into the room, with Joycie in his arms. Dawn gave Buffy a “busted” look. Buffy cringed inwardly, keeping something from her lover.

“I’ll tell you later, ok? After Joycie’s fed, and changed, and Dawn’s not here.” Dawn gave her a hurt look. “It’s not you, Dawnie, I just… well, I have other things to tell.”

“Like what?” Angel asked, intrigued.

“I’ll tell you later.” She promised, almost seductively. She still hadn’t told him about the whole Spike thing after he had proposed, and she really didn’t want Dawn to hear, in case they fought.

After she had left, and Joycie was happy in her seat, with her pacifier, Buffy led Angel to the couch, and they sat.

“Why don’t I like the look of this?” Angel asked, suspicious.

“It’s nothing really, but… I’ve been having strange thoughts.” She went on to tell him everything she told Dawn. Then, she went on to tell him about her run-in with Spike.

“Buffy, I don’t like you hiding things from me!” Angel said, sounding, hurt?

“I’m sorry, I meant to tell you about that whole Spike thing, but, well, I wanted you to get better, and then there was the wedding and all. Then getting ready for Joycie, it slipped my mind. I’m sorry! I never meant to, but…” She looked down at her lap, she was angry with herself that she had hurt him, and she felt like she was gonna cry. She had been feeling off lately.

“Buffy, It’s ok.” He reached for her chin, and pulled her face up, then kissed it. “I was just shocked at the strange thoughts you’ve been having, and then you drop the Spike thing in my lap. I was a bit surprised, ok? Please, be happy. You’re making me feel sad.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. Remember what I said, my vow, or your vow, I don’t remember, that nothing will stand in our way? Well, if you believe it, and I believe it, then it will be true.”

“Ok. I love you.”

“I love you too, I’ll always love you.”

“I know, it’s just nice to hear it.” Then Joyce started to wail. “She always keeps me jumping.” Buffy laughed, going to her precious baby.
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