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Oaths Of Allegiance

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Summary: Family doesn't always mean home or loyalty. Doesn't even mean love or honesty. When the Council is destroyed Giles brings a whole load of problems to Neal's doorstep, though some may just prove to him the real meaning of the word. (White Collar Cross)

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Car Converastions

And that was the last that Peter heard about it for the day.

After Haversham left Neal buttoned up, even the usual threat of jail just had Neal hmming and focusing on his paperwork. But he wasn't focused peter could tell. His mind was all over the place and not even in its 'I'm planning something' pre-occupation mode (which Peter had learned to read to save his sanity) but this was truly distracted. Finally after three hours of watching Neal get more and more tense he called it quits.

"Caffrey, if you can't concentrate on those files I'm taking you home."

Neal's head tilted up and he looked at Peter. Peter was struck by the look in Neal's eyes, another sign that Neal was distracted; he was barely hiding his emotions. Usually Neal kept up a very careful shield of casual interest and charisma. It was what kept him in control of most of the interactions that he was in. But the shield had dropped and Peter could plainly see the emotions swirling behind his expressive eyes.

"Definitely taking you home." Peter affirmed.

"What, no I'm fine Peter, really!" Neal tried to say but Peter wasn't having a bar of it. He grabbed Neal's hat off the desk and held it up in front of him.

"No you're not. I can tell. I didn't spend three years of my life not to know when you're off your game. Come on, I'm taking you back to June's."

Neal sighed but lifted his jacket off the back of the chair. Taking the hat out of peters hands he placed it on his head. No fancy hat tricks, another sign of his distraction Peter thought. When Neal had all his things together Peter shuffled him out the door, a hand at his back to keep him moving. The pair got all the way to the car before either spoke.

'Before we go to June's could we stop somewhere?" Neal asked.

Peter looked over at him.

"Depends, am I going to get a straight answer out of you today?"

"Awh Peter, don't you know answers are just the systems way of tying you up?" Neal tried to deflect, but he wasn't up to his usual standard. The look on Peter's face made sure he didn't try again. "As much as I trust Moz, it's like the scouts say: always be prepared."

"You were never a scout Caffrey."

"I need to pick up something out of a security box; it was something that my father gave me. One of the few things." Neal grimaced. "He never did much approve of my career choice."

"Neither do I, hence the chasing after you for three years."

"Yes, but you chased after me because I was breaking the law. He didn't approve of it because I was doing it for the thrill of it and not for the money. Or for him. Make a left here."

Peter turned the car without thinking, and then internally shrugged. Neal had been close to his usual self since getting in the car, might as well see what it where it was that he wanted to go.

The car fell into silence for a time as Peter drove through the city streets save for Neal's directions.

"So why didn't you know he was your father? This Travers guy?"

He's British, or I should say was British. He met my mom on a trip to New York and got her pregnant. Turns out he was married and didn't want anything to do with my mom. But later on when his wife couldn't have any kids he turned up on our front steps demanding that I 'join the family business'." Neal's hand made the quotation marks in the air. "So that why he's not on my birth certificate. Or in my life. I met him a few more times after that but he was an asshole each time."

Neal pursed his lips. "He turned up at my dad's funeral and demanded that I come with him."

Peter frowned, he couldn't imagine having family that he didn't care for. "What about this Rupert? Should I be preparing the cuffs and Miranda Rights when he comes?"

"No, I hear he's an alright guy, a bit stuffy like most Brit's. He worked for Travers."

"Doing what?"

"The council works in antique acquisitions, historical documents and such. They also do translations and appraisals for commissions and other organisations."

"Right in your area of expertise" Peter said.


Neal didn't mention that Giles' part in the council was looking after a certain artefact called the Slayer. Considering how he took it when his father told him just what was expected of him, he didn't think Peter was ready for the big reveal.

"Pull up here." Neal gestured to the kerb on Peter's side of the car. Hopping out he leaned against the door. "I'll just be a minute."

Peter shook his head. "Nope, I'm keeping my eye on you, we're so far outside of your usual radius, and coupled what ever the hell the deal is with your visitors tomorrow I'm not letting you out of my sight."
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