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Oaths Of Allegiance

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Summary: Family doesn't always mean home or loyalty. Doesn't even mean love or honesty. When the Council is destroyed Giles brings a whole load of problems to Neal's doorstep, though some may just prove to him the real meaning of the word. (White Collar Cross)

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Stepping into the store was like travelling to another planet. From the strange objects lining the walls to the crazy looking shopkeeper who was hovering behind the counter at the back of the store, Peter was sure he'd slipped sideways into the Twilight Zone. The room was filled with things Peter would place in the category of midnight horror movies.

The walls were dark, making the shop seem smaller then it truly was - in the way of an optical illusion - and there was a heavy smell of incense in the air that made it hard to for him to breathe.

Neal however, like everywhere he went, seemed to fit effortlessly into the room. He browsed around the shelves picking up what seemed to be random objects and putting them back. Peter trailed along behind him wondering what exactly they were there for.

Neal had just picked up what had to be the ugliest statue of a, well, of something that Peter had ever seen when the shopkeeper spoke up.

"Are you just browsing or are you truly interested in a Totem of The Lady of

Neal turned to look at her, “only if it would be any use.” He hefted it in his palm. “Given that she is meant to be the Lady without a face I fail to see how this is meant to be her. Also, it’s made of wood rather then any kind of conductive metal.”

The shopkeeper gave him an appraising look over thick rimmed glasses. “Someone who knows what they’re talking about. I ask again, are you looking for something specific?”

"I’d like to know that myself." Peter murmured under his breath.

"I’m looking for information, and I was told by some people that you would be someone who would be able to give it to me. About what happened yesterday?"

The woman scoffed. “Where? Lots of things happened yesterday?" She walked back behind the counter and started moving papers around, ignoring the pair of them.

Neal leaned closer, into her personal space. "Ok then, what happened to the Watcher's Council?"

Neal didn't often do menacing; it wasn't something he felt was his best ability, but he needed the information so he’d use any card in his deck. He was missing something from what Moz had told him, something important that he needed to know before Giles arrived tomorrow. So he leaned and used his body language to get the woman to respond.

"Well, now that's a lot more precise. Word on the street is that the Council were packing up shop and sending anyone available to Sunnydale, for the obvious reasons. Someone.” She gave him the look to infer he should already know who. “Got upset at their interference and decided to remove them from the equation."

Peter finally joined the conversation. "Hold up! Are you saying that you know who was responsible for the bombing? Have you told the authorities?"

"The Watchers were the authorities in this case." Neal said. He got another look from the shopkeeper as if to say ‘who is this guy?’

“How can a historical society be the authorities, I’ll get Jones down here, he can take your statement.” He went to pull his phone out of his pocket when Neal pulled it out of his own. Peter looked at him. “Why do you keep doing that?”

“Don’t bother calling Jones, a lot is happening that isn’t what it appears. The people who know what to do are already doing it.” He waved at the woman. “Go on?”

“They’re scattered, rumour has it that the Active got out and is on his way.”
Neal nodded, that meant that it was Giles coming, not that he’d been worried. She finished. “That’s all I know. Joshua, the bartender down at Mickey’s on Main St may know more. You know how it is.”

She went to walk away but Neal grabbed her arm. “If anyone asks, you tell them Neal Caffrey is looking for information.” He pulled a card out of thin air. “Give them this to contact me.” He pressed it into her hand. “Ok Peter, now to June’s.”

“I’m missing something aren’t I?” Peter asked.

Neal shot him a megawatt grin. “Isn’t that half the fun?”

Peter huffed. “No.”

“Well it’ll all become clear soon.”
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