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The Next Generation

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The End of the World Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: ABC Crossover Series #3: Wyatt and Joyce are married, but we still have problems we have to deal with, don't we? Find out the answers to these problems, and a whole new set of problems that arise!

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The Next Generation

The Next Generation
Chapter One
Author: blackbeltchic
Disclaimer: I don't own most of the characters, and this is the third paort of a series, so if you haven't read the other two, you might be confused!

This story is totally going off the beaten path. In the last part you should have read, Wyatt, who is the Charmed One’s son, and Joyce, Buffy and Angel’s daughter, got married. This is the story that tells about their trials as husband and wife.

Oh, because of one part, this story is rated higher than the other two. I’m sorry, but that’s just how it turned out. I had to throw something in there to screw things up, and that’s when it happened to work itself out.

I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had writing it.

~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
“Wow! This place is awesome!” Joyce said, surveying their room, after Wyatt had put her down.

“Your awesome. I love you, I’ve always loved you.”

“Are you trying to turn me on, so I’ll sleep with you?”

“I have to try? I think that’s very unfair. You give me one night, then you make me wait.” He asked, pouting.

“No, not really.” She smiled seductively at him. She kissed him playfully. He smiled, drawing her close, and led her over to the bed.

~ * ~

“Mmm.” Wyatt looked at his new wife. She was asleep. He ran his fingers through her hair.

“No, no!” She whimpered, shaking her head.


“No! Leave her alone! Stop it!” She moaned, thrashing.

“Joyce? Baby, honey?”

“NO! No, Stop! MOM! NO!” She yelled, sitting straight up in bed.

“Joyce, what is it?”

“I…I saw how mom died.” She said, sounding scared.

“Like that time at school?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, but not the same as that dream.” She lay back down, back to him ,and drew her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them. “This time it was when she defeated Glory.”

“This time? Like as it’s happened more than twice?”

“Yeees.” She rolled over to face him. “I’ve been getting them since I became the slayer. Once a month, on the first day of the full moon, you know, when it’s not totally full? And it’s usually accompanied by…Damn!” She looked under the covers. “Damnit!”


“I think I just ruined our honeymoon. She said sadly, grabbing her bag and heading towards the bathroom. “Be right back.” She promised.

Once she had closed the door, she looked under the covers. ‘oh.” He said, replacing them. She came back, wearing a tank top and underwear.

“Sorry. And not just about that.” She said once she had settled back into bed. She looked at her lap, as if ashamed. “I know how you feel about secrets, but I haven’t even told my mom yet. I know I should, because I’m reliving her life, parts of it, but it seems so personal, so intimate. You know, coming with that time. And how do you tell someone something like that?”

“Hey, it’s ok. Both parts. And it doesn’t ruin anything. I have you all to myself until school starts. What’s one week out of almost two months?”

“Two weeks. Next month, too.”

“So? It’ll be hard, but I think I can deal. Come here.” He pulled her into his lap, encircling her with his arms. “I love every part of you, even that one. And don’t you forget it.” He kissed her hair. “Especially your smile. Come on, smile, for me, please?” She indulged him. “There. There’s that smile I love. So, what do you want to do? It was late when we left, but it’s what? 8, 9 hours ahead? So it’s like ten here. You tired, or you wanna see some sights?”

“Sight seeing. I never thought I’d get to see Venice. I never thought I’d get to see this day. The day after my wedding! Imagine!”

“Yeah, you used to be a scrawny stick. Strong, but scrawny. Now, your full figured, very, with curves in all the right places.” He ran his hand down her leg. She slapped him playfully.

“Hey! We’re not talking about my body, no matter how much you like it. We’re talking about me, beating the odds. Me, a little nobody.”

“No, you’re not a nobody, your Mrs. Wyatt Halliwell. Come on, let’s get dressed. Let’s see Venice!”

~ * ~

“There’s a lot to Venice!” She said, falling across the bed. “Is it possible to get jet lag from orbing?”

“I don’t know. Boy am I tired.” He flopped down next to her. She repositioned herself so her head was resting on his stomach.

“Me, too. Some one turn off the lights!”

“That’s the sun, silly. Don’t worry, it should be setting soon. Oo! Come on, let’s watch the sunset! I’ve heard it’s really pretty!” He pulled her up.


“I’ve also heard that it’s supposed to be really romantic!” He enticed.

“Fine.” They went to the balcony, and looked at the sky. “Wow!” She said as the sky went from blue to pink and orange, to red to violet.

Yeah.” After the spectacle was over, they went back inside, arm in arm. “I told you. Hey, you hungry?”

“Only for sleep. I feel like I haven’t slept in two days!”

“Well, you got up at 5 am, right? WE got here at midnight. You took a catnap, by then it was 10, here. It’s 8 here, which makes it what? 11 am there? Yeah, that sounds right. So, 28 hours without sleep. Not quite two days, but it’s still a long time. Come on, bed time for Joycie.” She let him lead her to the bed, and help her get ready for bed.

“I really don’t need your help.”

“Yet, you still let me. Here.” He handed her a tank top.

“Your just lucky PMS hasn’t hit yet. Then I’m a pain in the ass.”

“You have a very nice ass. Very muscular.”

“Ok, Romeo, enough about my ass. Do you need help changing, or can I go brush my teeth?” He kissed her.

“Go brush your teeth.” He told her.

“Oh! Are you saying I have bad breath?”

“Just go brush your teeth. And whatever else you girls do before bed.”

“Like you don’t know.” She sashayed towards the bathroom, shaking her booty at him, then went in and closed the door. He heard the toilet flush, and water running. She came out about 10 minutes after going in.

“Wow, ten minutes. What took you so long?”

“A girl never tells her beauty secrets. Even to those in desperate need.”

“Score one for the missus.”

“We’re keeping score now?”


“Well, then score this!” She grabbed her pillow and started beating him over the head with it.

“Agg! No!” he tried to block her blows.

“Come on! You can do better than that!”

“Fine!” He grunted, ducking under her strike, grabbing her by the waist, and pulling her down next to him, tickling her.

“Ah! No!” She laughed.

“Had enough?”

“Yeah.” She flopped on the bed.

“Hey, I thought you were tired!”

“I don’t know why, but washing my face, and brushing my teeth always wake me up. Just a bit.”

“Maybe it’s having something in your mouth.”

“What?! Where the hell did that come from?”

“Oh, just rumors around campus. Guys have picked up that you go out every night, with a bag of stuff, and come back even later, if you come back at all. But don’t worry, I set them straight.”

“What did you tell them?” She asked suspiciously.

“Only that I go with you.”

“That must have really helped my reputation! Especially when I go back to school, married!”

“But, it’s ok, cuz we’re married.”

“Yeah.” She slid over, closer to him. “Hey, you’re not dressed for bed.” She noticed. He took off his pants and shirt, leaving him only with his boxers on.

“There.” He said. They moved to the head of the bed, and under the covers. She snuggled next to him.

“First night as newly weds.”

“But not out first night together.” He wrapped his arms around her. “Goodnight, baby.”

“Goodnight, honey.”

~ * ~

She was awakened by the sun the next morning. She stretched, and found herself still in his arms. She rolled over, to face him. The sun shone off some of his highlights. He looked so peaceful, and he was drooling.

She wiped off the corner of his mouth carefully. Then, she gazed at him lovingly.

After awhile, he opened his eyes, slowly, blinking. He looked at her, and smiled.


“Hey.” She ran her hand through his wavy hair.

“How long have you been awake?”

“Long enough.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

“Didn’t need to. You seemed so innocent.”

“Uh-huh. Well, don’t go spreading that around, ok?” He kissed her forehead.

“Well, I have to shower.” She said, reluctantly pulling herself out of his arms.

“Need any help?”

“I don’t know…”

“Well, maybe I’ll join you.”

“Ok…” she said, hesitantly, grabbing her clothes. She headed for the bathroom, leaving the door ajar. She turned on the hot water, and stripped. She grabbed her body wash, shampoo and conditioner. She stepped into the spray. She let the hot water sting her skin, washing over her.

She squeezed some body wash onto a pouf she had brought along, and rubbed it along her shoulders, and down her arms.

She heard the door open, and saw Wyatt through the foggy glass door, as she washed her chest and stomach. He undressed, and entered the shower. He wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her bare shoulder affectionately. Against her will, she felt her body tense.

“You don’t seem happy with me being here. I can leave.”

“No. It’s just…new.” She laughed to cover her awkwardness. “And I haven’t had help bathing since I was five. Sorta falling back on old habits. Bad habits.”

“No, not bad habits.” He took the pouf from her, and started washing her back.

“Mm.” She sighed. Once he was done, they switched, she washed his back. He then washed her hair, as she washed his. She giggled. He went from massaging her head to her neck, then shoulders, drawing her close to him.


“Much.” She played with the little hairs on his chest absently. He kissed the top of her head.

“I love this. I mean, being with you, all day, all night. I just love it.”

“But, soon you’ll get tired of me. I get tired of me sometimes.”

“But, that’ll take at least two months. Then, you’ll be at school, me working.” He joked. “Hey, maybe I should join the family business.”

“What? P3?”

“No, your family’s business. Angel Invest.”

“I don’t know, Wyatt. It’s pretty dangerous.”

“But your gonna start working nights and weekends at the Sunnydale branch? That doesn’t seem fair.”

“But only as an intern type. Mom and dad won’t let me go on any cases. It’s really just a cheap way of getting paid for something I’m already doing.”

“But, I can handle myself. Sure, I can’t heal myself, but I can get Paige or dad. Plus, I’ve got my barrier, if I still remember how to use it. It’s been so long.”

“Unless a darklighter or a power sucking demon gets you!”

“But one won’t.” He said, quietly.

“How do you know?!” She turned off the water after rinsing her hair, and faced him, hands on hips, hips cocked.

“Hey, we’re on our honeymoon. Let’s not worry about this now. A darklighter could get me any day. One could get me right now. You could get fatally attacked and loose your life, every time you patrol. But, it hasn’t happened yet. Some one up there,” he pointed at the ceiling, “likes us.” He handed her a towel.

“Yeah, that’s the only explanation for why I’m still here.” She accepted the towel, and wrapped it around herself.

“Hey, what if, when we have kids, our baby’s supposed to change the world, or something. Maybe that’s why you’re still here.”

“Yeah, and once my purpose is fulfilled, I’ll die. It would be neat, and nerve wracking. And scary.”

“You worry too much.” He wrapped a towel around his waist.

“I worry too much?! You inherited the worry bug from your mom!”

“So? That’s about all I inherited. I’ve got my dad’s powers, unless I inherit another sometime soon.”

“You have your mom’s hair, and her dimples, her smile. You’ve got your dad’s eyes, though. And his good looks.”

“Talking about inheriting things, you’ve got your mom’s hair, I think her smile, I’ve never seen your dad smile. You have her strength, well, maybe his, too.” They walked out of the bathroom, side by side.

“Yeah, daddy never smiles around you, because you’ve violated his first born. Doesn’t go over very well with any parent.”

“And I’m proud of it. And I’ll do it again.” He kissed her.

“Certainly.” She kissed him back. They sat at the end of the bed, and began to get dressed.

“So, what are we going to do today?” He asked, looking at her. How he loved her body. Till then, he’d kept himself under control, but he felt heat rise to his face, thinking about her, he was getting aroused, and he turned back to getting dressed, trying to calm himself.

“I don’t know. We’re young, in love, we could play tourists. Window shopping.”

“Whatever makes you happy.” He looked at her, and felt himself grow hot again. He forced himself to look away, to compose himself.

“What?” She asked, standing to pull her underwear and leather pants on. She did a thing with her hips, to get them on.


“Wyatt.” She warned, placing her hands on her hips, and cocking them. She stood there before him wearing just tight pants and a bra.

“Whenever I look at you…” he felt it again. “I…” She cocked her head, and looked at him a moment, before understanding.

“Oh.” She hugged him. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re my husband. You’re allowed to do…that.”

“I know, it’s just I’m not used to it. Being your husband. We’ve been married for two days. I’ve been your boyfriend for seven years, and your best friend for 14 years before that. Sometimes, I still revert to the boyfriend Wyatt, or even best friend Wyatt. I forget still, that I’m your husband now.”

“Then I’ll remind you. Wait, you were attracted to me, even when you were my best friend?”

“I could probably gain points here by saying I loved you, even then, but I’m going to be honest with you. I was a 13, 14, 15 and 16 year old boy. I was horny as hell.” She laughed, and he joined in. “And, I guess I still am!” he said, as she climbed into his lap. She sat on his legs, with her legs wrapped around his waist.

“You just have to curb those impulses, Mister.” She said, running her hands through his hair, then down his chest.

“You really not helping any.” She ran her hands farther down, below his waist. “Whoa! Definitely not helping. “He grabbed her hands. “You’re in a good mood today, aren’t you?”

“I’m with the man I love, what could be better?”

“I couldn’t agree more. Come on, get dressed, and grab your purse, we can do some window shopping.”

“Did I hear you right? Shopping?!”

“You won’t hear it very often.” She grabbed her shirt, and pulled it over her head, putting her arms up in the air, still on his lap. He looked at her, and couldn’t miss that he could see down her shirt. “Hey! I don’t want to be sharing you with every other guy in Venice!”

“You don’t like my shirt?”

“As you can certainly tell, I love it. And so will every other guy.”

“Fine!” She pouted, sliding off his lap, and going to her bags, she hadn’t unpacked yet. She grabbed another shirt, pulled off the one she was wearing, and put the new one on. He stood up and came over to her.

“I definitely like the other one better, but that one is so much better for being seen in public.”

“I liked the other one better, too.” She pouted. He took her in his arms.

“Poor baby. Come on, let’s go.” She hugged him, then grabbed her purse and dragged him out the door. “Your gonna make me regret suggesting shopping, aren’t you?!” She just laughed.
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