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Oaths Of Allegiance

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Summary: Family doesn't always mean home or loyalty. Doesn't even mean love or honesty. When the Council is destroyed Giles brings a whole load of problems to Neal's doorstep, though some may just prove to him the real meaning of the word. (White Collar Cross)

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First Impressions.

Disclaimer: Although I did get paid hansomely yesterday, it was not enough to buy either BTVS or White Collar. (sigh)


The first Peter knew of the situation (though he didn't know what it was until much later) was a TV in the lounge that he heard as he was getting ready to pick up Neal for work. The news of an explosion of a historical society in London overnight. The death toll was in the double digits and the building and all its contents had been leveled.

"How sad. All that history and art, gone forever" El said as she typed from the table.

Peter snorted. "Most likely not forever. Some enterprising scumbag will say he found something which was lost. The usual scams after something like this. They'll get what's coming to them. "He said with a smile. "We catch the crooks."

El grinned and kissed him on the cheek. "Well worry about your own crook. And tell him I said hi!" her shout followed him out the door.

"Who ever you better have a good reason for calling at..." Moz trailed off as he tried to decipher the numbers on his clock. "4am."

"My my old friend, no need to forget your manners."

The soft voice instantly woke Moz the rest of the way.

"Ru? What are you doing calling, aren't you in London?"

"Yes, in fact I am currently sitting in my hotel watching news footage of the wreckage of the Watcher's Council headquarters."

There was silence on the line as Mozzie absorbed the information. "And what does that have to do with me? I haven't had anything to do with the Council for longer than you, I didn't blow them up if that's what you're thinking."

He heard a chuckle from the other end. "No, you would never be so crass as to blow them up. You were always a more, civilized criminal. But there are two things I need from you, hence the call."

Mozzie was gradually moving about his storage unit, having decided for once not to sack out on Neal's couch and now greatly pleased with the decision.

"Name them." he said simply.

"Paper's for myself and a few girls to get back into the states, I don't want who ever did this knowing some of the girls made it out."

"And two?" Mozzie prompted.

"Two is going to be much more difficult."

Mozzie was intrigued despite himself. Lately the only interesting thing that he was involved in was Neal's hunt for Kate. And even that had stalled after the call in grand central. His musings were broken.

"You are still in contact with young Neal are you not?"

Mozzie was worried for his young friend. "Oh no, no, no. what do you want with him?"

"Just tell him the truth." Rupert replied.

"And then what. Rip his life to shreds? You know he only just got out. He's working for the FBI, he can't help anything!"

"Yes he can, he was the son of a Watcher, and as you know well, it's not something you just walk away from."

Mozzie sighed. "I'll talk to him. But it's up to him if he takes his fathers place."

The conversation turned to the more mundane travel arrangements Moz would need to make at that as Rupert took Mozzie at his word. Moz began to formulate plans on just how to convince Neal, it was going to be a long day.

The first Neal knew about it wasn't until later in the day. He didn't generally watch the news (thought they were as big cons as some of the ones he'd played) and it wasn't huge news around the office. So it was the appearance of Mozzie inside the White Collar Crimes Unit that was his first hint.

He stood up from behind the desk Peter had placed him at to look through cold cases, hoping that he might find something with his own 'alleged' experience.

"Moz?" he joked questioningly, "with not even a fake nose? You are getting bolder."

"You haven't heard then have you?" Moz asked. Not even paying attention to the rest of the room or to Neal's puzzled look he pulled two shot glasses and a small hip-flask from in his jacket.

Peter appeared on the floor, attracted by Mozzie. "Hey, no alcohol in the building Haversham. I understand you don't like the rules but it's a bit obvious don't you think?"

He tried to grab the flask from Mozzie but he moved his hand. "Trust me, he'll need it in a minute." pouring the amber liquid into the glasses he kept speaking. "I'm just going to tell you straight. Someone bombed the Council headquarters last night. They were convening a full meeting and they're all dead."

Neal stared at him blankly for a moment before dropping one of the shots back in one go. As soon as it was back on the table Moz refilled it.

Moz held his aloft. "The king is dead." Neal finished the age old quote.

"Long live the king." Both of them downed them simultaneously

"Caffrey, Haversham. What the hell is happening?" Peter had that strident tone about him, Neal noticed absently but it was Moz that answered.

"Neal's father is dead."

"Father?" Peter was surprised. According to the file - one he had read front to back many times over - Neal's father had died when he was 17. But now it seemed like that wasn't the case.

"Quinten Joseph Travers. My father."

"But your father has been dead since you were 17." Please be right, please be right. Peter thought desperately. Neal only smirked.

"No, my mom's husband died when I was 17, but he wasn't the man who spawned me. You shouldn't believe everything you read."

Peter grumbled." well usually peoples files tell the truth, should've know your's would be forged."

Neal held up his hands in defense. "Not my decision, this is a crime I didn't even 'allegedly' do. I didn't even find out till I was 15."

"Speaking of that." Mozzie broke in. "You need to be in California by Tuesday; Rupert Giles is calling a meeting of anyone left."

Peter's "are you forgetting he can't go beyond two miles!" collided with Neal's own "I'm not having anything to do with those bastards!"

"Rupert is coming through La Guardia tomorrow, he'll either take you with him, and you know the reach the council has that he can, or he'll take your vote here. What do you prefer?" Moz asked the question but he already knew the answer. Neal liked his leash, and he had no love for his father's occupation, even if the result was a complete unraveling of his life for the pleasure of the White Collar Unit.

Have been watching too many episodes of White Collar and thinking up different ways of Neal slipping his leash without running illegally... And this plot bunny was born
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